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Cuteness Alert: This Rescued Cat Gives Birth To 7 Identical Kittens

Cuteness Alert: This Rescued Cat Gives Birth To 7 Identical Kittens

A kind woman decided to bless her home with a lovely stray kitty she found one day. She thought adding one more member to her family would be perfect, but had no idea her new furry companion had other plans for them…

One gloomy day, on her way home, a woman saw a beautiful stray cat by the side of the road. She was dirty, malnourished, and shaking from the cold. The woman knew she was her only hope, so she decided to give her a loving forever home. She named her Myrtle and had no idea that her new feline friend had a secret.

In fact, she had 7 adorable secrets that her new parents found out only a couple of months later. When she was brought to her new family, she quickly made herself at home. The family used to have a 10-year-old cat, and they were happy to see that their new buddy fell in love with her new house so quickly.

She was the real queen of her new home, and her new parents loved spending time with her. After a few weeks, it felt like Myrtle has been a part of the family for years. Stray days were long gone, and she was finally able to live the happy and peaceful life every kitty deserves.

As time passed, they were happy to see that Myrtle was starting to gain weight. After all, she was incredibly skinny when they first found her, and seeing her belly grow was a good sign that she was getting better.

However, her belly grew a bit too much, and they quickly realized it wasn’t just from all of the delicious food she was finally being able to eat. Their lovely Myrtle was pregnant, and they started preparing their home for new babies that will soon start to roam around.

Cuteness Alert This Rescued Cat Gives Birth To 7 Identical Kittens

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When Myrtle’s mom was sick and stayed home from work, her feline companion decided it was the right time to bring her babies into the world. She chose the comfiest place she could ask for – her mom’s bed. She went into labor right next to her, while she was having a nap.

When her mom woke up, she saw Myrtle giving birth to her first kitten. She stayed by her side and saw her give birth to seven beautiful kittens. And, the best part was – they were all the same color, and looked just like their mom! How adorable is that?!

Their human mom made them a cozy home in one of Costco’s banana boxes, where they spent their first days climbing all over their momma. As their mom was happy and safe in her new home, she was able to properly care for her babies, which is why they grew incredibly fast.

Just like any new parent, Myrtle was getting exhausted from the constant nursing and her babies walking all over her, which is why she often watched the banana box from a safe distance. Everybody deserves a break, especially new moms…

When they were only 13 days old, Myrtle’s babies started to stand on their own. Their family loved to watch them grow and change day by day. At this point, the babies were able to look at them as their eyes fully opened, but their cute little ears were still folded down.

It didn’t take long before they were too big to fit the banana box. 18 days after their birth, their human mom noticed that they had trouble eating as the space was too small for them, which is when she decided to get them their first real bed. And they loved it!

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Not long after that, they took over their new home. Their human mom had a hard time catching them, and she’d often find them all in one pile when it was time for them to take a break from running around the house.

When she first found Myrtle, she didn’t realize that, in only two months, her home would be filled with seven beautiful kittens. And she never regretted it!

That day, when she decided to save Myrtle’s life, she had no idea she’d be saving 7 more. One act of kindness resulted in eight kitties being able to live long and happy lives, and Myrtle’s mom ended up with memories she’ll cherish forever.

Cuteness Alert: This Rescued Cat Gives Birth To 7 Identical Kittens