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Are Bubbles Safe For Cats? The Forbidden Fun?

Are Bubbles Safe For Cats? The Forbidden Fun?

Cats find excitement in everything! From plastic bags to your sock drawers – they’ll find a way to make them fun. But, they have a special love and admiration for bubbles. And how couldn’t they? They’re floating, shiny, and look like they came straight out of a kitty dream but, are bubbles safe for cats?

You don’t want to be the one to break your fluff’s heart, but you also want to keep her safe. Still, some of your favorite memories are of you creating bubbles in the backyard with your furry bestie losing her mind over them.

Every time she sees one, her eyes would go wide and sparkly at those fascinating soapy balls floating above her head. It’s such a heartwarming thing to see! At that moment, you’d give your fluff the world but, sometimes, you simply can’t give her everything her little heart desires.

As always, her safety comes first. Yes, even if you have to say no to those adorable little eyes of hers as those floating balls of soap are not her friends. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Let’s dive into the world of soap and bubbles, and see if they’re safe for your little play buddy.

What are bubbles made of?

Are Bubbles Safe For Cats? The Forbidden Fun?

Ahh, those little soapy wonders! Who doesn’t love them? No matter how old I get, I’ll always get excited when it’s time to blow some bubbles – and I’m not ashamed to admit it! They’re like floaty globes of happiness that make everything seem like magic.

Now that I’m no longer a child, but an adult who likes bubbles, I started to wonder – what are they made of? What makes them so fun and magical?

Your kitty may think bubbles are made of wonder and magic, but we know the truth. It doesn’t take much to make this toy of her dreams: only soap and water! Now, we know that water is safe for cats (no matter how much they hate it), but what about soap?

Well, some of them are safe, and some of them are not. If you decide to make your feline play with soap, you’ll have to find one that’s non-toxic.

Are bubbles safe for cats?

Okay, let’s dive into this bubbly dilemma that got you here in the first place. Are bubbles safe for cats, or should you look for a new way to keep your kitty entertained?

I know how it goes. You decide to blow some bubbles and see how your fluff is going to react. It’s heartwarming to see her eyes widen with excitement, as her tail goes into full helicopter mode. How could you possibly take this away from her?

Well, I have some good news for you, my fellow cat parent – you don’t have to! Generally, bubbles are pretty safe for our lovely furry companions. Still, to ensure your fluff is perfectly safe, there are some things you should keep in mind for the best bubble experience.

First off, the type of soap you use for your bubble concoction plays a big role in this. Always go for a bubble solution that’s safe for children and pets. Make sure you go through the ingredients and that the mixture doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.

After all, we know how the play with bubbles goes. Your fluff will be all over the place trying to catch one. Once she does, she might swallow some of the solution, which is why it’s important that it’s non-toxic.

As the responsible cat parent that you are, you should never leave your furbaby unsupervised. Keep a close eye on your little rebel during her bubble playtime. Our fluffs can get carried away pretty easily, and her little paws of danger might take some bubbles into her mouth.

Don’t worry if your cat isn’t as entertained by bubbles as you’d expect. Your feline diva may take a quick look at the bubbles and keep on cleaning herself like there’s not a whole soapy party happening around her.

How do I know what soap is safe for cats?

Are Bubbles Safe For Cats? The Forbidden Fun?

Are you on a quest to find a feline-friendly soap? Well, look no further! When it comes to finding the soap that’s safe for your furball, there are some things you should keep in mind. If you’ve decided to make your own bubble solution, using dishwashing liquid should do the trick, as long as it’s non-toxic.

Read the label on the bottle and make sure there aren’t any toxic chemicals in it. On top of that, another great thing about using dish soap is the fact that it will make significantly smaller bubbles. Your kitty will still have fun while you reduce the amount of soap she may ingest.

If you don’t plan on using dish soap, you should make sure you use some kind of soap that has a non-toxic formula. The best call is to use soap that’s made for children or pets. Avoid using liquids with harsh chemicals or additives, as they could cause stomach pains or even irritate your fluff’s skin.

There are many soaps that use natural ingredients. Our furry companions aren’t big fans of strong smells, so it’s best to avoid any kind of harsh fragrances or dyes. Finding a hypoallergenic formula would be the purrfect solution.

Whatever you decide to use, it’s important that you do some research first. It would be best to talk to the vet and see if they have any cat-friendly recommendations you can use. Once you find it, test it out a bit before you make a full-blown bubble party in your backyard.

Do a patch test on a small part of your kitty’s skin and wait to see if there will be any reactions. In case there’s no swelling or redness, or if she’s not itching, it’s a great sign!

What are catnip bubbles?

“Are bubbles safe for cats? What about adding something she loves to the mixture?!”

Have you ever heard of catnip bubbles? Yes, they’re as good as they sound. It’s a perfect combination of bubbly fun and your kitty’s favorite thing in the whole world. And, they’re pretty easy to make!

Instead of making a regular bubble solution, you make a special concoction that’s infused with every fluff’s favorite – catnip. Your furball goes crazy for bubbles, now imagine her reaction when she finds out about this concoction of her feline dreams! She’ll turn into a purring machine, that’s for sure.

Catnip is a herb that lures kitties into a state of pure feline bliss. It works like magic. Once your fluff smells it, she’ll absolutely lose her cool – in the best way possible! Her senses will go crazy, and she’ll roll, rub, and pounce like never before.

Adding catnip to your bubble concoction makes everything 10 times better. Once you blow these special bubbles in the air, your kitty will go absolutely insane for them. She’ll swat and chase and jump until her body can’t do it anymore. And, the best part is – she’ll have the most wonderful nap of her life afterward.

Although catnip bubbles are an amazing source of entertainment for your kitty, it’s crucial that you don’t overdo it. Moderation is the key, always. Overstimulating your cat may cause more harm than good, and it could lead to serious injury.

Because of that, it’s important that you keep a close eye on your fluff while she’s playing. If you notice any signs of over-excitement, stress, or anxiety, it may be time to let her calm down.

How do you make DIY bubbles for cats?

Are Bubbles Safe For Cats? The Forbidden Fun?

You know how much your cat loves bubbles, but you can’t go to the store and buy the solution of her dreams? Luckily, you can make some at home pretty easily! It’s time to take your fluff’s bubble adventure to a whole new level.

First of all, you’ll need to gather all of your supplies. The good news is that you probably have all of them lying around your kitchen. All you’ll need is:

  • Dish soap: Make sure it’s gentle, unscented, and without harsh chemicals. You want your purrer to have fun, but also keep her safe.
  • Water: Of course, how could we make bubbles without some good old H2O? Room-temperature tap water will be just fine.
  • (Optional, but recommended) Catnip: If you want to make your fluff extra happy, adding some catnip into the mix will take her playtime to the next level.

After you’ve gathered everything, it’s time to do some mixing. Simply grab a bowl and measure out 1 cup of water, with a tablespoon of dish soap (or any other pet-friendly liquid). This isn’t set in stone, so you can play with the measurements a little before you make the purrfect mix.

If you’d like to add some catnip for an extra kick, simply add a bit of catnip-infused water to the mixture. After you mix all of it together, grab your bubble wand (or any other device you use), prepare your lungs, and gently blow.

Just like that, you’re giving your kitty a day she’ll remember for the rest of her life! Or, at least until she falls asleep during her well-deserved nap afterward.

Are Bubbles Safe For Cats? The Forbidden Fun?