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A Cat Café In Ukraine Stays Open During The War To Take Care Of 20 Kitties

A Cat Café In Ukraine Stays Open During The War To Take Care Of 20 Kitties

Individuals who help those in need truly have pure hearts. Especially if that help comes in challenging times, like war. In moments like those, many felines and puppies end up left alone simply because their owners don’t know where to take them. But fortunately, these 20 kitties stumbled upon a helping hand who didn’t want to leave them.

This story comes straight from Lviv, Ukraine, or to be more specific, from a coffee shop called Cat Café Lviv. A close group of friends had decided to build a space where cats would be as welcomed as humans. And that’s exactly what they did.

The moment you step into this feline haven, you’re greeted by the smell of freshly brewed coffee, delicious homemade treats, and soft purrs that fill the air.

These friendly fluffs eagerly greet every visitor, showering them with love and affection. It’s as if they’re trying to tell them “Welcome! Please sit down and enjoy your coffee while we cuddle in your lap.”

Credit: My Modern Met

The 20 beautiful feline companions have been a part of the café since they were four months old. They have been raised in the middle of a warm, but busy, café atmosphere.

Because of that, it’s no surprise that they’re so comfortable around humans, and they make sure their visitors feel the same way around them, too. Unfortunately, this oasis of tranquility found itself in the middle of a cruel war, which went against everything they were trying to achieve – love, peace, and compassion.

You may think the café’s owner, Serhii Oliinyk, would choose to close the place down and run far away from the horror he found himself in. But, this kind man didn’t want to abandon his feline friends. He had a deep-rooted connection with these incredible fluffs.

They became his family and you don’t leave your family, right?

Serhii and his friends realized that they could never leave the country that was their home, as it was the only place where they could imagine their future. So, even in the middle of tensions and threats of invasion, the Cat Café Lviv stood tall and proud, ready to face it all. They refused to succumb to fear.

These kind people were determined to keep the safe haven open. They wanted others to find peace at this café even during these challenging times. They weren’t doing this just for their furry friends, but for their customers, as well.

In times of war, people need every bit of positivity they can find, and what better place to get that than a wonderful café that was built on the ideas of trust, love, and compassion?

Of course, the number of regular customers went down, but other people from different cities looked for this place, yearning for some warm food, feline friendships, and a bit of positivity in their life. They were looking for a sense of home, and Serhii and his furry friends made it their mission to help them find it.

Credit: My Modern Met

They made sure his companions and guests were safe in the case of an emergency. In their café, there are three spacious rooms, two of which are located in the basement, so there’s a secure shelter for everyone in the case of an air raid warning.

Safety had to become their top priority, as their café became not only a place where people could find some positivity but also a sanctuary where they would feel safe and protected. After all, that’s what home should make you feel like.

In Serhii’s eyes, every kitty that entered their café became a member of their big family. He found a glimpse of hope and positivity in these terrible times, and he does everything in his power to share it with other people, too. His mind is set on one and one thing only – keeping his family together.

Despite the awful events happening outside their four walls, Cat Café Lviv is now a symbol of resilience, reminding everyone how important it is to stay united and focused on love, no matter how hard things get.

Credit: My Modern Met

The war happening around them is out of their control, but they have the power to lead their lives the way they want to. To share love, to be grateful for each other, and to give everyone a chance to feel the warmth of having someone during these challenging times. That’s exactly what they’re trying to do.

On top of being filled with soft meows and delicious meals, this café radiates hope at times when most people feel like they have nothing to live for. It’s a true example of resilience!

As we sit here reading this touching story, let’s send some positivity and hope to these heroic residents of Lviv that are fighting the war with bravery and compassion. They deserve our support and respect.

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