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Autistic Boy Starts Crying As He Gets Reunited With His Cat

Autistic Boy Starts Crying As He Gets Reunited With His Cat

The human mind can barely put into words the mysterious power of the bond between a man and his pet. What significance, what inexplicable meaning, and what healing powers that relationship can hold has to be experienced in order to be understood.

I can tell you from my own experience. My cats are my whole life. There’s literally nothing in this world I wouldn’t do for them. I would go above and beyond to make my fluffs happy and content because they truly deserve it!

I cannot tell you for sure how many times all three of them, Salem, Luna, and Pixi, have healed me and put a smile on my face. For some inexplicable reason, they know when I am feeling down; they have this ability to sense when I am at my lowest, and they always come to my rescue.

They are truly the best emotional support I have ever had in my entire life. Who needs a therapist when you have three adorable felines, right?

So, I suppose I do not need to mention how heartbroken I would feel if one day someone or something took all three of them away from me. My world would be shattered into pieces.

In other words, I would feel the same way Austen felt when his cat Autumn wandered off into the unknown.

In today’s article, we are bringing you a very heartwarming and inspiring story about Austen and Autumn – two best friends separated by life, but, fortunately, reunited by faith. Let’s see what their story is all about.

How did Autumn come into Austen’s life?

The friendship between Austen and Autumn is very special and unique. We can even dare to say “one of a kind.” And this is how it came to be.

Angela Davis, Austen’s mom, used to work at a local veterinary office. One morning, a couple of years ago, as she was arriving to work with one of her co-workers, they noticed a strange box in front of the door.

They both wondered what in the world could have been in the box, only to find out that it was filled with adorable kittens and their badly injured momma.

Both Angela and her co-worker were shocked. And since they were working in the veterinary office, there had been no doubt when it came to the manner in which they were supposed to deal with the mystery box. They knew they had to help the poor felines!

They took them all inside and examined them, giving them everything they needed – food, water, blankets to keep them warm, necessary shots, etc.

Only one of the kittens was female and for some reason, Angela had been instantly drawn to her. She named the kitten Autumn and decided that once the kitten gets stronger and thus becomes old enough to be separated from her mother, she will take her home.

Back home, Angela had Austen, a 9-year-old son who unfortunately dealt with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) which is a term used to describe a neurological and developmental disorder that affects the way people communicate, learn, behave, and interact with others around them.

Austen was also diagnosed with ADHD and certain sensory processing issues.

Angela knew very well how many blessings and benefits Autumn could bring to Austen – things like offering him her friendship and companionship, minimizing loneliness, or reducing the levels of anxiety. That way, she could not wait for them to become friends (which she was certain they would).

The inseparable bond between Austen and Autumn

One thing is certain – Austen and Autumn immediately hit it off! Upon their introduction, these two became inseparable.

Right from the start, it was as though Autumn understood Austen and his needs. She allowed him to pick her up from the ground and carry her around like a toy.

She never minded him cuddling her and showing her love in many ways most cats would find annoying. We know how particular our fluffy friends can be about the frequency and placement of our cuddles and touches, right?

But Autumn was more than fine with the way Austen showered her with his love. And she was very affectionate toward him, too. She was very gentle and always knew how to approach him. She put up with his various moods but also managed to respectfully let him know when she had had enough.

But she never hurt him. Not even a little scratch!

Because of his autism, Austen was very particular about his possessions. So naturally, he claimed Autumn as his own. Of course, everybody agreed. They both adored each other so that no one could even think about intervening, let alone doing it for real.

They were crazy with each other!

But then one day Autumn got lost…

The night Autumn went missing, Angela noticed she wasn’t lounging at her usual place. She thought Autumn had gone for a walk or to the bathroom, and didn’t worry too much about her not being there.

However, the next morning, she was convinced that Autumn was really gone. She searched the whole house, searched the yard and the neighborhood, and talked to neighbors who knew Autumn – no one saw her. Angela says that she searched tirelessly for two days.

When Austen found out, his heart was broken. He spent a couple of days just sobbing, crying himself to sleep, waking up then continuing to cry, crying during breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and basically during everything he did.

He was so sad and in so much pain that he even missed an entire week of school.

Angela was so worried that he would withdraw to himself, so she knew she had to do something. She made flyers and put them around her neighborhood. She made a habit of leaving the garage door open with Autumn’s blanket and bowl near in hopes that she would come back.

And one night she magically did!

Autumn returned one faithful Sunday night. As Austen was in school on Monday, Angela noticed the cat was meowing outside.

She was so excited when she caught her. She couldn’t wait for Austen to come back from school, so she drove there and took him out early.

Their reunion was so emotional. Austen was beyond thrilled. Back home, he hardly ever agreed to leave Autumn’s side – he needed to be sure she wouldn’t be gone again.

Their friendship is such an inspiring story! It reminds us what value our pets truly hold and how thankful we should be for them because they bring so much light and joy into our lives.

Because of Autumn, Austen said that he would love to be a veterinarian someday. How amazing is that?! Not only did this feline make a great life companion for him, but she also inspired him to dream about his future and all the things he could become.