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Sad Cat Belle Can’t Stop Grieving After Her Sister Passed Away

Sad Cat Belle Can’t Stop Grieving After Her Sister Passed Away

Saying goodbye to a close friend or a beloved family member is never easy. I cannot imagine what people who have lost their brother or sister have to go through each day. The pain is probably unbearable, and every day seems like a step away from a loved one.

For humans, it is extremely hard to cope with loss. Sometimes, we are able to understand death, especially if it occurred due to natural causes. More often than not, we cannot even wrap our brains around it. Why did God, or The Universe have to take away the person we so dearly loved?

We also mourn the loss of our beloved pets. I cannot explain to you how hard I cried the day our family cat died. She had been a part of our lives for 13 long and happy years, and I basically grew up and spent the best years of my youth with her by my side.

But that’s all part of life. As humans, we have to learn to live with the fact that we never actually know when is the last day we get to see the person or the animal that holds a special place in our hearts.

However, did you know that dealing with the death of a loved one is not only reserved for humans? It is true – animals also go through stages of grief.

This might come as a surprise, especially when it comes to cats who are unfairly thought to be selfish, cruel, and self-reliant creatures. But, believe it or not, cats mourn, too.

Today we are bringing you a story about a feline named Belle whose life has never been the same since the day she lost her litter sister Tori.

The story about Belle and Tori

Belle and Tori were two very fortunate kitties. Not many felines can proudly say they have not been separated from their littermates when they got adopted into their new homes. However, Belle and Tori got a chance to live their sisterhood together.

From the day they were born, these two were inseparable. That could partly be the reason why their owner, Jessica, decided to adopt them together. She probably could not bring herself to separate two kitties who obviously shared a very strong and unbreakable bond and who appeared to be very close.

There is something so unbelievably special, magical, and powerful in the bond two sisters share. Apparently, this is true even in the feline world. Sure, all family relations are unique and important, but sisters share a connection that is impenetrable, inspiring, loving, and long-lasting.

Belle and Tori have spent every single day of their kittenhood and adulthood together. Since they were adopted together as kittens, they were always very relaxed, playful, affectionate, and genuinely content. As they were growing older, that special bond of theirs only transcended into adulthood.

They were adorable troublemakers and used to cause havoc in their home whenever the opportunity presented itself. But they also knew how to get on their owner’s good side. They were very clever and teeny tiny bit sly, and they knew how to cuddle their way into Jessica’s heart.

However, as all good things inevitably come to an end, so did their inseparable connection. One day, in early February this year, Tori became very sick.

Her battle with the malignant disease was not long. We don’t know if this is for the best or for the worst. All we know is that Tori did not suffer much. Soon enough, she fell into eternal feline sleep and is now in a better place, from where she watches over and looks after her dear beloved sister.

If cats could speak, Belle would probably tell her mom Jessica how lonely she has been since she lost her sister Tori. However, her actions and behavior speak louder than any words ever could…

Credit: Kittenjoy

According to Jessica, Belle has not been the same joyful and playful kitty since her best friend and sister passed away. Every day, she curls up in the same place Tori used to have her daily naps, and she cries for her.

I cannot imagine how heartbreaking that sight must be. To see your fluffball so devastated must be very painful. It is definitely the ultimate defeat for every cat parent.

Jessica probably wanted to do everything for Belle and give her the world, but nothing she ever attempts to do will ever bring Tori back. She is gone and now all that is left to do is find a way to continue living without her.

Lesson for all of us

I know we all now feel the same thing: we want to help Belle cope with the loss of her sister and her beloved partner in crime. We all want to cuddle with her, buy her all the cat toys this world offers, and serve her the best and most gourmet cat food there is.

Unfortunately, as mentioned above, no worldly act will ever fill the hole in poor Belle’s heart left by her beloved Tori.

All that we can do is take this as a lesson, or rather a reminder: live every day like it’s the last day of our lives!

Dear reader, tell your brother, sister, mother, father, or friends how much you love and appreciate them. Life is so short and so flimsy. You never know when you’re going to lose the person you care about.

Loss is a part of our life, and we can hardly control it. But we can be extra kind and loving to each other.

So, go and hug your loved ones. And cuddle your dear fluffballs a little more today.

Sad Cat Belle Can't Stop Grieving After Her Sister Passed Away