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Bengal Cat Vs. Savannah Cat: Which One To Choose?

Bengal Cat Vs. Savannah Cat: Which One To Choose?

If you’re a fan of these magnificent creatures, then you probably know about these two cat breeds. In this article, we opened the case of “Bengal cat vs. Savannah cat” to closely inspect their similarities and differences.

It’s safe to say that these two cat breeds particularly stand out in the feline world. Although every furry companion is unique and beautiful, these two have taken the world by storm lately.

And it’s not so hard to see why are people basically going nuts over these two beauties. Their distinct markings and their interesting background have their way into people’s hearts.

Perhaps you would love to get a cat that’s a bit more energetic. Sure, cuddling on the sofa all day with your pet is lovely, but sometimes you just need to have a bit of fun. What better way to keep yourself on your toes than by getting one of these breeds?

However, they might be a handful for some people. Usually, humans fall for their unique patterns and exotic looks. I can see why it could be so hard to resist this beauty but everything comes with a price.

Getting a cat that’s a hybrid of two different breeds is definitely exciting. On the other hand, it can be very exhausting because these felines aren’t the type to lay around all day, headbutting you.

Truth be told, if you aren’t prepared to handle a cat that has traces of wild in it, it can make your life a living hell. Therefore, it’s crucial you pick the breed that suits you the most.

But how can you possibly decide on a Bengal cat vs. a Savannah cat? These two share the same sort of beauty, and it is not really helping you make the decision.

Fortunately for you, these two cat breeds differ in their personalities so this factor might just make things easier for you.

How to make the right call?

Bengal Cat vs Savannah Cat Which One To Choose

“I’m really torn. I like them both but I don’t know which one to choose. I’m not even sure how these two are different breeds since they both look so dashing.”

Well, believe it or not, the Bengal cat and the Savannah cat are two different breeds with distinct personalities. If you want to make sure that you’re choosing the perfect cat for you, you first need to discuss your needs (as well as the cat’s).

Are you a couch potato who’s looking for a furry companion to cuddle all day and enjoy some snacks while watching TV? Maybe you’re a dog person but you don’t think you have what it takes to raise a puppy because they’re a somewhat bigger responsibility so you’re looking for a more energetic feline.

When adopting or buying a new companion, you have to consider a lot of things:

  1. Do you have enough time on your hands so you can give your pet the attention it deserves?
  2. How do you feel about having a cat that sheds a lot?
  3. Do you have other residents in the house? If so, what’s the possibility of the two of them getting along?
  4. Have you researched a feline’s genetic predispositions regarding common health issues?
  5. Does this cat breed have any special needs, such as a special or raw diet they should be on?

Getting a specific breed requires thorough research so your new companion’s needs can be met just as well as yours. Therefore, let’s dig further and find out the similarities and differences between a Bengal cat and the Savannah cat so you can make the right call.

Bengal cat vs. Savannah cat: pointing out the obvious

At first glance, these two beautiful specimens look the same. Well, we’re easily blinded by their beauty so maybe you’re not able to see some clear differences at first.

First of all, we know that these two breeds are so exotic because they’re crossbreeds of wild and domestic cats. The first difference we’re going to mention between the Bengal and Savannah cats is their ancestry.

The Bengal cat is a mix of an Asian leopard cat and a domestic feline, whereas the Savannah is a Serval cat mixed with a domestic feline. It’s not hard to conclude that there’s a bit of wilderness hiding behind those beautiful faces.

Due to its heritage, the Savannah cat is bigger in size than the Bengal cat. There you have it, one of the first and most obvious differences that might make things easier for you.

But of course, their size difference isn’t enough to determine which breed suits you best. Therefore, let’s take a closer and more detailed look into this case.

Bengal cat’s distinct looks

Bengal Cat vs Savannah Cat Which One To Choose

Woah, where does that leopard print come from? Well, I think you’re able to get it from the first guess. The Bengal cat’s ancestral DNA made sure that this cat stands out with those beautiful spots.

A Bengal cat is a crossbreed of an Asian leopard and a domestic cat. We can see how the perfect blend worked in our favor: they’re not as big as the leopard, but they got their unique markings.

However, they’re still bigger than most domestic cats so this might be a challenge for some people. The Bengal cat usually comes average/sized, like most domesticated feline breeds.

However, this feline can also be a large-sized, spotted cat breed. It’s not because they’re chubby but rather the opposite.

Bengals have long and lean bodies. Their athletic build makes them larger than an average domestic cat. Apart from their coat and markings, Bengals don’t possess any distinct or unusual physical features.

Perhaps they’re more muscular than an average house cat which is to be expected. In most cases, the bigger the cat, the more exercise she needs. Well, the same goes for the Bengals.

If you aren’t ready or just don’t feel fit to take on the challenge that is the Bengal cat, you should probably reconsider your choice. Perhaps you need to get some experience before diving into these wild waters!

Savannah cat’s physical appearance

Unlike the Bengal cat, the Savannah cat is the type of breed that stands out in many ways. Sure, the Bengals origin and ancestry are fascinating and their beauty blows us away.

However, the Savannah might have a more exotic look. Being mixed with an African Serval, these felines have got some interesting physical characteristics.

Apart from the elephant in the room, which we’re also going to mention, Savannah’s build is very unusual and interesting. Its back legs are longer than its front legs. Ever wondered why?

Well, if you’ve ever seen how a Savannah cat jumps, that explains it. Their powerful hind legs allow the cats to jump up to 8 feet up into the air.

If you don’t think that there’s anything else these furry beauties possess that is a bit extraordinary, you’re wrong. One of the most adorable physical features of the Savannah cat is the big, rounded ears sitting on top of its tall head.

Typically, generation F (strongest genetic influence of the serval ancestor) Savannahs are the biggest. The easily distinguished colors include black, black smoke, silver-spotted tabby, and brown-spotted tabby.

Rosette, marble, snow (point), blue, cinnamon, chocolate, and lilac are other hues. These, however, are not acknowledged as the breed standard. Their tiny heads, huge, puffy noses, and hooded eyes stand out as well.

Bengal cat vs. Savannah cat: the character

Bengal Cat vs Savannah Cat Which One To Choose

Now for the real question. Physical appearance might affect your opinion in making the right decision. You won’t buy or adopt a cat that you couldn’t maintain on a physical level.

For instance, some people don’t know or don’t have time to take care of the cat’s long coat. Therefore, they usually opt for a short-haired breed because the grooming is easier to keep up.

Also, if you live in a small apartment without a backyard, you don’t want to get a breed with high energy levels. I don’t think a scratching board would keep your pet entertained for long.

Also, you have to take into consideration the fact that some breeds don’t really get along with other animals in the house. For instance, Bengals get along with dogs, whereas some specific breeds might not get along as well.

“How do I choose between the two? What will help me vote on the Bengal cat vs. Savannah cat? The Physical differences didn’t help me at all. In fact, I’m even more infatuated now by both than I’ve been before.”

If you feel like you might be exaggerating at times, trust me, you’re not. It’s perfectly fine to consider various things and ask yourself a lot of questions. Buying or adopting a specific breed is a serious decision.

When you think about it, these felines can live up to twenty years. In their younger years, people ascribe the shenanigans to the fact that they’re just kittens. But, as they get older and you realize that they won’t just grow out of the behavior, you begin to rethink your choice.

Of course, we don’t want this to happen. So, down below, we’ve prepared some of the main characteristics of these two breeds. If the physical appearance wasn’t enough to help you make the right call, this surely will.

Bengal cat: the dog of the cat world?

Some people may mistakenly believe that these cats are aggressive because of their unique appearance. Perhaps they think even think they’re wild or violent. We can understand why they would get such a conclusion from the Bengals’ appearance.

However, they really couldn’t be more wrong. These furry companions are truly devoted to keeping their owners happy. Unlike their wild relatives, they enjoy giving and receiving affection.

The affectionate Bengal will cling to its favorite person and accompany them throughout the house. This cat will headbutt and cuddle you without holding back while expressing its love.

She could meow loudly to get extra cuddles and loves. These kitties really are amazing vocalists! They share this trait with dogs in that they aren’t scared to speak out for themselves.

Bengal cats are incredibly sociable, as you can see. Sharing their home with kids or other animals is not an issue for them. They are also among the most intellectual cat breeds. Bengals are renowned for possessing sharp minds, and they frequently exhibit this trait without difficulty.

They are also very easily trained due to their personality features; they are quick to pick up new skills.

You must provide your pet with both mental and physical activity on a regular basis. Like dogs, they may go mad if they don’t have enough stimulus. In general, cats don’t like playing with dogs, but this time it may be different because of their compatibility.

Does the Savannah cat inherit a lot from their ancestors?

Bengal Cat vs Savannah Cat Which One To Choose

Savannah cats are known for being loyal to their owners and following them around the house. They could also learn how to retrieve and walk on a leash. So I suppose you don’t need a dog.

When approached by a stranger, some Savannahs are rumored to run away, hide, or hiss and growl, while others are reported to be quite sociable and friendly with new humans, cats, and dogs.

Once more, we observe the unpredictability of feline behavior. Therefore, with these pets, you never truly know what you’re getting into. Every time is a gamble!

The most crucial factor in a Savannah kitten’s development of sociability is probably exposure to other people and animals. Like any other pet, they should be socialized from an early age to help them adapt to their environment better in life.

Some breeds don’t mind company, so they just need a little socializing. On the other hand, certain cat breeds require greater exposure to help them learn concepts, their surroundings, and other behavioral patterns.

Breeders claim that when placed in their new homes, more than 50% of first-generation Savannah kittens exhibit anxious and hesitant behavior. If these behaviors don’t change while they are young, they continue throughout adulthood.

Again, this doesn’t always imply that it’s a trait unique to the breed, but it may undoubtedly be a factor. The Savannah’s well-known ability to leap complements its innate urge to seek out high places.

They can undoubtedly learn how to open doors and cabinets, so anyone who buys a Savannah cat should take great precautions to prevent the cat from getting into mischief.

Vote: Bengal cat vs. Savannah cat

We’ve already seen some of these two large breeds’ most distinctive personality features. So it’s only reasonable to state that there are some clear parallels between the two.

It’s up to you now to decide on the Bengal or Savannah cat. There aren’t many distinguishing characteristics between them other than their appearance, so we can only hope that this is enough to make the decision.

Both breeds need regular exercise since they are both energetic. Additionally, both cats are said to have personalities similar to dogs, which actually reveals a lot about them.

In addition to quickness, they are renowned for being devoted to their owners yet wary of strangers. Once more, a trait that resembles a dog’s personality.

Perhaps caring for the Savannah or a Bengal cat may be more difficult than it appears. It would be enjoyable to have one really active cat, but it all comes with a price.

We may draw the conclusion that these two breeds would be ideal for folks who desire a cat that is more animated. Cats often sleep for most of the day and the entire night, but having one of these two breeds around is quite an adventure!

Either way, you need to come clean with how well you’ll be able to satisfy the cat’s needs. Otherwise, you might get yourself and your pet in serious trouble.

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Bengal Cat vs. Savannah Cat: Which One To Choose?