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Cost Analysis: How Much Does A Norwegian Forest Cat Cost?

Cost Analysis: How Much Does A Norwegian Forest Cat Cost?

Getting a feline and providing her with the life she deserves can get expensive. You have your eyes set on a cute Wegie but you’re not sure if you can afford her. How much does a Norwegian Forest cat cost? You want to know everything: from the costs of buying one to the monthly expenses.

Norwegian Forest cat is an adorable, gentle, and fluffy feline that is going to make you fall in love with her. You like everything about her: from her affectionate but independent personality to her captivating looks. However, you also know that getting a cat isn’t cheap so you’re questioning your decision.

You want to share a home with this adorable furry monster and you’re sure that you can provide her with all the love she needs. But can you give her everything else? The costs of food and regular vet visits are going to add up in no time, so how much money do you need to keep your Wegie happy and healthy?

In the end, how much does it cost to buy this cat? Is adoption a cheaper alternative?

All these questions are running through your head and you’re looking for answers. So, let’s help you with that!

How much does a Norwegian Forest cat cost?

Cost Analysis: How Much Does A Norwegian Forest Cat Cost?

Even though this cat originated in Norway, you can now find her all over the world. So, getting yourself a fluffy Wegie in the States isn’t going to be an impossible mission.

That sounds good, right? It probably means that the cost of this feline isn’t as high as you anticipated it to be. Well, let’s get into a bit more detail so you have a better understanding of the Norwegian Forest cat price range.

1. Getting a cat from a breeder

If you opt to buy a cat from a breeder, the first thing you have to ensure is to find a reputable person who will provide you with all the information you need. He also should have all the papers that prove you’re getting a healthy feline.

Norwegian Forest cats are prone to certain hereditary diseases so you want to know if your feline’s parents have had any of the issues such as Glycogen storage disease type IV.

When you finally find someone who can provide you with all the details about the state of your cat’s health, be expected to pay anything between $400 and $1,500. This price can get even higher if you’re looking for a high-pedigree Norwegian Forest cat. In that case, your feline can cost up to $2,000.

So, we’re talking about a fairly high price for this fluffy feline.

2. Adopting a cat

Adopting a cat is always the better option. It’s usually much cheaper plus you know that you’re doing a good thing and saving a kitty from a shelter.

In this case, you’re only paying for adoption fees which can cost between $50 and $200. Compared to buying a cat from a reputable breeder, the price difference is huge. So, this is certainly a cheaper option.

A great thing about adoption is that your fees usually include the costs of spaying or neutering and updated vaccination shots. However, the main issue with adoption is that you may not always be able to find the breed you’re looking for.

It can take a while before you spot a Norwegian Forest cat in your local animal shelter. So, if you really want a kitty right away, adoption may not be the fastest way to get one.

But if you’re not in a rush, keep checking shelters in your close proximity to see if they have a fluffy Wegie for you. You can even reach out to them and ask them to let you know if they receive one.

3. Getting a cat for free

This is most definitely the cheapest option. However, you need to know that it doesn’t happen often that people gift their Norwegian Forest cats.

Still, you should go online, check your local Facebook groups dedicated to cats, or even check with your local animal shelter and see if they know of anyone who’s giving their Wegie away for free. It’s a long shot but it’s worth trying.

Sometimes, you’ll find that a person is giving their cat simply because they can no longer take care of them. They may be moving into a smaller apartment where they know their pet won’t have enough space to enjoy their life. So, they rather decide to give a cat to someone who’s going to take good care of her.

What is the cost of the initial setup for your Wegie?

Cost Analysis: How Much Does A Norwegian Forest Cat Cost?

Whether you decide to buy your Norwegian Forest cat from a reputable breeder, adopt her, or somehow get her for free, your costs don’t stop there. The first thing you need to do right now is to get her all the supplies that she’ll need as soon as she moves into your home.

First of all, you need to vaccinate her and spay or neuter her. After that, you need to get her a litter box and appropriate litter. She’ll need a food and water bowl together with a food supply, too. Also, buy her a carrier that you’re going to use every time you’re traveling or visiting a vet.

Get her a bed, even though there’s a high chance that she’ll be sleeping with you. But still, she needs to have her own space where she can retreat every time she needs some alone time.

Getting her a scratching post and a cat tree is also something you should consider since we’re talking about a fairly active breed who loves to climb high surfaces. So, she’ll definitely appreciate these two pieces of cat furniture.

Micro-chipping and medicine for flea prevention are two important things you shouldn’t forget. Plus, you’ll need to get her a nail trimmer and a brush that’s going to be able to tackle all that luscious fur.

All in all, these costs could range between $450 and $1,200, depending on how much you can spend. The market is filled with cheaper alternatives so you always have an option to choose what works best for your budget.

What are the monthly costs of owning a Norwegian Forest cat?

Once you get your Norwegian Forest cat and provide her with all the necessary items, your expenses don’t stop there. What you need to do from that point on is expect that you’ll be spending a certain amount of money on your feline every month.

This cost can range anywhere between $50 and $500, depending on how healthy your cat is and how much she eats. There are some other costs such as grooming and entertainment so let’s see how it all adds up.

1. Healthcare and vet visits

Even though we’re talking about a fairly healthy breed, your kitty will still require regular medical attention. This means that you’ll have to provide her with monthly flea and tick medication that’s going to keep her safe. This can cost anywhere between $10 and $50.

Also, you’ll need to take your Wegie to regular vet visits, at least two times a year. This way, you’ll ensure she stays healthy and in the best shape possible.

This can cost you around $160 so it’s always a good idea to save some money from your monthly budget for expenses such as this one. That way, when the time comes you already have some cash on the side that you can use to pay for the vet trips.

2. Food

Cat food is one of those expenses that you can’t skip. Norwegian Forest cats require meat-based food that’s going to keep them healthy and provide them with all the nutrients they need. In this case, you’re going to spend anywhere between $20 and $40 a month.

If your vet puts your cat on a specific diet, you can expect to pay even more for her food.

3. Grooming

Cost Analysis: How Much Does A Norwegian Forest Cat Cost?

Cats love to groom themselves and take care of their looks but that doesn’t mean that they don’t need any additional help.

Your fluffy Norwegian Forest cat has thick fur that needs to be brushed and combed regularly. You’ll have to groom her at least two times a week if you want to keep her fur in a pristine shape. In this case, the only expense you may need from time to time is a new brush or a comb.

However, if you decide to take her to a professional groomer, be ready to pay around $100 for each session. So, you can do the math on how much it’s going to cost you each month.

4. Entertainment

Norwegian Forest cats are active and love to keep themselves entertained. If you decide to get your Wegie a cat tree or a scratcher as soon as you get her, it should last you for a while but it all depends on the sturdiness of the furniture.

Occasionally, you may also choose to get her a new toy or replace the old one. This will cost you anywhere between $5 and $60 a month, depending on what you’re looking for.

All in all, you’ll be able to choose between certain things and you will have different options that are within your budget. But you should never sacrifice your cat’s health and diet just because you don’t want to spend as much on those two things.

Keep in mind that you want a healthy cat who’s going to be with you for a long time. And the best way to achieve that is to provide her with everything she needs.