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No One Wants To Adopt This Cute Kitty With An Unusual Face

No One Wants To Adopt This Cute Kitty With An Unusual Face

Why wouldn’t you want to become a parent to a curious creature that adores snuggling with you after a hard day at work? Or a fluffer that waits for you to wake up to share a cup of coffee and a Puppuccino before you head out the door? Or a cutie patootie that can’t get enough of your smooches?

OK, you get where we’re coming from.

With millions and millions of pets getting adopted every year, you’d think there wouldn’t be a single cat or dog without a forever home – but the reality seems to be different. We’re saddened to see that not everything works out when shelters are trying to get a unique, sickly, or special needs animal adopted.

We can’t even fathom why that’s the case considering the fact that most of them don’t even show that there’s something wrong with them.

Cats that are blind, for example, are even more energetic, sociable, and soft-hearted than the ones that aren’t. Dogs with deformities are even more affectionate and appreciative than the ones that were born happy and healthy.

Not to mention that pets with strange facial features, genetic abnormalities, and different abilities tend to snatch people’s hearts and take the Internet by storm.

Lil Bub, for example, was one of the most adored and appreciated cats on the Internet, with over 2.5 million followers on Instagram, a talk show, an album, and a book.

Lil Bub became popular the moment people caught on to her adorable appearance. She suffered from feline dwarfism which means she was smaller than an average cat, but she suffered from a bunch of health problems, too.

She sported an extra toe on each paw, struggled with an underdeveloped mandible, and didn’t have teeth which caused her tongue to hang out at all times. Nonetheless, she was a force to be reckoned with, and her forever family was more than happy to take care of her whims.

Now, we’re aware that special people adopt special pets. But we can’t fathom the fact that the protagonist of today’s story secured zero adoption applications even after the rescue posted about her on Facebook.

Meet Kaya, a kitten born with a congenital facial abnormality that sets her apart from average cats and gives her a smooshy, squishy appearance. Kaya was rescued from the streets of Ontario by a good Samaritan who contacted The Ontario Rescue (TO Rescue) and asked for assistance.


At the time, Kaya was four weeks old, malnourished, dehydrated, and scared out of her wits. And, she was struggling to keep her head up because she was attacked by what seemed to be hundreds and hundreds of fleas and ticks.

Once Odelkis Barrera, founder of TO Rescue, saw a photo of Kaya’s strange facial features, he knew he needed to do something to help her. Barrera and Kaya’s foster parents (provided for her by TO Rescue) took care of her, bathed her, fed her, and made sure she got the treatment she needed to get better.

Kaya got rid of the pesky passengers, gained weight, and started showing off her addicting persona – she was the cutest, cuddliest cat at the rescue. She was super smart, sociable, and affectionate. She wanted to be around people at all times and she demanded attention wherever she went.

She was the star of the rescue and she made everyone fall for her within minutes of meeting her. TO Rescue took to Facebook to post about Kaya’s situation and the Internet seemed to appreciate her adorable little face and sparkly spunk that shined through the photos.

Kaya didn’t allow the congenital condition to stop her from doing whatever she wanted to do. She didn’t seem to be bothered by the fact that she didn’t look like other cats. She would still follow them around, play with them, and even tease them.


She would play with dogs, too, because she wasn’t afraid of anything or anyone. Kaya adored humans, too – she wanted everyone to pick her up, hold her, and pet her for hours on end. She never got tired of getting her belly rubbed or her head scratched.

She was beaming with positive energy and everyone around her adored her because of that. “If you’re not petting her, she’s petting herself against you,” Barrera wrote on Facebook. “If she’s not snuggling with her foster parents, she’s playing with a cardboard box – her favorite toy in the world,” Barrera continued.

Kaya underwent surgery to help her see better and alleviate some of the pain and pressure she was struggling with. She was never blind, but she was struggling to see anything that was far away from her and that was preventing her personality from shining through.

She felt great after the surgery and figured out how to get around without anyone’s help. She was finally able to spot when there was another cat, dog, or human nearby to play with. Kaya grew bigger and stronger and became even more unfettered. Unfortunately, Kaya didn’t manage to get adopted.

Barrera took to Facebook to express how saddened he was when she didn’t get a single adoption application. TO Rescue wanted her to get a good home, a forever family that would take care of her for the rest of her life, but that didn’t seem to be in the cards for her.


Barrera added that Kaya wants to be adopted, too, but that she’s aware that she’s the coolest cat to ever exist. She knows that the rest of the world might need some time to catch up and see how great she can be.

Our hearts break for Kaya, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that her forever family’s filling out that adoption application as we’re writing these words. Kaya, keep doing what you’re doing and we’re sure you’re going to get adopted before you even figure out what’s going on.

No One Wants To Adopt This Cute Kitty With An Unusual Face