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This Is Jet: A Nine-Month-Old Kitten Who Initially Entered The Shelter As A Newborn

This Is Jet: A Nine-Month-Old Kitten Who Initially Entered The Shelter As A Newborn

I’ll always have a soft spot for black kitties. It breaks my heart to think about how many of them never find a forever home because of the belief that they bring bad luck. Well, my black cat brought me more happiness than I could ever wish for, and so did Jet to the wonderful people who care for him.

The hero of today’s story, our wonderful Jet, is a nine-month-old kitten who initially entered the shelter together with his feline mom when he was just a newborn fluff. Although he had luck and was adopted quickly after, he was returned to the shelter due to some litter box issues.

But, the people who took care of him wouldn’t exactly use that phrase to explain his condition. It was a lot worse, and it included severe fecal burning, leaking liquid stool, and very poor body condition. To put it in the simplest terms: this poor fluff wasn’t doing well at all.

His vet team didn’t hesitate one bit, and they quickly jumped into action. Over the course of a month, they tried a number of medications, special diets, supplements, and tests that, unfortunately, didn’t bring him much relief.

To say they were doing everything they could to help this purrer would be an understatement. They gave their all, and they had no intention of stopping. They gave themselves a task to find the perfect treatment for Jet, no matter what.

All of this was quite a rollercoaster ride for this poor furry baby, yet he was still fighting like a champ. He didn’t want to give up even though he was in poor condition.

Currently, Jet is trying out Tylan powder, yet another probiotic, and a new diet, all with strong hopes and prayers from his team of vets that they may help him find some relief. This poor little furbaby couldn’t even make it to his litter box without getting messy…

Luckily, he’s surrounded by wonderful people who decided to give him a nice, spacious room in the extra shower. He finally had a quiet environment, where he felt safe and protected.

But the fact that Jet started grooming himself excessively didn’t help. He was probably doing it due to stress and discomfort which totally makes sense. However, it would lead him to vomiting fur and his vets couldn’t stand watching him struggle.

To make it easier for him, they began soaking his tail and back legs in warm water. And Jet actually enjoyed it. I guess he realized that it was helping him so he didn’t want to raise his voice.

People who take care of Jet shared an adorable photo of him crossing his paws as he eats. At the time, he was trying out a new diet and some new supplements and, to everyone’s surprise, he mostly enjoyed an herbal one! They were happy to share that there was some progress in his recovery.

His stool, although still quite loose, showed signs of slightly formed consistency, and it gave everyone some hope that Jet will get better. When it comes to his self-grooming habits, the warm soaks definitely helped with fur vomiting. Slowly, but surely, everything was working out.

Not long after his new treatment, his vet team shared some good news: Jet was finally having solid stool! Hooray! The combination of the Tylan powder and the novel proteins did the trick, and everyone was excited as they assumed that Jet would be okay.

One night, however, in a tired state, the vet accidentally mixed the powder with his food which resulted in a brief return of diarrhea… But, we all make mistakes, and luckily his stool was quickly back to solid.

The vets made a plan – after his stool is fully normalized, they’ll do their best to help him put on some much-needed weight. After all that vomiting and diarrhea, the poor guy looked like he hasn’t eaten in a month.

But it didn’t help that, once his stool was finally under control, he started vomiting more frequently.

It seemed like our poor fluff couldn’t catch a break, and it was truly heartbreaking to see him suffer. No matter what he eats, it would always come back up. They found a short-term solution in Cerenia, an antiemetic, but they knew it couldn’t help him forever.

At the moment, they’re still trying to figure out what’s wrong with poor Jet, so they scheduled him for full blood work and abdominal ultrasound. One thing’s for sure: they need to act quickly, because they’re running out of treatment options, and Jet’s not looking good, either.

He desperately needs to gain weight, and it’s been a real challenge since he can’t keep food inside of him for too long. Still, despite his struggles and pain, our feline hero is fighting his unfortunate faith with a brave heart. He wants plenty of attention, and his caregivers are happy to deliver.

Although his vets are miserable to see him in this condition, they enjoy spending every moment with him. Whenever they’re around, he turns into a real purring machine, and it makes them happy to see he’s not giving up. We’re all hoping for a happy ending, and we truly believe our feline hero will pull through.