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This Cat And Chipmunk Become Friends And Won’t Stop Cuddling

This Cat And Chipmunk Become Friends And Won’t Stop Cuddling

Now, the animal kingdom seems pretty clear-cut. On one hand, you’ve got animals that get along together, protect each other, or turn the other way when they encounter each other because they know they are safe. On the other, though, certain species aren’t meant to mingle.

Would you believe that a lion and a deer can become BFFs, share food, and snuggle before bedtime? Or that a crocodile and a fish can share a swim without one wanting to devour the other? Or that a cat and a dog can agree to coexist together without scratching or biting each other’s eyes out?

We can see how the cats and dogs example might not work considering the fact that most cats and dogs that have been raised together, socialized, or taught to tolerate each other can become friends. But the ones that roam the streets searching for food probably can’t.

But, there’s always a but when we’re talking about animals. We can’t say that unlikely animal friendships don’t occur on a regular when the Internet’s beaming with videos of hippos getting adopted by tortoises, dogs grooming kittens, and pigs nursing cubs.

While we love to watch them, do we truly believe these friendships are genuine – or do we just want them to be? Well, given the right set of circumstances and the right animals, there’s no reason why different species can’t form close connections.

Whether they’re drawn to each other because they’re seeking attention and comfort or because they’re more concerned with physical benefits (picking bugs off each other’s fur or cleaning each other’s teeth), there’s no doubt that these friendships make our hearts flutter.

We stumbled upon a similar story on Reddit and didn’t want to pass on the opportunity to make your day better. Here’s a story about a cat and a chipmunk snuggling on a sunny summer day.

A Reddit user (who goes by the name _GoldGuy_) was hanging out with a fluffy friend when the two were startled by a chipmunk. And, he didn’t think twice before he started taking photos of the strange encounter and documenting everything that was going on.

Credit: Reddit user

Now, the chipmunk was roaming around the yard, searching for food, when the two of them showed up. Normally, chipmunks run away the moment somebody approaches them because they’re scared of humans – and cats, and dogs, and pretty much any animal ever.

But, this tiny fellow didn’t seem to be scared of the gorgeous gentle giant because he approached her the moment he spotted her. Before the Reddit user could say anything, the cat noticed the chipmunk getting closer.

And, that’s where the story takes a turn – the Reddit user was 100% sure that the cat would attack the crawling creature, but she did the opposite. She slowly bent her front paws, propped up on them, and settled down. She then rolled on her back and exposed her belly.

She never did that around animals, according to the Reddit user, but she trusted the chipmunk. She didn’t make a sound because she didn’t want to startle the tiny thing.

When the chipmunk came closer, she placed her head on the pavement and pretended to be asleep. When you take a peep at the photos, you might notice that the cat’s pretty fluffy and the chipmunk must have thought she’d be a great pillow to sleep on.

With ease, the chipmunk approached the cat and hopped on top of her. Don’t worry, the cat didn’t move – she allowed the chipmunk to explore around and find a fluffy spot comfortable enough for an afternoon nap.

Depending on your previous experiences with cats and chipmunks, you probably wouldn’t expect the two to become BFFs, but that’s exactly what happened.

According to the Reddit user, the frolics didn’t end there. The two continued to cuddle and get to know each other. The chipmunk even started “making muffins” on top of the feline’s fluff which was something we’d never seen before.

Credit: Reddit user

The tiny thing was over the moon to have a friend and the feline didn’t seem too sad about the encounter, either. The comments under the Reddit post agreed that the two cuties experienced love at first sight and couldn’t get enough of each other – the Reddit user agreed.

We haven’t gotten an update which means we aren’t sure whether the two remained BFFs after the encounter, but we’re positive that the two were meant to be together. Cats and chipmunks can be friends, even though according to the laws of nature, they’re better off without each other.

On the off chance that the Reddit user wanted to adopt the chipmunk, too, he’d face trouble trying to get them to coexist simply because they’re very, very different from one another. No matter the circumstances.

Chipmunks are prey, which means they’re better off kept away from cats, dogs, and ferrets. Contrary to popular belief, Alvin and the Chipmunks aren’t the right representation of what you can expect when you hang out with these curious creatures.

Whatever the case might be, we’re happy to have witnessed an adorable encounter that might never reoccur.