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You Are Who You Hang Out With: This Cute Feline Assumes He’s A Dog, Just Like His “Brothers”

You Are Who You Hang Out With: This Cute Feline Assumes He’s A Dog, Just Like His “Brothers”

It is hard for people to believe the scientifically proven fact that, after a certain time, they start to resemble the people they spend the most time with. Their religious, moral, and political beliefs, lifestyle, and even physical appearance start to align with one another’s.

That’s why we have many older couples who look alike, and friends who seem as though their personalities are intertwined.

Okay, we are all people, so it’s natural to us to be influenced by someone else. This surely can’t happen between different species, right?

Believe it or not, there is a cat from Japan who acts as though he’s a dog, just because he happens to be living with them. Meet Kiki, a charming American Shorthair cat whose life is nothing as you would ever expect.

Kiki was adopted several years ago by a Japanese couple who, for the longest time, wanted to experience what it was like to be a cat parent. They have always done quite well as dog parents as they have three beautiful Shiba Inus, Saki, Ibuki, and Hazuki, and therefore have gained a lot of experience in that area.

However, the couple desired a change, a form of adventure if you wish, a different kind of experience only a fluffy feline companion could provide.

Adopting a cat was initially the wife’s idea. She said how she grew up with a cat, and she knew how fun that kind of life can be. Unfortunately, her husband never saw himself as a cat person.

However, no man can stay ignorant of the wishes of his wife’s heart. After several conversations in which the wife might have begged and shared a tear or two, the husband finally agreed. And that’s how Kiki came into their life and won their hearts!

(Credit: @saki.ibuki.hazuki)

The couple feared that they would have to go to great lengths to avoid standard cat-dog fights. They thought Kiki would be afraid of the dogs, annoyed by their presence, and angry because of the situations he had found himself in.

Little did they know that not only would Kiki get along great with her three brothers, but he would also start to mimic their behavior in certain ways.

If you know anything about cats, you know how self-willed they are. They do what they want, come to you when they wish, ask for cuddles when it pleases them and all in all carry out that stubborn, diva-like personality.

But not Kiki. Nope! From the very first day, he fit in with his canine brothers as though he was always meant to be one of them. He saw how obedient they were, so he decided to do the same. If they can be told they are good boys, so can he!

The bond between the three Shiba Inus and Kiki was instant, strong, and unbreakable. To someone watching them from the sidelines, Kiki might have looked like an intruder. But he never actually felt that way. It was as though no one ever told him he was supposed to be a cat and not a dog.

And what about the dogs, you may wonder? How did they take this new arrival? Well, all three of them were perfectly fine with Kiki being their new sibling. They’ve accepted him as one of their own.

The couple was so amazed by how the events turned out, that they decided to share their experience with the rest of the world. They’ve made an Instagram profile just for them where they shared everything Kiki, Saki, Ibuki, and Hazuki did.

(Credit: @saki.ibuki.hazuki)

Pictures and videos of them playing, eating, cuddling, and sleeping together have taken the world by storm. So many people have fallen in love with this strange little family, and they wanted to be regularly updated on everything these fluffs did.

And what’s amazing about this is that Kiki didn’t only get along well with his canine brothers. He actually enjoyed the company of other dogs as well! How incredible is that?

One time, the couple took Kiki with them to a Shiba Inu party. Kiki made so many new friends, and he had a time of his life. However, at one point, one of the dogs started barking at him. It was nothing out of the ordinary and to be worried about. Just a natural cat and dog encounter.

Saki, Ibuki, and Hazuki instantly came to Kiki’s rescue! They stood in front of that other dog with the intention to protect their little brother.

At that point, it was obvious to the couple that their bond and friendship were true and genuine.

We can all learn a little something from this story. First of all, we should drop our prejudice and stop believing that cats and dogs can’t possibly work together and be friends.

And second of all, we should take Kiki and his brothers as an example of how seemingly different things can cooperate and live together in peace and prosperity. Let this be our greatest lesson!

You Are Who You Hang Out With: This Cute Feline Assumes He's A Dog, Just Like His "Brothers"