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The Secret Life Of Kitties: What Do Cats Do All Day?

The Secret Life Of Kitties: What Do Cats Do All Day?

My mornings are pretty much the same every working day. I wake up, cuddle with Pearl and Ziggy (my kitties), feed them, make myself some breakfast, take a shower, get ready, and leave. And then I’m at work for the next 8 hours. But what do cats do all day?

They stay at home and what? Are they some kind of secret agents that have their precinct hidden in my apartment, or do they behave the same as when I’m there? Honestly, the first option sounds so cool, but I’m not really sure whether I’d like to have Cat Paw Patrols gathering in my living room.

What if they provoke someone and we all have to deal with a feline criminal hunting us? Sounds very scary, considering that cats are one of the best hunters in the world. Anyways, I don’t think that my fluffballs are really secret agents. But seriously, what do they do all day when I’m away?

I needed to find the answers! At first, I thought it was best to set up a camera but then I figured they’d probably find it and destroy it. So I decided to do some research and call a few feline experts. And I did it!

I found all the answers I was looking for and they really made me go, “Awww, that’s much better than hunting a cat criminal.” And since you’re here, I want to share everything I’ve found with you! I promise you, you’re gonna have so much fun reading about the secret life of your kitties.

What do cats do all day?

The Secret Life Of Kitties What Do Cats Do All Day

Okay, maybe I scared you a bit with all these thoughts about the hidden feline precinct in your apartment. I’m sorry! But I know how to calm you down. I wrote the 10 most common answers to “What do cats do all day?” Spoiler alert, hunting cat criminals is not one of them!

If you want to make reading even more interesting I have a little game for you. Take a piece of paper and write down everything you think your cats do when you’re away. Then read the text and tick all the answers you guessed. Who knows, maybe you’re actually a cat expert!

1) Cats like to sleep a lot

This one is not that difficult to guess! One of their favorite activities, if I can even call it an activity, is sleeping. I swear I’ve never seen anyone who likes their naptime more than cats do. And the best part of it is that they look so adorable that all your worries go away while you’re watching them sleep.

So it’s okay to say that a huge part of their day is reserved for napping. It’s their way of gathering enough strength to do other activities they enjoy since they’re very active animals when they aren’t traveling through their dreamland. But what are some other things they like to do on a daily basis? Let’s see.

2) And eat!

Surprise, surprise, kitties spend lots of time eating, too! I said that they look so adorable when they’re asleep and that it’s so fun to watch them. But you shouldn’t do the same when they’re eating. Cats love to enjoy their meals on their own because they’re a bit stingy when it comes to their food.

Yeah, they love you and your friendship is so sweet, but don’t think that they would ever share food with you. Maybe, if there’s something they really don’t like to eat, but there aren’t many of those options. Kitties are always scared that they won’t have enough of it for themselves, so they don’t like sharing.

3) They play

Of course, how could we not mention their playtime? When cats aren’t eating or sleeping they are probably playing. And no, don’t worry. If there isn’t a secret cat precinct hidden in your living room, there also (most likely) isn’t a casino anywhere in the apartment.

So what does their playtime usually look like? Well, even though I like to compare kitties and toddlers, I don’t think that kitties actually like playing with cars or Barbie dolls.

They are very creative when it comes to finding a new game. Sometimes it’s as simple as chasing their own tail, while on some other occasions, they will engage in some more difficult activities, like fighting with their mouse toy or catching the sun rays on the floor.

4) They hunt

And if they like playing, they also spend lots of time hunting. Because how could they not when they’re one of the best hunters in the whole world? It’s in their blood and they’ll always save some free time for that activity. Unfortunately, if they live indoors there aren’t many things they can hunt.

But if they see a fly, or there’s some other bug in your apartment, your cat will definitely start her hunting quest. That’s amazing for both of you! She will have lots of fun, and you will get rid of all the insects and other unpleasant creatures for free!

You can now tell your friends that you’re actually very responsible when it comes to money and they were wrong all along! Here’s your proof.

5) And explore

The Secret Life Of Kitties What Do Cats Do All Day

Just like they enjoy hunting and playing, cats adore exploring. Honestly, if they could skipper a ship they would be the first ones to find a new continent. Unfortunately, they can’t, and their biggest discoveries are pieces of trash or some poor long-gone animals.

But that won’t stop them and they’ll always work hard to become even better explorers. That’s why you might see your kitty running around your home and trying to reach places you’ve never even seen. Who knows, maybe one day she’ll make a huge discovery and you’ll become the most famous pet parent ever.

6) Cats like to collect things

Since they adore playing, hunting, and exploring, it’s not difficult to conclude that they also spend lots of time collecting things. And when it comes to that there’s nothing they don’t like, so their collections are full of hundreds of different objects.

My Ziggy and Pearl had a huge pile of random things that they tried to hide behind their bed. Of course, I could easily see it because the pile was even bigger than their bed. I just wonder how much time and effort they needed to put in to achieve that.

Some of the things I found there were bottle caps, my jewelry, coins, pens, straws, toys, rocks, hairpins, and tons of other random objects.

7) Birdwatching

Yes, it’s true. Cats are obsessed with birds, and even when they can’t hunt them, they won’t miss a chance to observe their prey. If they live indoors, they probably won’t get a chance to hunt them, but they never like to give up on their dreams, so they’ll sometimes spend time sitting by the window, birdwatching.

That way, they study their daily schedule and make plans of how to catch them if they get the chance to come near them. If not, they’ll pass their knowledge to their kids in the hope that they will remember their valuable lessons when they grow up.

8) Get bored

Just like all of us, cats can also get bored from time to time. It doesn’t happen that much because they are very imaginative, and they easily find a way to have fun. But, sometimes, their imagination batteries run out and they are simply laying and thinking about how bored they are.

It’s totally fine. Maybe it’s even good that it happens because it gives them some time to rest and you won’t have to worry about them making a mess around your apartment. However, these periods of boredom never last long when it comes to our fluffy roommates.

9) Wait for you to come back home

One of the cutest and saddest things I’ve found out is that kitties actually miss us when we’re gone. They are always portrayed as animals who mostly care about themselves and if they have enough food and water they won’t think about their owners when they’re gone. But that’s not true!

When you’re gone your cat actually waits for you to come back. They even get a bit sad if you’re gone longer than usual, and are sometimes scared that you’re going to leave them. That’s why they seem so happy when you open the front door and say their name.

10) Spend time with you when you come back

And finally, cats love spending time with their owners. And if you’re at home they’ll definitely spend most of their time (when they aren’t sleeping or eating) following you around the apartment and hoping you will cuddle with them.

Luckily for them, most of us adore cuddling with our kitties, especially now when the colder days are coming. Here’s an idea for you. You can make yourself some popcorn, find a movie you would like to watch, and cuddle with your fluffball. Both of you will enjoy it, I promise!

Final thoughts

You know your schedule is full but you wanted to find out what do cats do all day. As you could see, “everything” is the best answer because they do so much stuff on a daily basis. It goes from sleeping to birdwatching and collecting valuable artifacts (or at least they think they’re valuable).

P.S. Don’t forget to take a look at the list you’ve made. Check how many things you’ve guessed. Who knows, maybe you’re a real expert, too?

The Secret Life Of Kitties: What Do Cats Do All Day?