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This Stray Kitten Keeps Cuddling With His Raccoon-Friend

This Stray Kitten Keeps Cuddling With His Raccoon-Friend

Perfect, purring kittens, fascinating, floppy-eared puppers, and other adorable animals forming unexpected friendships keep the world wide web going.

From a doggy snuggling with a duck to a monkey hitching a ride on a goat’s back to a capybara caring for a kitten, there’s nothing more heartwarming than hopping online and scrolling through endless posts of animals appreciating one another more than humans ever do.

Oftentimes, we’re quick to argue how animals don’t experience the same emotions humans do, or how animals don’t form the same connections humans do.

On one hand, we want to believe that our kittens and puppies appreciate our affection and care. On the other, we struggle to understand the bond between hippos and hedgehogs, chickens and chipmunks, or monkeys and meerkats.

Given the right set of circumstances, there’s nothing stopping these animals from forming long-lasting, loving relationships.

Granted that you want your cat and dog or your cat and your rabbit (or whichever other pets you’re planning on getting) to form a friendship, allow them to become comfortable with one another from the beginning and they’re guaranteed to become the best of buddies.

Although that might sound strange, the same can occur with cats, dogs, and animals that don’t share the same home. At least that’s what happened with a scruffy, stray kitty and a raccoon who happen to be the protagonists of today’s story.

Shared by an account that goes by the name Ray Tamasovich on Youtube, the video we’re referencing features a snuggly kitty munching on peanuts together with her best buddy who happens to be a raccoon.

This Stray Kitten Keeps Cuddling With His Raccoon-Friend

(Credit: @Ray Tamasovich)

According to Ray, the two have been arriving for dinner at Ray’s house every night for the past four months.

They have been feeding off of whatever Ray leaves out for them, sharing the food, snuggling, cuddling, and just appreciating the affection that Ray gives them. The unlikely pair then departs from Ray’s yard when they’re done.

During the video (which goes on for four minutes or so), the cat appears to be the cuddlier one because she continues to rub her head on the raccoon, meow at the raccoon, and demand attention from the raccoon.

Depending on the raccoon’s mood, we’re pretty sure that he doesn’t mind the affection he’s getting because he allowed her to continue with her shenanigans while he’s munching on peanuts. After a few minutes of adorably annoying the raccoon, she goes on to eat the food that Ray prepared for her.

Actually, Ray confessed that he always leaves out a bunch of food for animals to munch on because he wants to make sure none of them go to bed hungry.

Because of his efforts, the cat and the raccoon aren’t the only ones coming to Ray’s house for dinner. They are, however, the only ones that made Ray giggle when he figured out they weren’t fighting with each other, but that they were embracing each other the entire time.

Now, nobody knows how the cat and the raccoon got together. Maybe the two crossed paths with one another when they were younger, kept each other warm, and decided that they were better off together, keeping each other company.

Perhaps the two met at Ray’s house when they accidentally came to dinner at the same time, sniffed each other’s bottoms, and decided to tolerate each other for the sake of food (only to become best buddies with time).

(Credit: @Ray Tamasovich)

Whatever the case might be, the two seem to share a bond that not many mammals share. Who would’ve thought that cats and raccoons can be friends?! On one hand, cats and raccoons make an odd couple.

On the other, cats and raccoons are more alike than you might think. Both appreciate the art of causing chaos everywhere they go, both become aggressive and angry when someone crosses them, and both adore munching on foods (whether that’s garbage food or Fancy Feasts and Meow Mixes).

Oh and, both give off mixed messages about whether they’re going to cuddle you or murder you when you try to approach them.

With that out of the way, we have to underline that Google says that cats and raccoons can be both friends and enemies, depending on the circumstances. Cats are curious about pretty much everything which means they’re curious about raccoons, too.

On the other hand, raccoons aren’t as curious about cats as they are curious about cat food. Raccoons are hungry at all times and aren’t above the thought of tolerating a cat and checking where she keeps her secret stash of food. Who would’ve thought?!

Whatever the case might be, we’re obsessed with these two and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the odd couple continues dining together at Ray’s house.

This Stray Kitten Keeps Cuddling With His Raccoon-Friend