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9 Nifty Norwegian Forest Cat Toys For Your Playful Wegie

9 Nifty Norwegian Forest Cat Toys For Your Playful Wegie

When cats are young, everything’s a toy. Cardboard boxes, paper bags, and fluffy balls keep them entertained for hours on end. When they’re all grown up, though, they’re known to develop a prey preference. What are the best Norwegian Forest cat toys for your playful Wegie, though?

Norwegian Forest cats are one of the most popular breeds out there because they’re affectionate, calm, and gentle. Wegies are on the bigger end of the spectrum (similar to Maine Coons and Ragdolls), which explains why they’re not keen on snuggling on your lap – they’d rather snuggle near you than on you.

With that out of the way, though, Norwegian Forest cats are active, playful, and fun-loving. Whether they’re climbing on the highest kitchen counters, zooming around the apartment because they’re bored, or hunting the birds, bugs, and crawling creatures you don’t even see, they’re always onto something.

Wegies need both physical and mental stimulation to be happy and healthy. They’re a slow-maturing breed, which means they’re prone to kittenish behavior even when they’re grown up. They adore pouncing and practicing their hunting skills, and that’s why toys are a must.

We’re bringing you all that and more down below!

What makes a good cat toy?

9 Nifty Norwegian Forest Cat Toys For Your Playful Wegie

Whether you are about to adopt a cat or have a particularly picky feline at home, you’re probably wondering what the best Norwegian Forest cat toys are. These kittos are hunters and prone to “fighting” your leg, the furniture, and other objects that you might not want them to play with.

When you provide them with plenty of physical activity, toys that are appropriate for cats of their stature, and quality outdoor time, you’ll notice a world of difference.

When it comes to the best Norwegian Forest cat toys, though, we’re talking about an array of rolling toys, cat tunnels, and furry mice toys. At the end of the day, the best toys for your cat are the ones she actually plays with. Shopping for the right toys for your cat comes down to trial and error.

We suggest spending a little money on a variety of cat toys and seeing what makes your cat tick. Norwegian Forest cats are typically fans of cat towers and scratching posts because they’re obsessed with climbing on high surfaces.

Moreover, they’re likely to play with toys that mimic mice, feathers, and rolling toys. Whatever makes them run around the apartment, exercise, and stimulate them both physically and mentally are great considerations.

With so many options on the market, the real challenge might be not spending all your money on toys your cat doesn’t want to play with. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite picks for Norwegian Forest cats, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed your Wegie adores them as much as we do.

What are the best Norwegian Forest cat toys?

1. Cat towers

PETEPELA Cat Tower 5-Tier Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree
$52.99 $49.99
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03/18/2024 07:43 pm GMT

Wegies need cat towers, there’s no question about that. Norwegian Forest cats are adept at climbing, and they’re known to spend most of the time lounging on the highest kitchen counters, shelves, and even windows. Cat towers are a great way to keep your Wegie entertained, safe, and secure at the same time.

With the right cat tower, your kitty can have something to lounge on, nap and stretch out on, and even play with when you’re relaxing with your favorite Netflix show. Choosing the best cat tree for large cats is a big decision, though. Big cats require big cat towers that can withstand significant pressure.

We recommend going for Tuft + Paw Milo Cat Tree or an affordable alternative such as Frisco XXL Heavy-Duty Cat Tree. What are you waiting for!?

2. Scratching posts

Amazon Basics Tall Cat Scratching Post with Jute Fiber
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03/17/2024 07:43 pm GMT

Cat towers typically come with scratching posts, and that’s why you might think you don’t need another one. But with a bulky Norwegian Forest cat, you can’t go wrong with cat towers and scratching posts galore.

Whenever you’re unable to provide your cat with attention, you can count on these toys to keep them entertained. Scratching posts are great because you can choose the ones that go with the rest of your furniture and don’t take up too much space.

Wegies are obsessed with clawing at things, and you might be unpleasantly surprised by your little fellow clawing at your furniture. With scratching posts such as SmartCat The Ultimate Scratching Post or PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge, you won’t need to worry about that.

3. Ball track toys

Magic Cat Track and Ball Toy for Cats
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03/17/2024 07:53 pm GMT

Got yourself a hyper Wegie kitten and wondering what you’re doing wrong? No matter how much time you spend snuggling with her, playing with different toys, and entertaining her, she keeps getting the zoomies and damaging every surface in your apartment.

Worry not, your Norwegian Forest kitten doesn’t need a vet – she needs a ball track toy. These toys are a great way to hone your cat’s hunting skills, help satisfy her curiosity, save your furniture, and keep her healthy.

Not all ball track toys are the same, but we’re sure you’ll find one that works for you and your cat. Now, we do suggest checking out the Bergan Star Chaser, Petstages Tower of Tracks, or KONG Eight Track – they’re the top ball track toys on the market right now.

4. Wand and teaser toys

LEKEWPET Retractable Cat Feather Toys
$11.99 $9.98
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03/17/2024 07:58 pm GMT

Norwegian Forest cat toys are pretty predictable, right? Few cats can resist the good old wand and teaser toys that make them feel like they’re hunting “actual” prey. Wands allow your Wegie to explore her natural hunting instincts, stimulate her senses, and keep her brain sharp.

Wands are much more than meets the eye. You might think you’re teasing your cat and making her lose her mind, but you’re actually ticking all the boxes of physical and mental stimulation. Nothing gets your cat going like a good old-fashioned game of chase.

Wands are perfect because they feature attachments in all shapes and sizes, from feathers and tassels to plushies and bugs. We recommend checking out Pet Fit for Life 5-Piece Squiggly Worm Toy for kittens or Frisco Cat Toy Bird Wand with Feathers for adult cats.

5. Smart toys

Cheerble Smart Interactive Cat Toy
$35.00 $29.99
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03/17/2024 08:02 pm GMT

We all adore our fluffy friends, and we want them to be happy at all times, but we don’t have the luxury of spending every moment of our waking hour with them. Now, that’s fine with some cats, but Norwegian Forest cats need to be entertained whenever they’re bored.

With smart toys, your Wegie can play for hours and hours on end without your assistance. We know you want to be there for her, but when you’re at work, out with friends, or trying to tidy the apartment, you might need a little help.

Between chasable robotic mouse toys, electronic lasers and wands, and robot bugs that allow your kitten to embrace her natural hunting instincts, you’ll appreciate the power of smart toys. Our top picks are PETLIBRO Interactive Automatic Cat Toy, Potaroma Realistic Moving Cat Kicker Fish, and PetDroid Interactive Cat Toy.

6. Cat tunnels

HIPIPET Tunnel for Indoor, Tube with Collapsible Washable Bed
$39.99 ($39.99 / Count)
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03/17/2024 08:08 pm GMT

Cats are renowned for their obsession with cardboard boxes and paper bags, but that’s because they’re born predators and there’s something about sneaking and peeking that makes them go nuts. Cat tunnels feed the same inclination – they’re great at encouraging interactive play and stimulating your cat’s instincts to hunt.

We recommend them to pet parents with two or more cats because they’re perfect for games of hide-and-seek. Not to mention that they’re a solid, secluded spot for a nap when your cat gets overwhelmed by other cats or your guests. Our favorites are Trixie Cuddly Condos and Catit Vesper Cat Tunnel.

7. Laser toys

Laser Pointer for Cats, Small Cat Laser Toy
$9.98 ($9.98 / Count)
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03/17/2024 08:17 pm GMT

Cats – Norwegian Forest or otherwise – adore chasing the laser dot throughout the apartment. Whenever you’re struggling with entertaining your cat, you can resort to a good old laser. Cat laser toys are perhaps the most popular of all entertainments available for indoor cats, and that’s why we’re rooting for them.

Affordable, simple to use, and pretty freakin’ entertaining, cat laser toys are the right way to go when you’re a pet parent to a hyperactive Wegie. We recommend checking out Rechargeable Laser Pointer Cat Toy, PetSafe Zoom Automatic Cat Laser Toy, and Ethical Pet Rockin’ Laser Cat Toy.

8. Rolling toys

Hartz Just For Cats Midnight Crazies Cat Toy Balls
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03/17/2024 08:32 pm GMT

Classic wool ball and string works wonderfully on Norwegian Forest cats. Toys for Wegies are sometimes as simple as that – you don’t need to break the bank to keep your kitty happy.

With a myriad of rolling toys available on the market nowadays, you can count on your cat to chase and pounce them. Rolling cat toys are usually pretty no-frill and affordable, and that’s why you need to get your hands on one or two of them ASAP.

We suggest opting for Hartz Midnight Crazies Cat Toy Balls or Satellite Cat Toys.

9. Fur mice

Penn-Plax Play Fur Mice Cat Toys
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03/17/2024 08:38 pm GMT

It’s not surprising that fur mice toys are a favorite among cats of all ages. It’s about time we accepted the fact that our precious purrincesses are born predators and mice are their natural prey.

Fur mice toys allow cats to explore their nature, exercise classic hunting behaviors, and practice stalking, pouncing, and batting. Furthermore, fur mice toys are available pretty much everywhere, which makes things easier for pet parents.

From squeaky, catnip-filled plushes to futuristic remote-control rodents, there’s an array of options to choose from. Our favorites are Frisco Basic Plush Mice Cat Toy with Catnip, Penn-Plax Purr Pet Mice Cat Toys, and SmartyKat Rat Pack Kicker Cat Toys.

Have fun!

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