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One-Eyed Cat Gets Rescued Together With Her Blind Sister Who Depends On Her

One-Eyed Cat Gets Rescued Together With Her Blind Sister Who Depends On Her

If I had to tell you one thing about myself, apart from my name, I would tell you about the love I have for both of my sisters. The three of us are absolutely inseparable! Sure, we might not live close by, but the connection we share is out of this world.

I am one hundred percent sure everyone who has a sibling will say the same or at least a similar thing. In fact, I can vouch for that. The bond between brothers and sisters is truly something amazing.

However, we often forget that that type of relationship is not only reserved for us humans but also for our furry companions. Our animals are also able to form strong bonds with their siblings, and our today’s heroines are a true example of that.

Meet Lola and Lucy – two very special felines who showed the world just how strong and unique their sisterhood really is.

At the very beginning of January 2017, fate itself brought these two adorable felines to a small animal rescue group called Happy Jack Rescue, located in Boise, Idaho. The good people at the shelter took these sisters because no one else wanted to.

The reason why these poor fluffs were so cruelly discarded was because of their bad medical condition. Lucy, the bigger sister, is entirely blind, and Lola, the smaller one, has only one healthy eye that works for both of them.

Because of their poor condition, these sisters are so close to each other, and they rely on one another for many things.

Since Happy Jack Rescue was a very small rescue group, they were unfortunately unable to help the poor fluffs and provide them with the medical attention they so desperately needed and deserved.

So, they decided to contact numerous rescue centers across the entire USA, in hopes there will be someone willing to take them in and help them get better.

They were, of course, aiming for some closer rescue center, but no one responded to their email. However, there was a rescue center in Kenosha, Wisconsin, called Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue (SPCR) that showed interest in helping Lucy and Lola.

Kristen Kranz, SPCR’s founder, and executive director said their center would gladly help the two cats and find them a foster home.

However, there was one thing that needed to be figured out: how on Earth were they supposed to transport two kittens all the way from Idaho to Wisconsin, which is over 1,600 miles?

Luckily for all of them, especially Lucy and Lola, SPCR had a volunteer flight attendant who spent her free days transporting kitties across the USA and getting them safely to their rescue center in Kenosha.

So, all that was left to do was to take the kitties to the vet, so he could examine them and determine whether it is safe for them to fly (you know, because of Lola’s compromised vision).

When the vet gave his green light, Lucy and Lola flew to O’Hare International Airport, from which they were transported to their Wisconsin foster home.

Upon their arrival, Sue Lentz from SPCR told that their first goal was to fatten them up. The sisters were around 2 years old and weighed only 2 pounds each, which was definitely not enough. So, they decided to work on their diet.

Because both sisters had malocclusions or underbites, they were unable to chew their food properly. Lentz had to give them watered-down soft food, so she could get them to eat something, and thus put on a couple of pounds.

And that worked! In a matter of two months, both felines had doubled their weight; Lucy had around 4.9 lbs and Lola had 4.6 lbs.

Even though Lola was the sister with one functional eye, her vision was still limited. However, Lucy still depended on her. She completely trusted her sister, refusing to ever leave her side.

Whenever Lola had her regular eye appointments, which sometimes lasted for the entire day, Lucy refused to do anything. Eating, using their cat bed, playing – everything was off-limits for her. She used to patiently wait for her sister to come back home.

Unfortunately, even though everyone invested great amounts of effort and care into saving Lola’s eye, she ended up losing it. But despite that little setback, the bond and trust between the two sisters was still unbreakable. One might even say stronger than ever.

I truly believe that we can all learn so much from these two felines. First of all, we can all take a piece of their courage and be just as brave as they are. Despite being dealt such bad cards, these kitties still managed to persist and do life. Not many people could say the same thing.

And secondly, we should all be inspired by their strong sisterhood. If there is anything you should take away from today’s article, let it be this: call your sister or your brother. Schedule a brunch date, FaceTime catch-up, or a weekend getaway.

Say you are sorry if you are in a fight, and say you love them if you have not in a while. Our siblings are our greatest treasure. Let’s never forget that!

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