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This Abandoned Cat Has A Face That Begs You To Keep Her So Her Savior Gives In

This Abandoned Cat Has A Face That Begs You To Keep Her So Her Savior Gives In

We’re all obsessed with our four-legged, fluffy friends. Whether they’re graced with long, luxurious fur, bewitching, blue eyes, or pointy, perked-up ears, there’s nothing we love more than observing everything they’re doing with adoration and appreciation.

Whether they’re made mind-boggling with patchy fur, bare body, or crossed, confused eyes, there’s nothing that would make them faulty, flawed, or unworthy of our attention.

With that out of the way, we do need to address the rumors that certain features chase humans away from fluffers that possess them. Not-so-fluffy, Dobby-looking cats don’t get adopted as much as shaggy Maine Coons or rugged, ruffled Norwegian Forest cats.

Not to mention that most cats deemed the ugliest cats out there are completely hairless, kind of hairless, or patchy. Now, the world seems to have something against cats that don’t resemble Garfield.

But, the world wide web seems to prefer the odd, unique, and unrepeatable cats – with Lil Bub, Grumpy Cat, and Nala Cat paving the way for every droopy-tongue-faced, cross-eyed, and moody cat out there.

Lily The Rorschach Cat happens to be one of them. As you might have guessed already, we’re bringing you a heartwarming narrative of how Lily The Rorschach Cat changed her owner’s life for the better.

Lily was a charming white kitten with black spots forming the perfect Rorschach pattern on her face. She was found, alongside her equally charming sister at a construction site.

This Abandoned Cat Has A Face That Begs You To Keep Her So Her Savior Gives In

(Credit: @littleladylily_)

Now, the woman was planning on fostering the two kittens for a little while and putting them up for adoption when they were grown enough to be separated (or when someone offers to adopt both of them).

Lily and her sister were super, super small when the woman found them (they were two days old!) and she had to teach them how to eat on their own, sleep on their own, and even play with toys on their own.

On one hand, she was happy that the two rebellious rascals survived because the other kittens that were at the construction site didn’t. On the other hand, she was worried about them roaming around the apartment and wounding themselves when she was at work.

After a few weeks, when the kittens grew a bit bigger, the woman found a forever home for Lily’s sister. She was searching for a forever home for Lily, too. However, after parting with Lily’s sister, the woman realized she had made the biggest mistake of her life and decided to keep Lily.

She actually skipped half a semester of school and had to work to afford to care for Lily and her sister, and she couldn’t get over the fact that she gave Lily’s sister away after sacrificing that much for her (to this day, she still cries over that!).

But, that’s why she decided to do everything she can to ensure Lily gets the happy and healthy life that she deserves. And, she did! Lily grew to become one of the most adorable and affectionate cats out there. She’s rockin’ her Rorschach pattern that’s gotten even more intricate with time.

(Credit: @littleladylily_)

She’s even managed to become cross-eyed (she’s been cross-eyed the entire time, but she was too little to show), which seems to have added to her unique, one-in-a-million beauty.

She’s a force to be reckoned with because she adores roaming around the apartment, chasing after critters and crawling creatures, and causing trouble with her sister Jezabel.

A few years after giving Lily’s sister away, Lily’s owner decided to adopt a rescue kitty from the ASPCA. Lily and Jezabel, as you might have guessed, have become BFFs and have made Lily’s owner’s life so much better.

Now, Lily’s owner even made an Instagram account (@littleladylily_) where she posts about Lily’s everyday shenanigans, Jezabel’s frolics, and an occasional throwback to Lily’s sister. Of course, we’re over the moon that we get to follow Lily’s daily adventures.

Whether she’s hopping out of cardboard boxes, confusingly staring at the camera, or napping on top of different, un-napable (that’s a word, even though the Merriam-Webster dictionary states otherwise) surfaces, we hope that Lily’s aware of the chokehold she’s got us under.

One glance at that adorable, cross-eyed face and you’re guaranteed to have a smile on your face!

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This Abandoned Cat Has A Face That Begs You To Keep Her So Her Savior Gives In