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Former Volunteer Finds Seven Tiny Kittens And Gets The Help They Desperately Need

Former Volunteer Finds Seven Tiny Kittens And Gets The Help They Desperately Need

Getting a chance to save a life of a cat in need is probably the most rewarding feeling in the world. Now just imagine how amazing it feels to save the lives of seven kittens. Well, this former volunteer knows that feeling very well.

This story takes us to Salem, Oregon, where seven tiny kittens were found all alone, uncertain about what the future had in store for them. These precious little furbabies were abandoned and left to fend for themselves. Without their mother’s care, these fluffs struggled to stay alive.

When they were found, the kittens had severe upper respiratory infections and they were in need of urgent medical attention. It seemed like there was no hope for them.

However, fate had other plans. One day, a kind-hearted woman came to their rescue. A former volunteer at the Salem Friends of Felines animal shelter found these helpless kittens during one of her daily rounds. It was sheer luck that she stumbled upon them, as they were in desperate need of help.

She didn’t think twice before she scooped them up and rushed them to the shelter. When they arrived there, other volunteers showered them with love and care. And from that point on, their beautiful journey continues.

Day after day, the workers and volunteers did their best to nurse little kitties back to health. They made sure they were receiving all the necessary medical attention, but also plenty of love and attention since they were left without their mama.

Time has passed and they grew strong enough to be placed in a foster home. However, Kayla, another caring volunteer at the shelter, couldn’t say goodbye to her little furbabies just yet, so she decided to become their foster mom.

Kayla opened her heart and her home to these beautiful kittens, providing them with a warm and cozy sanctuary. The poor fluffs were no longer alone. Not only did they have each other, but they now had a loving human mama to guide them through their life.

When they were about five weeks old, their coats have grown nicely, transforming into orange tabby fur and adorable tortoiseshell patterns. Kayla, a big fan of the movie Grease, couldn’t resist naming her new furbabies after her favorite characters.

And just like that, these small purrers finally got their names, too! The boys were named Danny, Sandy, Kenickie, and Sonny, while the girls were called Frenchie, Rizzo, and Putzie. Trust me when I tell you, their names perfectly suited their unique personalities!

Since they were so young, the transition to their new home wasn’t the easiest, but with some time and patience, these seven furbabies slowly began to adjust. The days of loneliness were long gone.

Now they live in a paradise surrounded by cozy beds, soft blankets, plenty of delicious snacks, and unconditional love from their human mama. With this newfound sense of safety, their true personalities were finally able to blossom fully.

Some kitties have embraced their new life and have become more confident. They absolutely love running around and exploring their new home. However, two of them, Sonny and Frenchie, seemed a bit more shy than the rest of their siblings.

They enjoyed their safe spaces and decided to observe the world around them with caution. Kayla, being the understanding human mama that she is, gave them enough space to become comfortable with their environment.

Her gentle presence and loving support made even the shyest furbabies grow stronger and more confident. Frenchie was the first one to muster the courage to come close to her foster mom, and sometimes even curl up in her lap!

As days passed, the kittens grew braver and more playful. Their energy brought plenty of joy into Kayla’s home. They play, eat, and even sleep together in, what she describes as, “a sweet cuddle puddle.” They became one big family.

They discovered the joys of sitting on Kayla’s computer keyboard and being her fluffy assistants during her daily tasks. After all, what kitty can resist the temptation of sitting on a warm laptop?

These seven purrers are a sight to behold. They work as one, following each other everywhere. They even share their meals like real siblings do. Kayla can’t help but smile as she watches them together and remembers all the memories they’ve made so far.

Thanks to Kayla’s nurturing home and devoted care from the people from the shelter, these beautiful fluffs flourished in their foster home. Their once tired and fragile bodies grew stronger, and their spirit soared with energy and confidence.

Soon, Kayla will have to find the strength to say goodbye to their little furbabies, when the time comes for them to embark on the next chapter of their lives and find their forever homes. But until then, she can enjoy all the love and affection these kitties have brought into her house.

And I’m sure she’ll be forever thankful for that.