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Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix: The Purrfect Combination

Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix: The Purrfect Combination

You’ve been doing your reading, looking for the right kitty for your family. You came down to two options – Maine Coon and Russian Blue. No matter how much you read about them, you can’t seem to make up your mind. What if I told you there’s a Russian Blue Maine Coon mix waiting just for you?

Nothing feels better than blessing your life with a new cuddle buddy. Choosing the right one can be a challenging, but also a wonderful journey. You spend your free time reading about different breeds, their personalities, and special requirements, dreaming of the day you have one in your arms.

Both Russian Blue and Maine Coon are popular choices and for a good reason! They’re wonderful furry companions that will bless every home they become a part of. Plus, they’re really adorable, too!

Although this isn’t a typical mix, it truly is a magical one. If you get a chance to adopt a Russian Blue Maine Coon mix, you’re one of the lucky ones! These kitties have the beautiful characteristics of both breeds, making them wonderful fluffy buddies that will bring plenty of love and joy into your life.

Does this sound like it could be the purrfect mix for you? If yes, then you came to the right place! I’m here to show you everything that these beautiful kitties have to offer. We’ll go over some of their main characteristics so you can make your final decision!

Russian Blue Maine Coon mix: Appearance

Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix: The Purrfect Combination

The first thing you’ll notice about the Russian Blue Maine Coon mix kitties is their majestic appearance. Both of these breeds have a unique look, so it comes as no surprise that crossbreeding them resulted in some of the most beautiful kitties you’ll see.

They’re mysterious, majestic, and bound to take your breath away. Imagine seeing such a beautiful kitty every day! It’s truly a blessing. Here are some of the main characteristics regarding their color, size, and majestic coats.

1. Eye color

Although the eye color varies when it comes to these majestic felines, there are two shades that are the most common: blue or green. In fact, it might be one of their most prominent characteristics! When you think of these kitties, their piercing eyes are probably one of the first things you think about.

However, like it’s the case with the rest of their appearance, this isn’t something set in stone. Their looks depend purely on whose genes take over as dominant ones. That’s the beauty of this mix – each kitty is unique and beautiful in her own way.

2. Size

Again, their size varies depending on the dominant genes. However, it can be compared to the pure breed. For example, Maine Coons are known for their size and are one of the biggest fluffs you can get. The Russian Blues, however, are more average in terms of their size.

Naturally, their mix is somewhere in between. They’re usually smaller than the fluffy giants we know as Maine Coons, and a bit larger than majestic Russian Blues. With an average weight of around 15 pounds, your beautiful mix will bring the best of both worlds!

3. Coat

The most significant characteristic of both of these incredible breeds is their unique coat. Maine Coons are known for their beautiful long fur, while Russian Blues bless your homes with their majestic blue ones. What you get from your mix, again, depends on the dominant genes.

If your kitty’s genes are more on the Coon side, she’ll probably have their beautiful long coats. However, if your cat is more Russian Blue, her fur will probably be that blue/gray shade we all love, with hairs significantly shorter than that of a Maine Coon.

The color of their beautiful coats comes in a wide range, including black, brown, cream, white, and every possible shade of gray and blue! Sometimes it feels like these incredible kitties are from a different planet…

No matter the color of their coats, their fur is always very soft and silky because both breeds have velvety hairs. They’re cuddle buddies we all dream of having!

Russian Blue Maine Coon mix: Personality

Although both Russian Blues and Maine Coons are super sweet, there’s one thing that sets them apart: Blues hate socializing, while Coons absolutely love it. So, which one do you get with your mix? As always, it depends.

If your mixed kitty is more like her Russian Blue parent, she’ll shy away from strangers and keep her distance. In case her Maine Coon side is more prominent, she’ll probably enjoy having company and socializing.

One thing that’s common for both these breeds is that they’re indoor cats. Because of that, your lovely mixed kitty will love spending time indoors, as well. If you decide to get this unique fluff ball, make sure she’s a house cat, as living outside isn’t in her blood.

So, how do you know whose traits your fluff exhibits more? If your little furbaby is quiet and peaceful, she’s more like her Russian Blue side of the family. However, if she’s loud and talks a lot, that’s her Maine Coon side.

If you have kids or other pets, don’t worry. These kitties go along with pretty much everyone. They’re playful, active, and will be just fine when left alone with your other kitties, dogs, or your children.

I’m sure about one thing, however. No matter whose genes prevail, you’ll get an affectionate and loving kitty who will love spending time by your side. You’ll definitely never be lonely with your Russian Blue Maine Coon mix.

Russian Blue Maine Coon mix: health and training

Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix: The Purrfect Combination

Although Russian Blues don’t have many health issues that should concern you, the Maine Coons are pretty much the opposite. Unfortunately, there’s a long list of health issues the parents of Coons have to pay attention to, and your mix might have some of them, too.

This is mainly due to their size. Maine Coons often suffer from heart diseases, hip dysplasia, kidney diseases, and more. Because they can pass predispositions to these issues to their babies, it’s important that you ask the breeder for the health screening results of your fluff’s parents.

When it comes to training your mixed fluff ball, you probably won’t have any particular issues. Both her parents are known for being intelligent and curious breeds that learn tricks easily. Your crossbreed will easily remember how to use her litter box, and where she can find food and water.

Of course, you’ll have to be patient and start training them pretty early. Both Maine Coons and Russian Blues love to jump, so you’ll probably notice your crossbreed fluff all over your furniture. Give your kitty enough space and she’ll turn it into a playground!

Although she’s made to be an indoor kitty, your mixed furball will enjoy going for a walk from time to time. You can even train her to play fetch with you! And you thought that game was reserved only for dogs…

If she’s completely healthy, this cheerful and playful kitty will spend a long life with you. Considering her parents’ lifespan, your crossbreed fluff will spend around 15 beautiful years by your side.

Is Russian Blue Maine Coon mix difficult to groom?

Most people stay away from long-haired kitties because they’re more difficult to groom, and there’s some truth in that. With short-haired fluffs, it’s pretty easy – keep them clean and brush their fur from time to time to reduce shedding. With long-haired ones, however, it’s a completely different story.

If your mixed cuddle buddy is more like her Maine Coon parent, she probably has longer fur, too. In that case, you’ll have to take care of it the same way you’d groom the pure breed.

Long-haired kitties require lots of care, patience, and time. You’ll have to brush her majestic fur daily to avoid knots, tangles, and matting. If you don’t do this, the mats in her fur can become uncomfortable, and even cause some serious skin issues.

Is this the right kitty for you?

So, is the Russian Blue Maine Coon mix the purrfect kitty for you? If you’re looking for a house cat that will enjoy your love and affection, but won’t be too clingy, then you’ll love having this beautiful furry bestie by your side!

However, if you’re looking for a lazy kitty who’ll spend most of her time in your lap – you might want to check out other breeds. Just like her parents, this beautiful fluff is playful and independent. She can spend a lot of time by herself and she’ll make it fun, too!

Although she’s an indoor cat, she still enjoys roaming around and hunting, even if her prey is spiders on your walls. Overall, she’s a really fun kitty who will bless your home and bring plenty of love and fun into your life. Your kids will enjoy her company, and she’ll enjoy theirs!

She’s a lovely family cat that gets along with other pets, too. If this sounds like something you’ve been dreaming of, then I believe you’ve already made up your mind.

Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix: The Purrfect Combination