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This Pretty Cat With A Unique Face Will Make You Fall In Love With Her

This Pretty Cat With A Unique Face Will Make You Fall In Love With Her

There is no question about it: each feline is beautiful in her own unique way. And if there’s someone who claims otherwise – they are simply wrong. I’m sorry, but I had to say it.

I am not sure if only cat lovers would agree with me, but I honestly believe that every kitty in the world has something that makes her special and differentiates her from other fluffs.

Some felines have long and luscious locks of hair, while others have no hair at all. Some have bushy tails, while others don’t have as much fluff. Some have coats in one single color, while others have multiple colors and interesting patterns.

Some kitties are extremely playful, while others are lazy and don’t bother running around. Some are easy-going and straightforward, while others are more reserved.

I could go on and on like this forever, but I am sure you get the point. Regardless of their physical features, one thing is certain – cats have completely won our hearts, mostly due to their enchanting beauty.

In today’s article, we are going to introduce you to a very special feline, that comes all the way from the far lands of Thailand. Meet Wendy – a unique kitty whose two-colored face has won over the hearts of many cat aficionados around the world.

Wendy’s special feature is not a product of Photoshop, nor does it, God forbid, come as a result of hair dye. This peculiar but beautiful feature is well explained using only one scientific term – a chimera cat.

Chimera cats are those felines that happen to be born with two sets of DNA. This condition is a result of two embryos intertwining together, or to put it in layman’s terms, as a product of two non-identical twins fusing together into one.

Contrary to popular belief, chimera cats are not that rare at all. In fact, many cat experts claim that most male tortoiseshells belong to this special group. Sure, they are not an everyday occurrence, but every once in a while, one very lucky owner gets to share his life with a unique kitty like this one.

However, sometimes when a cat has a split-colored face, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean that she is a chimera cat. Take Nirvana, a beautiful British shorthair feline from France that we have already written about for example.

He was born as a two-faced feline, but the genetic testing he underwent has indeed confirmed that he has one set of DNA. So, his appearance, although mesmerizing, still remains a mystery.

On the other hand, we have Wendy, the heroine of today’s story, who’s been proven to be a chimera kitty. When her owner, Eva, first saw her she fell head over heels for her. Therefore, she decided that a beauty like this deserves her own Instagram page, so the whole world can admire her intricate looks.

And what a decision that was! In a matter of days, Wendy took the world by storm and gained a thousand followers and devoted fans.

Apart from being a chimera cat, Wendy is half Persian and half Scottish fold kitty. We can see the characteristics of both breeds, for sure, but her most striking feature is, of course, her gray and white colored face.

Eva says that Wendy reminds her of Harvey Dent from Batman, and we could not agree more! Although, we truly believe that she’s not nearly as malicious as he is.

Similarly to other cats, Wendy’s favorite snack is non-other than toilet paper. Yes, this not-so-edible treat is famous in the feline world because for God knows what reason they love to munch on it.

We do however hope that Eva is keeping a close eye on her, ensuring she isn’t eating too much of it on a daily basis.

Also, according to her Instagram bio, her best buddy is a cockroach named Peter, who I suppose visits her and her human from time to time. Weird choice of friends, if I do say so myself, but hey… Who am I to judge?

Maybe the reason why she befriended a cockroach Pete – other than because she is an amazing hunter – is that she genuinely has a very friendly nature. Her owner Eva claims that Wendy is extremely sweet, loving, and affectionate towards almost anyone.

Her beautiful outside completely matches her with the kitty she is on the inside! And we are all here for it!

We hope that you enjoy these adorable pictures of our friend Wendy from Thailand. We certainly do. Here at Cats Chef, Wendy is one of those kitties we always come back to. Her beauty is too striking not to be written about and admired daily.

But let’s face it: all we do here is talk about cats. But who can blame us? Our feline friends are simply the best!