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What Are The 8 Worst Cat Breeds For First-Time Owners?

What Are The 8 Worst Cat Breeds For First-Time Owners?

You identify as a cat person but you’ve never owned a cat. For quite some time you’ve been considering getting one, but you just can’t make up your mind. You pretty much adore all of them, but you can’t help but wonder what are the worst cat breeds for first-time owners.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Many people struggle to decide which breed to opt for since they are all so different – just like people are. Yes, cats might be similar in many aspects, but any multi-cat owner will tell you that each kitto has a mind of its own.

It’s good to remember that being a cat parent is so much more than just having a picture purrfect feline. True, they’re undeniably gorgeous, but they are so much more than their pretty face. It’s actually their unique personality that makes them, them.

However, some floofs’ personalities might be too much to handle, especially for first-time owners. If you wish to become a first-time cat parent, it would be best to do some research and check which breed will fit best with your lifestyle.

And if you already have a breed in mind, keep reading to find out if your dream cat made it onto our worst cat breeds list and why.

So, what are the worst cat breeds for first-time owners?

What Are The 8 Worst Cat Breeds For First-Time Owners?

Let’s just first get one thing straight: No cat breed is so terrible you should never own them. If that were the case, then there wouldn’t be so many proud cat parents who actually adore those specific breeds.

The thing is, it can get a bit overwhelming to keep up with some cats’ personalities. And also, your first-time experience should go as smoothly as possible. So, it would be best to opt for a breed that’s a little less demanding and easier to take care of.

Here are some breeds that do not fall into that cat-egory.

1. Persian cats

Persians are famous for being the sweetest cats with a laid-back temper and a great personality. They make a perfect life companion since they get along great with both people (especially kids) and other animals.

So you might ask yourself, how on earth could they be considered one of the worst cat breeds for first-time owners?

There are two reasons, one being that they are extremely high maintenance. These fluffballs have an immensely dense coat that has to be carefully brushed every day. And due to the flattened shape of their face, it has to be regularly cleaned as well.

Another reason is – you guessed it – allergies. This breed produces high levels of Fel D1 protein, which is the primary allergen present in cats and kittens. So, if you happen to be allergy prone, this breed might not be for you (at least not your first choice).

2. Scottish Fold cats

Scottish Folds can proudly claim the title of the cutest cat breed ever. Their folded ears and owl-like appearance make them irresistible, especially to first-time owners. They are also very friendly by nature, and equally energetic and calm.

So, where’s the problem then?

The thing with Scottish Folds is that they are extremely (and I mean extremely!) loyal. They usually bond with only one family member – the one who feeds them and takes care of them the most. And they basically ignore the rest of the family.

Therefore, if you’re not living alone or if you (God forbid!) have a dog, you might want to skip this breed.

3. Bombay cats

Bombay cats are notorious for their panther-like appearance and extremely playful nature. They are very active and energetic cats who easily bond with their family members. They are also an extremely smart breed that you can train fairly easily.

So, what makes them one of the worst breeds if you’re a first-time cat owner?

They’ve earned their bad reputation by being too aggressive. Mind you, they’re not aggressive all the time, just when they’re playing. But you see, they like to play rough. Sometimes they just get carried away and forget the game they’re playing is not a life-or-death matter.

They are also extremely sensitive to sudden loud sounds and noises. So, if you happen to have a big family with lots of (loud) children, keep in mind your Bombay fluff might not enjoy it.

4. Savannah cats

What Are The 8 Worst Cat Breeds For First-Time Owners?

Another wild-like cat on the list! This beautiful leopard doppelgänger is highly energetic and usually overly stubborn and independent. Some say their personality is very dog-like since they enjoy games like fetch and even walking on a leash.

Many people perceive this breed as pretty dangerous. This might be due to their wild nature and predatory predisposition. They’re famous for their unexpected behavior, so it would be best to stay on their good side.

What puts them among the worst breeds for first-time owners is the fact that they’re not your usual lap cat. Savannahs don’t like to be held and cuddled, and you might find that out the hard way.

So if you’re looking for a snuggle buddy, you should search for a different breed.

5. Siamese cats

Siamese cats are one of the most recognizable cat breeds today. Their beautiful blue eyes and distinct point fur coloration make them irresistible for many cat aficionados.

They are both playful and laid-back and can build a great and loving relationship with their owner. Since their fur is short and silky, they don’t require any special grooming. They can be extremely vocal which can, depending on your preferences, be either entertaining or irritating.

Another thing that contributes to their popularity is that Siamese cats are extremely intelligent and can easily learn many tricks. They are also highly sociable and enjoy the company of people and other animals alike.

You probably think we made a mistake by including them on this list since there is no way these purrfect little beings could be listed among the worst cat breeds for first-time owners. But, here they are anyway.

The reason most people think Siamese cats are problematic is that they are pretty needy.

They are decidedly loyal to their owner, but that can easily turn into excessive attachment issues. If they don’t receive the right amount of attention, they turn into mischievous little rascals. And you might end up with way more broken vases than you signed up for.

Also, if left alone and unattended for too long, they are prone to developing separation anxiety and depression. And I’m sure no one wants a sad kitty moping around the house.

Therefore, if your lifestyle doesn’t align with Siamese’s demanding personality trait, you might want to consider getting a more independent cat.

6. Korat cats

What Are The 8 Worst Cat Breeds For First-Time Owners?

Like Siamese cats, Korats are affectionate and sociable, friendly towards both humans and other animals. An interesting feature of their appearance is their unusual silver-blue coat, which people often describe as “shimmering” (Edward Cullen who??)

Korats are very intelligent and have a great memory (something I envy them for) and if lost, they can easily find their way back home. They have an average energy level and can be both playful and a couch-potato.

But, the thing that would make you reconsider getting them is that, like Siamese, Korats can get extremely attached to their owner. They become immensely stressed and depressed if their owner leaves them alone for too long.

This breed enjoys peaceful and quiet surroundings and can turn into violent little vixens if their peace is disturbed. Also, they are quite prone to jealousy, so they are best suited for homes where they will be the one and only pet.

So, if you spend a lot of time away from home, or if you happen to have a dog, for example, then you might want to consider not getting this breed.

7. Sphynx cats

Don’t know about you, but when I think about Sphynxes, that scene from Friends pops into my mind. You know the one where Rachel comes home with a Sphynx on a cushion and Ross asks her, “Why is the cat inside-out?”

Jokes aside, this breed is famous for evoking one of only two emotions in people: complete delight or total dislike.

Sphynx cats are the epitome of the famous saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” They are an intelligent breed with an extremely fun and playful nature. They are very sociable and get along well with both people and other animals.

So what makes them a part of the worst breeds for the first-time owners club?

Well, even though they are very sociable, Sphynx cats are also known for their neediness (and selfishness). They have to be the center of everyone’s attention, especially their owners’, and you don’t want them fighting with others for your love.

And although this breed is hairless, it doesn’t mean they don’t require any grooming. Sphynx cats have extremely oily skin and require regular bathing. And because their skin is so exposed, they are highly sensitive to both hot and cold conditions.

They are also prone to some serious health conditions and are known to have a big appetite. So their owner has to keep a special eye on them by making sure they have regular vet visits and a good and nutritious (but controlled!) diet. All of which can cost you more than you planned on spending.

So, if you’re about to be a first-time cat owner, it may be better to wait on this one until you’ve gained some experience.

8. Devon Rex cats

What Are The 8 Worst Cat Breeds For First-Time Owners?

And last but not least are Devon Rex cats, a breed with a slender stature, large pointy ears, and curly coat. They, too, are intelligent, people-oriented, and extremely active. Due to their high energy levels, people often referred to them as “a monkey in a catsuit.”

Devons prefer high places and are famous for being great jumpers. They are also a bit mischievous by nature so you can only imagine how those two traits work together.

The reason they’ve made this list is that they are yet another breed that forms a strong attachment with their owner. Also, you would have to entertain them constantly and not leave them alone for too long.

So again, if your lifestyle includes being away from your home for long hours, this breed might not be for you.

So, are these breeds really the worst cat breeds for first-time owners?

The answer depends on you and your preferences.

All in all, every kitty is a good kitty and nothing should stop you from getting the breed you truly want. As long as you do your research and prepare yourself and your home for the newcomer, you’ll be good to go!

But, if you believe you’re not quite ready for one of these demanding breeds, there’s nothing wrong with opting for one a little less high-maintenance. Just do yourself (and your future kitty) a favor and strive to be the best owner ever!

After all, as time goes by, you can always get more cats. Nothing is stopping you from becoming a proud future parent of multiple furbabies.

What Are The 8 Worst Cat Breeds For First-Time Owners?