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8 Obvious Signs That Your Cat Wants You To Play With Her

8 Obvious Signs That Your Cat Wants You To Play With Her

One thing is certain: every feline in this world, no matter how lazy, likes to play, at least to some extent. It’s basically in their nature to be playful little rascals and seek their prey, even if it’s just a stuffed mouse or a feather on a stick.

Most of the time, cats have no problem playing by themselves. They are purrfectly fine on their own, and they can entertain themselves without any help from their owners.

Sometimes, however, these fluffy creatures simply crave a human playmate, and they’ll do anything to make him play with them.

If you want to be sure you’re always answering your kitty’s play calls, and you completely understand her body language, here are 8 obvious signs your cat wants to play with you.

1. She is overly vocal

8 Obvious Signs That Your Cat Wants You To Play With Her

Vocalization in cats can mean a lot of things. It can mean they are hungry, excited, afraid of something, in pain, or that their litter box needs to be cleaned. But, it can also be their way of letting their owners know they want to play.

When you notice your kitty is constantly meowing in your direction, just know that’s probably her way of telling you, “Hey hooman, it’s play-time! Get your bum off that couch!”

When this happens, pay attention to her tail, too. If it’s positioned firmly and upright – she definitely wants to play with you.

2. She’s more energetic than usual

Meowing in this case is almost always accompanied by high energy levels. The whole time she is meowing in your direction, she is also climbing on top of your furniture or on her cat tree. She’s extremely jumpy, and she sprints around your home like crazy.

She is also hiding behind certain objects in your home, waiting for you to pass her by, so she could jump out and scare you. She is doing all of those things (and more) and acting extremely energetic, just to get your attention and invited you to play with her.

Sure, there are certain extremely playful cat breeds, and maybe your cat is one of them. However, if she’s more energetic than usual, then she’s certainly hungry for a good play session with her favorite human.

This burst of energy is like her own little way of saying, “Look how much fun I’m having! Come, and have fun with me, too!”

3. She brings you her favorite toys

Does it get more obvious than this? When your cat brings you her favorite toy, it’s either because the toy needs to be fixed ASAP, but more frequently it’s because she wants you to play with her.

In these situations, it’s crucial you accept her invitation and play with her for a while. Playing with your kitty can be an amazing mental stimulation and a great way to keep her physically engaged and active.

So, don’t be lazy and throw that ball your cat brings to you. You are well aware your playing session won’t last long, but it will mean so much to your kitty.

4. She is constantly distracting you from your work

Has your kitty ever laid down over your laptop or sat on your chair as you were doing important work or were in the middle of a Zoom meeting? I know mine has! That’s literally her favorite thing to do – to distract me and force me to procrastinate from my work over and over again.

If you have noticed your kitty tends to distract you from whatever you’re doing either by meowing, knocking down an object from the table, or digging up the soil from your plants, that usually means she’s bored, which is your cue to get her toys out and play with her.

5. Your cat is repeatedly nudging or pawing you

When your cat is making an effort to physically touch you, that can mean only one thing – she is trying to get you to play with her.

Whether she is nudging you with her head, rubbing herself against you, or putting her paw on your face, she demands playtime and you better provide her with your attention before you feel the consequences of your neglect.

6. She is following you all around

8 Obvious Signs That Your Cat Wants You To Play With Her

Similarly to meowing (or pretty much any feline behavior for that matter), following you around can also mean a lot of things. When your cat is constantly at your heels, that could be her way of telling you, “Hey, my litter box is dirty. You better clean it!” or, “Hey, I’m hungry. Did you forget about my lunch, hooman?”

However, it can also be an obvious sign she wants you to finally play with her. So, if you know for a fact her litter box is clean, and you just gave her to eat 15 minutes ago, then she’s definitely in desperate need of a play session, and you have to drop everything you’re doing and spend some time with her.

7. She is showing you her belly area

Ask any kitty you want, and each and every one of them will tell you the same thing – their belly area is a sacred place not many people can touch, or even see!

So, if your feline buddy rolls over and shows you her forbidden pouch, she’s undoubtedly in the mood for interacting, i.e., playing with you.

However, don’t be foolish and think that just because she showed you her belly you’re automatically permitted to rub it. If you do this, you might end up with scratches or bite marks all over your hands.

Sure, belly rubs can be very soothing for felines, but you can never be sure how they might react. So, it’s best to not be like Miss Selena Gomez and definitely keep your hands to yourself.

8. You are feeling the power of your cat’s persuasive stare

Lastly, another obvious sign your cat desperately wants you to play with her is when she doesn’t stop staring at you. You literally can feel her eyes glued on you.

This should make you extremely proud because it’s a sign of trust. Felines are not the biggest fans of stare contests, so if your kitty does this with you, she obviously adores you and loves the connection you two are having.

You can repay her by answering her play prayers and spending some time with her!

8 Obvious Signs That Your Cat Wants You To Play With Her