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10 Times Cats Fell Asleep In The Most Hilarious Positions

10 Times Cats Fell Asleep In The Most Hilarious Positions

One thing is certain: cats are meowsters of sleep. When they are not eating, biting our toes, or watching birds through the window, our feline buddies are spending their time in the Dreamland.

It seems to me that these peculiar creatures can fall asleep in the most extraordinary positions. For them, it does not matter where they are, what time of the day it is, or whether that spot is appropriate or not – if they can fit, they will most definitely zone out there.

They are able to contort their bodies in ways our bodies will never be able to. That’s why we find a lot of their positions weird and uncomfortable. However, for our fluffy companions, those positions are probably purrfectly fine.

Throughout recent years, it sort of became a competition on the Internet among cat parents who will post a picture of their kitty in the craziest and funniest sleeping position.

And we’re here for it! Those pictures truly make our day and we love to see them.

Therefore, we have selected the top 10 hilarious sleeping positions which I’ll gladly share with you today. So, get comfy and brace yourself for a good laugh!

1. What a jean-ius place to take a nap in

10 Times Cats Fell Asleep In The Most Hilarious Positions

Starting off strong we have an adorable kitten who decided to take a quick little nap in her owner’s jeans. Her owner has probably left his jeans on his bed in the bedroom with the intention to fold them later or throw them in the washing machine, but his fluff had other plans.

Look at her! She looks so peaceful and content. And probably feels as though she is sleeping in her owner’s lap. I love it!

2. “On my bucket list today is to take a nap!”

This one is the epitome of the popular cat phrase, “If it fits, I sits!” I am truly interested in the backstory of this sleeping position.

I’m guessing this little curious kitty was sniffing around the garden and sticking her pretty rosy nose into her owner’s business. Once she noticed the bucket was available (and free of water!), she decided to jump in and see what all the fuss was about.

However, she got a little carried away and fell asleep, only to be woken up by her lovely owners who really need that bucket to water their plants.

3. Feline exhausted

10 Times Cats Fell Asleep In The Most Hilarious Positions

Wow! You truly don’t have to know all the facts to be able to conclude that this was a truly good sleep. This is how I imagine myself sleeping after a long day of working in the office followed by cleaning the whole house from top to bottom plus doing some work around the garden.

Don’t know what this kitty has been doing, but I’m sure she got very tired from it.

4. That doesn’t look comfy at all!

There’s something about a cat sitting like a human that gets me every time. The funniest sight ever!

This poor kitty looks like she had a pretty good time in the club last night and got so drunk she fell asleep on the side of the road, in front of a bakery shop.

Give this girl some water, so she could properly sober up!

5. This nap really heat the spot!

10 Times Cats Fell Asleep In The Most Hilarious Positions

I love this one so much because it reminds me of my cat. She loves to sleep on warm things, like radiators or hot tin window sills. And this cat appears to be no exception!

I totally understand this, though. If only I could fit on a radiator. What a great nap that would be!

6. POV: Waiting for your crush’s text message

What on Earth is going on here?! This kitty was probably in the deepest sleep of her entire life because there’s no other way for me to explain this. There’s no feline in this world that would do this voluntarily.

But I respect this. I would also put things on my cat while she’s asleep if only she wasn’t so easy to wake up.

7. “My favorite blanket is my brother’s ear.”

10 Times Cats Fell Asleep In The Most Hilarious Positions

Who said cats and dogs can’t be friends? Look at these two! They look so peaceful and happy sleeping together that I could never imagine them fighting or being enemies.

The dog offered himself as her pillow and even let her use his ear as a blanket. Call 911 because I’m straight-up melting at this point.

8. The purrfect parasol doesn’t exi-

Look at this cray-cray Siamese kitty who is holding on for dear life while at the same time probably having the best nap ever. I know cats love to climb on top of things and look down on everyone, but this is simply hilarious!

Imagine sitting underneath a parasol, on a hot summer day, eating your vanilla ice cream, and enjoying life. Only to look up and see a cat above your head. That would be one of the best, “You had to be there” stories.

9. “Don’t worry, hooman. I’ll put your laptop on sleep mode.”

10 Times Cats Fell Asleep In The Most Hilarious Positions

“What do you mean you have to work, or you might get fired? No deadlines to meet today! It’s siesta time and you know it!”

I love this one because my friend has a kitty who loves to do this. Every time she gets up and leaves the room, her fluff makes her way to the top of her desk and sits on her laptop. One time she even sent a bunch of nonsense to her boss. Yikes!

10. “Let me just take a short nap until my prey comes back home.”

Here we have the chance to see a real predator, the most terrifying carnivore in the world, someone everyone fears – a domestic moggie!

All jokes aside, this feline looks pretty content sleeping in this birdhouse. I hate the fact I will probably never find out how her lovely nap ended.

Did the bird come back and peck the kitty’s head with her beak? Did the cat fight back? Can someone please let me know how the story of her nap ends?!

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10 Times Cats Fell Asleep In The Most Hilarious Positions