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Cat Hanover Begs You To Bang On The Hood Of Your Car When It’s Cold

Cat Hanover Begs You To Bang On The Hood Of Your Car When It’s Cold

Some stories we cover here are funny stories of silly felines simply doing life. Some are sad stories with a happy ending. And some – like the one we are covering today – can be perceived as a warning, a cautionary tale of some sort.

Today we are bringing you a story about a kitty named Hanover who one cold winter day wandered into someone’s warm car engine and ended up badly injured. Here is what actually happened.

Everybody knows that our feline buddies love to sit on top of warm places. I cannot tell you how many times I have witnessed my cat sitting on top of my freshly dried laundry, hot tin windowsills of my apartment, heaters, warm blankets, or on the floor right in front of a window, in the direct sunlight.

That is because their body temperature is significantly higher than ours; it is usually around 102 °F, while our normal body temperature is 98.7 °F. Because of this, they will almost always seek warm or even hot places to reside around.

The warmth also provides them with a sense of peace, security, and safety. Whenever they are warm – they feel as though nothing can hurt them.

There is no limit to where our fluffy friends will seek their warm refugee. One of those places, as I’ve mentioned above, is a car engine, especially during colder winter months. However, most of the time it can be a dangerous place to hide from the cold, and Hanover is the perfect example of that.

A few years ago, in the city of Baltimore, Maryland, a kind lady had noticed a tiny grayish lump on the side of the road on Boston Street. She pulled over to determine what it was and soon noticed that it was a small gray kitten, completely covered in wounds, grease, and soot.

That lady did not hesitate for a second. She picked the poor kitty up from the floor and took him straight to Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS).

According to BARCS’s employees, the cat (later named Hanover) was badly injured. He had been severely bleeding out of his mouth and was generally in a very bad state. He had several large abrasions which were stained with a thick black and oil-like matter.

The pads of his paws were also wounded and covered in a greasy substance. He looked as though he was extremely frightened, sad, and beyond hurt – and even that is an understatement.

However, despite being in such a bad condition, Hanover’s spirit was not shaken. He was still more than ready for cuddles and once he got to know BARCS’s staff, he immediately started to purr and rub against them. It was as though he knew they were going to help him.

Fortunately, the good people at BARCS managed to help Hanover. They sanitized and healed his wounds, thoroughly cleaned him and freed him from grease stains, and even found him a foster home with an experienced cat lover.

According to his foster mom, Hanover’s healing journey was slow but steady. In no time, he started eating and drinking properly and on his own. He managed to relax in his new temporary home, exploring its nooks and crannies, and napping in various locations, from bathroom tiles to his fancy plushy bed.

He was on different antibiotics and pain medication for quite a while also having to attend various appointments and check-ups with both BARCS veterinarians and their trusty Franky Fund partner hospital.

Although he was badly hurt, full recovery was definitely smiling on him. And when that happened, he was finally ready for adoption and finding his forever home.

Hanover’s story is a great lesson and a warning for all of us. It shows us just how important a quick car check-up in the morning can actually be.

Making sure there are no stray cats under your car or in your car engine can ensure no cat gets burned by the engine. It can also prevent kitties from falling or jumping out while the car is still in motion.

Here are a few tips on how you can keep felines out of your engine’s bay:

  • Do a quick inspection – any feline will be able to hear you walking around your car, and your steps will undoubtedly scare her off. If you do this persistently for a couple of days, she will get the message and start to avoid your car altogether.
  • Honk your car horn – before you start your car and begin to drive, make sure you honk your horn and wait for a couple of seconds. That loud sound will scare the kitty off, and she will definitely run away.
  • If possible, park your car in a garage – cars that are parked in direct sunlight are known to be very attractive to felines. So, if it’s possible, park your car in your personal or a public garage.
  • Sprinkle some cayenne pepper around your car’s engine – Yes, you have read that right! If you want to keep the strays away from your car, just sprinkle some cayenne pepper as it is a great natural repellent for cats.

If you feel like you will definitely forget about this the next time you get in your car, but you still want to save a feline’s life, you can always write yourself a little note and stick it inside your car. A small reminder like this one can truly do wonders!