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Can Ragdoll Cats Go Outside? Is It Dangerous Or Not?

Can Ragdoll Cats Go Outside? Is It Dangerous Or Not?

If you’re looking for a fluffy best friend then a Ragdoll cat is a great choice for you! They are friendly, smart, beautiful, and playful. And a pet like that will truly make your days brighter! However, when it comes to them, there is one question that keeps popping up. Can Ragdoll cats go outside?

They enjoy their days spent indoors and rarely show any wish to see what’s hiding behind the front doors. Does that mean that they don’t want to go or are they just nervous? Should you let your Ragdoll kitty explore the world around her or should you keep her inside?

These are all some of the most common questions that people ask while they are getting to know their new pet. So if you’re one of them, don’t worry, I have all the answers you’re looking for. Let’s start and learn something new today.

Does my Ragdoll cat like spending time indoors?

Can Ragdoll Cats Go Outside Is It Dangerous Or Not

Ragdoll cats are truly one of the friendliest animals in the world. So it’s no surprise that people often compare them with dogs. They love their owners a lot and they will always try to spend as much time as possible with them.

It shouldn’t surprise you to see your Ragdoll roommate following you around whenever you move from one room to another. She just loves to be near you so she might even sit and watch your favorite TV show with you. She might not understand it, but the time spent with you will be precious to her.

One more thing you need to know about her is that she’s a real sleepyhead. Especially during the day! So you might often see that she always knows how to find a nap gap. She’s a nocturnal creature so she will protect you from all the potential dangers while you’re sleeping.

Her favorite activities are playing, cuddling with you, eating, and sleeping in her warm and comfy spot. Sometimes she will like to sit by the window and watch birds, but she will never really show any will to go outside and explore her surroundings.

Therefore, it’s not difficult to conclude that all of her activities are actually done indoors. Just get your kitty toys, and laser pointers, and be there for her, and she will be the happiest little cat in the whole wide world.

Can Ragdoll cats go outside?

However, even though she doesn’t really have an interest in going out, should you sometimes let her?

Well, it’s your call, but it’s definitely not recommended. Ragdoll cats are famous as animals who trust everyone around them. They are like little kids, but the problem is that you can’t teach them not to go with strangers like you can teach your kid.

Your Ragdoll kitty would get really scared in the outside world and that could easily lead her to many dangers. Since she is very trusting she is likely to just look for some cuddles or a treat. On her way to find that, she would easily get lost. That’s especially because she isn’t really street-smart.

There are many dangers that are hiding outdoors and waiting for your fluffball to arrive. So if you really want to keep her safe, you shouldn’t let your Ragdoll cat play outside. Why risk it when she can be totally happy and live her best life inside your house with you?

Why is it a bad idea to let a Ragdoll cat go outside?

Now we know that letting your Ragdoll cat go outside isn’t the best idea, but what are those dangers I keep talking about? Is it the fact that she is so beautiful and someone might try to steal her or is there something else hiding in the outside world?

Most of those dangers could harm her health, so that’s one of the main reasons you should keep your kitty inside your home. To help you understand what’s so dangerous about her exploring the world, I made a list of the 5 most common problems that might occur. Let’s check them out

1) Her stomach is very sensitive

Can Ragdoll Cats Go Outside Is It Dangerous Or Not

If you previously had a pet that wasn’t a Ragdoll cat, you might be a bit overly relaxed when it comes to your cat’s diet. Maybe you let her eat whatever she wanted, whether in the house or when taking her out for a walk.

Ragdoll cats are different though, and you need to pay much more attention to what they eat. You might get tricked by their looks because they look more rugged than regular cats. However, the truth is that Ragdoll cats are especially susceptible to stomach upsets.

Some notable issues that are very common in Ragdoll cats are vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, and irritable bowel disease (IBS). These issues are particularly notable when your Ragdoll cat is used to eating commercial cat food that has been processed in factories and cleared of any impurities.

So taking her outside presents an imminent danger to her gastrointestinal system. She might be tempted to eat something their tummy would disagree with. Some of the most common things they try to eat are insects, snails, birds, mice, or random plants.

2) She is a little coward

The size of a Ragdoll cat can be a deceiving factor not just because it might trick you into thinking they are rough and durable, but also because it can lead you to think they are brave cats who are good at defending themselves. The reality of the situation is – they are not.

Your Ragdoll cat will pretty much always be friendly towards everyone, as they will look for any opportunity to score some pets on their back. But, that leaves them vulnerable when they find themselves outside, where there are dangers of attack by people or other animals.

And if they do get into a scuffle – they will almost always come in second best. Moreover, she will go into panic mode as soon as she is outside of her comfort zone. And it might lead to her getting disoriented and lost. If they wander onto the street while panicking, traffic presents a discrete danger.

3) She isn’t street-smart enough

Ragdoll cats are meant to live indoors and they have been living indoors for many generations. The instincts and outdoor knowledge that their ancestors had is long gone and they don’t know how to behave to keep themselves safe outside.

Cats and other animals that live outside possess a certain level of street smarts. They use it to survive in the wild outdoors. They know what not to eat, and where not to go, they remember the territory faster, they know how to outrun danger and they don’t panic in scary situations.

The same can’t be said about your sweet Ragdoll cat. That’s because she feels most comfortable inside the safety of your house walls. Outside her comfort zone, she is prone to panicking and will want to go back inside as soon as possible.

4) It might risk her health

We all know that natural immunity forms through the presence of antibodies when living creatures are exposed to a disease. Since Ragdoll cats live indoors, they prefer super clean environments free from any kinds of parasites.

So if you let them go outside, where those parasites are much easier to find, your dear Ragdoll cat might get sick. A large number of infestations turn out to be harmless. The treatment is usually straightforward with ointments that you can find in your local vet’s office.

However, some aren’t that easy to get rid of, and some can be really dangerous to your sweet kitty friend. Diseases like mange or scabies, tick bite fever, lice infestation, and flea allergy dermatitis can be intense and irritating to your Ragdoll cat due to her lack of natural immunity.

5) The world is full of dangers

Let’s be honest, even the most skillful and street-smart cats get into trouble on the outside. Once your cat leaves the safe area of your home, the number of potential issues and dangers multiplies. It’s the reality of the situation.

You might think your Ragdoll cat will get bored at home, so you open the door to the garden, or you take her out for a walk. While it’s perfectly possible that nothing will happen, and your intentions are praiseworthy, the fact is that you’re exposing your feline friend to a bundle of dangerous situations.

Outside can be a brutal place, and every animal is fighting for its place in the hierarchy. Your Ragdoll cat just isn’t much of a bully. She also doesn’t possess the knowledge necessary to keep herself safe in that environment. So if you can, keep her inside four safe walls.

What to do if your Ragdoll cat really wants to go outside

All kitties are different, so what to do if you think your Ragdoll cat is very sad and actually wants to go outside? Don’t worry! Even though it’s not recommended, it doesn’t mean that it’s completely forbidden. As long as you keep a few things in mind, there shouldn’t be any problems.

Okay, before we start I need to tell you that this isn’t about letting her explore the world on her own. The answer to “Can Ragdoll cats go outside?” is still no if you’re thinking about letting her go there alone. However, if you’re going with her, then it should be fine. Here’s what you need to know about it!

1) Harness and leash

People like to use harnesses and leashes when taking their pets outside. However, there are a few things you need to know about them.

Your kitty won’t like it if you introduce it when she’s already an adult. So you should slowly start getting her used to it when she’s still a little kitten. But even then, I can’t guarantee you that she will be a big fan of it.

If you decide to use it then you have to keep in mind that Ragdolls can be timid. And if your feline hasn’t been outside yet, it’s likely that every unusual noise will scare her. So I recommend you take a walk somewhere in a quiet area.

And finally, you need to make sure that the harness and leash are both comfortable, strong, and secure enough to keep your fluffball safe.

2) Catio

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Another option you have is to buy a catio. However, it’s definitely not one of my favorite ones. And that’s especially true if we’re talking about the ones that are made of netting. Those catios aren’t good because your kitty can easily use her claws to escape.

But that’s not even the worst part. If she can do it, other predators can, too! So don’t use that one if you can’t keep an eye on her the whole time. Tiny catios are also a no-no! That’s because there isn’t enough space for your fluffy friend to play or even enjoy her day outside.

So if you’re planning on using this trick, make sure that you buy a catio that’s big enough for her to move around. Try to make it colorful and interactive so she can climb and play inside of it.

3) Make sure your garden has a fence

Can Ragdoll Cats Go Outside Is It Dangerous Or Not

If you live in a house, then you have a great opportunity to let your Ragdoll cat outside from time to time. But, in order to do that and still keep her safe, you need to make sure that your garden is fenced.

Don’t forget that cats are one of the greatest climbers and hunters. So make sure that you only let her play outside if the fence is high enough. I already mentioned that Ragdoll cats aren’t really brave, so your kitty probably won’t try to climb a high fence. She’ll understand that there’s danger behind it.

4) Pet carriers

One of my favorite ways to bring my cat outside is to put her in a pet carrier. There are so many beautiful and big pet carriers that you can choose from that it’s completely impossible not to fall in love with them.

They have enough space and air inside, and your kitty will enjoy watching the places she’s never seen before. You can always bring her with you and the best thing is that you can go to a pet-friendly cafe together and she won’t be in any danger while traveling there!

5) Be prepared

And finally, you should be well prepared. By that, I mean that you need to be aware of all the dangers I’ve told you about. But also keep in mind that if taking your Ragdoll cat outside is very stressful for you, it’s totally fine if you don’t do it. She’s perfectly happy inside your home!

That’s the place where she has everything she needs. You, food, a comfy bed, her toys, and her favorite spot that has just the right amount of heat and sunlight. Her life with you is simply amazing, and there’s no need to change it!

Final words

And we’ve successfully reached the end of our quick lesson about felines. So let’s quickly revise what we’ve learned today. Can Ragdoll cats go outside? Well, most advise against it. You can take them outside, but then you need to make sure you’re well prepared.

There are many dangers out there waiting for her, and since she’s really happy spending time cuddling and watching movies with you, there’s no need to risk it! Just grab a little blanket, and turn on your favorite movie.

Can Ragdoll Cats Go Outside? Is It Dangerous Or Not?