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Orange Persian Cat: Your Very Own Lazy Garfield

Orange Persian Cat: Your Very Own Lazy Garfield

The famous Garfield was an orange Persian cat and by the way he acts, you can only imagine how chill and lazy these felines are. At the same time, they’re so cuddly and soft that you don’t want them to leave your lap.

Orange Persian cats are one of the popular color versions of this breed. But there’s something about those different shades of orange and gold hues that make this feline stand out from the rest.

For some people, orange Persian cats have a special place in their hearts. And who can blame them? These felines are adorable and I certainly haven’t met one which made me change my mind.

If you’re the biggest fan of these cuddly creatures then you’ll enjoy every second reading this article. Here’s everything you need to know about your favorite feline purrer.

Unique facts about orange Persian cats

Orange Persian Cat: Your Very Own Lazy Garfield

We’ve kind of made it obvious that orange Persians are unique. And to prove that, we have a couple of facts that only state the obvious.

Let’s see what makes these kitties stand out besides their stunning fur color that looks out of this world.

1. They’re usually not solid colored

Orange Persian cats are never just orange. Their fur is made of different shades that form a tabby pattern.

Now, you may find this odd since this isn’t how you imagine a tabby cat to look like. But there’s something hiding beneath that rich orange coat that gives these felines this distinct coloring.

When it comes to the tabby pattern, it usually comes in four different versions: mackerel, ticked, spotted, and classic.

Mackerel pattern consists of stripes that resemble the ones that tigers have while spotted has spots instead of stripes. A ticked pattern is characterized by hair stripes. So, the pattern isn’t present on the whole fur but on the individual strands of hair.

There’s also the classic pattern that consists of swirls of different orange shades that create a distinct tabby coloring.

It’s important to mention that orange Persians have a white undercoat which is probably the reason for their strong and unique color of fur. They also have white markings on their face, chest, and paws.

All in all, these are some cool-looking cats that rock their colors like real stars.

2. They have an M-shaped marking on the forehead

Despite their breed, all tabby cats have an M-marking on their heads. This is something they’re born with and it’s a part of their DNA.

Scientifically, these cats have a gene that is the cause of this mysterious letter on their forehead. But different cultures have different opinions about this statement.

Ancient Egyptians called cats “mau” so they believed that this marking came from the word itself. In the Bible, Mary gave this marking to a cat who jumped into the manger. In Islam, it’s believed that the cat Muezza saved Prophet Mohammed from a snake and got the marking that way.

So, as you can see there are different explanations for the mysterious M that appears on tabby cats. No matter which one you choose to believe, you’ll agree with us that these kittos are original in every way possible.

3. There are more orange Persian males than females

The color of a cat’s fur comes down to genetics. For that same reason, 80% of orange Persian cats are male, and here’s why it happens.

The ginger gene that gives cats this distinct orange color is located on the X chromosome. Males only need to receive one X chromosome to be orange while females need two. You now understand why there’s such a huge number of orange male felines.

4. They’re known to have the sweetest personality

Orange cats are real social butterflies. They’re loving and affectionate and will enjoy cuddling and playing with their owners. These cats are more friendly than kitties with other colors. Well, there’s no scientific proof of this but this is what the owners and aficionados of orange cats have stated.

Now that you know this, add the personality of Persian cats to the equation. The whole story just gets ten times better.

Persians are considered one of the best indoor breeds in the whole feline world. They’re gentle, calm, and affectionate which makes them perfect pets. That being said, orange Persian cats are a dream come true. They’re probably the biggest snuggle bugs ever and we love it!

Will an orange Persian cat be a good pet?

Orange Persian Cat: Your Very Own Lazy Garfield

After everything you’ve read, you may be falling in love with orange Persian cats even more. But you don’t want to rush. You know that once you get a pet, it’s a decision you’re going to live with for the rest of your life. So, you need to make the right choice.

Well, an orange Persian kitty will be a great pet if you know what to expect. That being said, here are some things you should know before you decide to fully commit to this breed.

1. Be aware of her personality and make sure it suits your lifestyle

Persian cats are creatures made for relaxing and cuddling. They won’t jump around the apartment or beg you to let them wander around the garden. Instead, they will lay in your lap and enjoy long moments of peace and affection.

If you love long walks in nature and plan on taking your kitty with you, then maybe consider getting yourself another breed. These lazy bugs won’t appreciate the fact that you let them outside into their natural habitat. They prefer the quiet surroundings of your home where nothing’s preying on them.

It’s important that you’re aware of this from the very beginning. Don’t think that you’ll be able to change or train your Persian cat to act any other way.

This breed is gentle, calm, and affectionate and they will never change their ways. It’s a part of their DNA so there’s nothing we, as pet parents, can do about that.

2. Groom her regularly

One of the reasons why Persian cats are so popular is their thick, luxurious fur. When you pet them, you’ll feel as if you’re touching the world’s softest rug.

These cats are so fluffy which explains the fact that you could cuddle with them the whole day long without getting bored of it. Their fur is truly out of this world.

However, its prettiness comes with a price. So, be ready to brush and comb your orange Persian cat each and every day.

Due to their thick fur, these cats are prone to hair mats. And even though they’ll regularly groom themselves, they still need some additional help.

So, get yourself a good brush that can go smoothly through all that dense coat. You should also get a good comb so you can reach the deepest parts of your feline’s fur. These cats have two layers of coats which explains why taking care of their hair requires this much work.

Also, get ready to give your Persian cat regular baths since her fur tends to get greasy quite quickly. This doesn’t come as a surprise since they’re real long-haired queens. When it comes to drying their hair after a bath, you’ll need to get a pet blow dryer that won’t burn your kitty’s sensitive skin.

If you do all of this on a regular basis and still notice that your Persian is developing hair mats, then take her to a professional groomer. He can give her a lion or underbelly cut, depending on the placement of her mats. This way, you’ll make both your and your cat’s life much easier.

3. Make sure to provide your cat with a healthy diet

Orange Persian Cat: Your Very Own Lazy Garfield

Persian cats aren’t divas when it comes to their food. Just like other breeds, the only thing they require is a protein-based diet that’s low in carbs. And that’s the least you can do for your feline.

You don’t need to look for some special brand that produces food specifically made for Persians. As long as you know that you’re giving your cat plain meat, you’re good to go.

Another important thing regarding your feline’s diet is the number of daily meals. Adult Persians should have two meals a day while kittens should have three. This will ensure your kitty eats enough calories that won’t make her overweight.

Why do we mention this? Well, Persian cats are prone to obesity and diabetes. So, if you try to free-feed them the chances are you’re going to end with a chunky kitty. And even though additional weight may make your furry friend look cuter than ever, this won’t be good for her health.

So, keep her portions well-balanced and don’t let her eat as much as she wants. You want to have a healthy and happy cat who’ll spend many more years with you.

Also, make sure to keep your kitto hydrated. Her water bowl should always be filled with clean water so she can drink from it whenever she feels thirsty. However, if you happen to notice that your cat isn’t drinking from it at all, then consider getting her a water fountain.

Felines are stubborn when it comes to their choices and they’re not the biggest fans of still water. So, a track with a water fountain may work wonders and increase the consumption of liquid for your kitty.