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This Adorable Girl Keeps Singing To Her Cat As He Passes Away In Her Arms

This Adorable Girl Keeps Singing To Her Cat As He Passes Away In Her Arms

Get your tissues ready, my dear reader, as this story is bound to make you shed a tear or two… Or, you know, sob uncontrollably. It’s okay, we’re all human here! But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Everyone who has a feline friend knows that cats indeed become so much more than just pets – they become a part of the family. When they pass away, it’s never an easy thing to deal with. It feels as if a piece of your heart shatters.

Bailey, the star of the incredible book “Bailey, No Ordinary Cat” was 14 years old when he crossed over the rainbow bridge after kidney failure. He wasn’t just a kitty, he was a cherished member of his human family. He loved his sisters dearly, and they adored him just as much.

There’s this incredibly touching video that captures the final moments of Bailey’s life. His sister Abby is there, singing a song to him. The one she’s been singing to him ever since she learned to talk.

This strong bond reminded their mom Erin of her beloved kitty that passed away at the age of 21. The pain and memories all came rushing back…

Even though Abby was just four years old, she had a real connection with Bailey and it all started on the day she was born. She and Bailey had many mutual memories and have grown together. So, you can only imagine how close they were.

Watching them share their last moment together isn’t easy and will probably bring tears to your eyes. But if anything, at least we know that Abby had a chance to say her final goodbye to the cat who was such an important part of her childhood.

It surely made the whole experience a lot easier for the poor fluff, as he was near the human he loved the most, his little sister. Erin is certain that Bailey knew what was going on and she’s more than happy that he was comforted by being in the arms of someone he loved deeply.

Then, six months later, something extraordinary happened. According to Erin, it wasn’t expected, but it felt right. This loving family opened up their hearts and welcomed a new member, a four-legged bundle of joy.

Her name is Carrot, and Abby and her sister quickly bonded with their new furry friend.

Erin was over the moon when she saw how much love her little girls had for their new furry friend. She’s sure that Bailey would approve of Carrot since this little paw monster brought happiness back into their lives. After all, Bailey would most definitely want his sisters to be happy.

Carrot, just like Bailey, has become a sensation on social media. Her Instagram page already has over 291,000 followers, and that number just keeps growing. It’s amazing how these furry creatures can capture our hearts and bring us this much joy.

Erin never wanted Carrot to follow in Bailey’s footsteps, but sometimes fate has its own plans. She thought it was hilarious when the girls named the kitten Carrot right away.

Their mom was worried that the girls would be disappointed because Carrot wouldn’t be able to fill Bailey’s shoes, she even warned them for months that, if they ever got another cat, it wouldn’t be the same. Oh, how wrong she was…

Erin claims they hit the kitty jackpot again. Within 24 hours of having Carrot, they were sure they had a special girl. Did you know that female ginger cats are incredibly rare? Around 85% of the time, ginger kitties are boys. Fun fact!

They’re real gems and incredibly loving toward their humans. They make wonderful companions, and they get along with children incredibly well. If you have little ones and you’re thinking of getting a cat, this is definitely something to think about.

Erin shared that she feels like her prayers were answered. Although she doesn’t necessarily believe in reincarnation, many believe that Bailey came back as Carrot. But no matter what, Carrot definitely healed their broken hearts.

She played a significant role in healing their devastated souls. It’s truly incredible how a new furry friend can bring comfort and joy during times of grief. Something you never thought was possible until it happens.

Carrot, just like Bailey, possesses a unique and loving nature that made her new family fall head over heels for their new fluff. Her presence provided this family with peace and a renewed sense of companionship. It’s as if fate had intervened, guiding Carrot to them at the perfect moment.

I have no doubt that Carrot and the girls will have an incredible life together, filled with love and happiness. But one thing’s for sure: Bailey will always have a special place in their hearts, and nothing in the world could change that.

Rest in peace, you lovely fluff. We’ll never forget you!