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A Grey Persian Cat: A Social Butterfly Of The Feline World

A Grey Persian Cat: A Social Butterfly Of The Feline World

Even though people mostly prefer her white-colored sibling, a grey Persian cat is still one of the most impressive felines out there. Her docile and sweet personality will steal your heart and it will finally make sense why all those celebrities and members of the royal family fell in love with this breed specifically.

Grey Persian cats are as equally beautiful as any other members of this feline family. The color of their fur doesn’t change the fact that they’re all gentle and affectionate felines who’ll enjoy cuddling with their owners.

But if you have your eyes set specifically on a grey Persian, then let us tell you more about this furry monster. That way, you’ll finally know if it’s the right pet for you.

The origin of a grey Persian cat

A Grey Persian Cat: A Social Butterfly Of The Feline World

Persian cats’ origins date way back in time. They first appeared in the territory of Persia (today’s Iran) and from there, they were brought to Europe. It was only around the 1900s that they reached the USA ground and the rest is history.

In 1906, Persian cats were recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA). Even then, they were one of the first felines to be recognized by this association which only goes to show how mesmerizing they were from the start.

At this point, celebrities and members of the royal family started to fall in love with Persian felines. There’s something about their luscious fur and adorable personality that makes them impossible to resist. So, more and more people wanted to have them as their pets.

Today, the popularity of this breed is only growing. They’re one of the most attractive cats in the whole feline world.

This doesn’t come as a surprise since Persians are real lap queens who will give you all the love and affection you’re looking for. Who could resist that?

Are grey Persian cats rare?

CFA recognizes seven official colors of Persians: white, black, blue, red, cream, chocolate, and lilac. Now, you may be confused as grey cats are not on the list. However, blue and grey are actually the same, it’s just that cat aficionados love to use blue when referring to grey cats.

Don’t worry, your grey Persian cat actually exists. It’s not a bad copy of the breed.

Now let’s go back to our question. Are grey Persians rare?

Most avid lovers of Persian cats opt for white felines. This can make you believe that grey or any other color of Persians is simply too rare to be found. But the truth is that solid grey is one of the most common colors of this breed.

Some breeders actually specialize in breeding this shade specifically since there’s a high demand for it. However, this doesn’t make your grey Persian cat any cheaper. This breed is still fairly expensive and you’ll have to break the bank if you want to share a home with this fluffy feline.

What do grey Persian cats look like?

Not all grey Persian cats look the same. Some of them have a lighter grey coat while others exhibit a darker shade of grey. Some are completely grey, others have patches of other colors on them. But no matter what, they’re all equally beautiful!

Grey Persians also have round heads, chubby medium-sized bodies, and thicker legs. Their face is flat, while their eyes and ears are big and rounded. These are probably some of their most prominent features and even though they give them character and personality, they’re also the reasons why Persians tend to suffer from eye and respiratory problems.

When it comes to their fur, Persian felines are known for their luxurious, thick coats that feel like clouds to the touch. They have an undercoat and a top layer which is the main reason why these cats are so soft.

Now, even though you’ll love every second of cuddling with them, taking care of their fur isn’t the easiest task in the world. When it comes to their hair, they’re high-maintenance as you’ll have to brush and comb them every day. Plus, don’t forget about the regular baths as their fur needs to be kept clean and tidy.

All in all, your grey Persian cat is a real star of the feline world. Her beauty will take your breath away. But it’s not all about the looks so wait until you find out more about her personality.

Is a grey Persian cat a true diva?

A Grey Persian Cat: A Social Butterfly Of The Feline World

Some people state that Persian cats are real divas but we’re not going to agree. Yes, they require a bit more maintenance when it comes to grooming them and taking care of their coat. But that’s about it.

Their personality is not demanding at all and here’s the proof.

Persians are cuddling monsters who will love every second of your attention. These felines will lay right next to you and allow you to pet them as much as you want. They’re affection-seeking pets and we all know that most cat owners are affection-givers. So, it’s a match made in heaven.

Your grey Persian cat is still independent enough so she won’t scream and break things around your apartment if you leave her alone for a couple of hours. Instead, she’ll enjoy the quietness of your home while waiting for you to come back.

She’ll also get along with children as long as they’re gentle with her. She demands respect and doesn’t want to be treated otherwise. So, if you have a kid, you’ll have to teach him or her how to act around your kitty.

It’s also important to mention that Persians aren’t a vocal breed. So, these gentle felines won’t meow their hearts out the way Siamese cats would do. Most of the time, they remain quiet and don’t cause any trouble.

We can conclude that a Persian cat is a perfect indoor pet that’s going to appreciate your love and make sure to give you the same in return. It doesn’t get better than that, right?

How to know if a grey Persian cat is the right pet for you?

You may be in love with this grey cuddly ball of fur but how do you know that this is the right pet for you? How do you know that you two would get along?

First thing first, consider your lifestyle. You now know that Persian cats are indoor kitties that don’t require much activity. If you lead an active life, always traveling someplace new and you would love to take your pet with you, then maybe you should opt for another breed.

Persian felines don’t like long walks in nature and jumping around the garden. They would rather chill and relax in your lap.

Also, due to their long fur, these kitties shed a lot and aren’t a good option if you’re suffering from allergies. Even if you take care of their fur regularly and keep your house vacuumed and cleaned, you’re still going to sneeze and sniffle uncontrollably.

So, if any of the mentioned things don’t suit your lifestyle then a Persian cat maybe isn’t the best choice for you. It can be hard to admit this, but as a cat lover, you know how important it is to provide your pet with the best life possible. If you, even for a second, doubt that you won’t be able to do that then it’s better to opt for a different breed.

Interesting facts about Persian cats

Now that you know everything there is to know about a grey Persian cat, let us tell you some interesting facts about this adorable breed. Persians have stolen our hearts from the second they came to be and they keep impressing us.

So, let’s see what else makes them special besides their soft, thick fur and gentle personality.

1. Not all Persian cats have flat faces

A Grey Persian Cat: A Social Butterfly Of The Feline World

We’ve already mentioned that Persians have round heads and flat faces due to which they’re prone to certain eye and respiratory problems. But this is not the case with all members of the breed.

A flat face is a consequence of a genetic mutation that happened somewhere along the way. Breeders loved the way this feature gave more character to these kitties, so they continued on breeding them.

However, traditional Persian cats have longer, pointed muzzles. And due to their face shape, they’re less prone to certain respiratory diseases.

2. Persians aren’t the biggest fans of jumping

Most cats love running around, jumping from one object to another. And each time they jump, they successfully land on their feet.

Well, Persians aren’t like most cats and they hate jumping. They’re not attracted to vertical objects so if you think of getting your Persian kitty a tall cat tree, maybe you should reconsider your choices. This pet isn’t going to like it.

3. The Persian cat was the winner of the World’s First Cat Show

Persians became popular from the moment they won the World’s First Cat show. Even though this specific cat was competing against breeds such as Siamese, Angora, or even polydactyl cats, she still managed to win the title of the best cat in the show.

From that point on, the world has gone crazy for this adorable furry breed!