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Maine Coon Persian Mix: The Best Of Both Worlds Or?

Maine Coon Persian Mix: The Best Of Both Worlds Or?

Have you ever gone to PetSmart to get a couple of things for Mrs. McFluffer only to come back with… another Mrs. McFluffer? No!? We both know that there’s nothing better than coming home from a long day at work and snuggling with your favorite fluff. And, what’s fluffier than a Maine Coon Persian mix?

“Wait, what?!. That’s right, you can forget about your everyday tabby cats (we’re kidding, who’s to say you can’t do both?) and focus on America’s most popular housecats ever. Maine Coon Persian cats are pretty much everything a pet parent can wish for – they’re fluffy, cuddly, and absolutely affectionate.

When you combine an absolute gentle giant that’s a Maine Coon cat and an adorable Persian cat, you get this thing of beauty! And it costs a fortune.

But, there’s no reason to stress about that. Because the moment that she perks up her ears and purrs the most melodious of sounds, you won’t remember a thing.

And, let’s be honest, a Maine Coon Persian cat’s pretty much a designer feline breed. “Umm, that’s a thing? Felines can be… designer?”. That’s right; this beautiful beast is the Versace of the feline world – it’s extremely popular, sought after, and designed (!?) by the breeders for its appearance and characteristics.

Now, we’re not saying you should spend the money you’ve been saving for that trip around Europe on a Maine Coon Persian mix. That would be completely crazy (unless you’re down!). But, these frisky felines will steal your heart before you can even utter “We can’t spend any more money on cats!”

And, don’t worry – we’ve gathered everything you need to know before you decide to surprise your entire family with a Maine Coon Persian you “found abandoned on the road and couldn’t leave there to die.”

The lowdown on the two cat breeds: which one’s the money maker?

Maine Coon Persian Mix: The Best Of Both Worlds Or?

What’s the thing that makes pretty much everyone want a Maine Coon Persian cat? According to the breeders from the 1970s (when the whole “let’s mix these two together” thing started), these two breeds were the perfect match for what they were trying to achieve.

These cat breeders were looking to create a cat that was smaller than the big, fluffy cats that used to be popular (Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest Cat, or Ragdoll). But, they also wanted one that was bigger than an average Persian cat.

They were pretty much looking to create the perfect family cat. That is, for a family that’s not afraid of spending cash on what they’re looking for.

And, as a matter of fact, Coons made the cut because of their appearance, addicting personalities, and intelligence. On the other hand, Persians perfectly complimented Coons with their little, round faces, sweet temper, and affectionate characters.

And voilà, the Maine Coon Persian mix was born and ready to take on the world! But before we go further, we’re presenting you with what each of the breeds contributed to the creation of America’s sweetheart – the Maine Coon Persian.

1. Maine Coon Cats

Oh, the lovely Coons! Whether you’re looking for the cuddliest of friends or the guardian of your household, Maine Coon cats are the right choice. These beautiful beasts are big (not that we should EVER comment on a lady’s weight), fluffy, and friendly which makes them the purrfect of friends for anyone.

What’s the deal with Coons? We could go on and on about how huge they can get when they’re taken care of (10 to16 inches and 8 to 18 pounds, for reference).

But, we don’t want to bore you with something that’s common knowledge. And, you can always throw a glance at that adorable picture of a Coon kitten we’ve added somewhere on here.

But, what are Maine Coons and how on Earth did they end up in Maine? Oh, these frisky felines are some of the most popular housecats ever – and for a good reason, too. With their fluffy fur, whispy ears, and the wooliest of tails, we aren’t even surprised that they’ve stolen the hearts of numerous humans around the world.

And, as for their origins, we can tickle your fancy with the fact that no one really knows where they came from. Or how they ended up in Maine. Humans, as weird as they are, managed to come up with a bunch of myths and theories you might have trouble believing.

Apparently, Coons are a combination between a fluffy cat and a… Raccoon. We’re pretty sure we aren’t able to combine these two completely different animals together (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde style, maybe?).

On the other hand, there’s a theory stating that Coons came to be from Marie Antoinette’s Turkish Angoras. They reached Maine and mated with other felines. Whichever theory might be the truth, these curious creatures make for the best of pets.

2. Persian Cats

The temperament, the flowy fur, and the smooshy face… You know we’re talking about the most charming cats out of the bunch. Persian cats have been making humans happier (and healthier) since the 1600s and they’ve been deemed the friendliest of cats.

And for a good reason, too! These curious creatures are always ready to snuggle under the blankets, watch the reruns of your favorite TV shows, and cuddle for hours whenever they sense that’s what you’re looking for. “Who’s the pretty girl?! You are!”, and they won’t leave your side pretty much ever.

Nobody’s surprised that these beauties are known and loved around the world, right? But, what makes them different from other breeds? What makes them a “you’re coming home with me” type of breed you’ve seen everywhere on TikTok?

Persians are quite different from Coons. With 10 to 15 inches and 7 to13 pounds, these adorable munchkins make for the perfect choice for families that are looking for a similar amount of fluff but at a much smaller cost. They’re pretty mysterious, too – we don’t really know where they came from but we know we want them to stay.

And, we can’t forget that there are TWO types of Persians. The show Persians are smaller, with flatter faces and bigger eyes. (They are very similar to the Pekingese dogs, hence the “Peke-face” nickname).

The traditional Persians are more similar to what the breed looked like from the beginning – cute, but with less pronounced features.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on how affectionate these fluffs are! They’re “small cats with big personalities” and they’re pretty much the most nurturing, purring, and meowing things you’ve ever seen. They’re made to be cuddled, snuggled, and loved – doesn’t that sound like the most purrfect thing ever?

Maine Coon Persian mix – what’s there to know?

“I’m pretty sure a Maine Coon Persian’s the absolute most adorable thing I’ve ever seen! I’m heading off to PetSmart right this moment to check whether they have one!”. Hold your horses (or even better, hold your cats); you might want to think for a moment before you commit to a lifetime of grooming and cleaning.

Maine Coon Persians are a steal of a deal when we’re talking about felines that are designed for family life. They’re pretty much everything you wanted while you were considering getting a Maine Coon or a British Shorthair but figured they would be too much of a hassle due to their size.

And, they’re the cuddliest and snuggliest out of the bunch (you can’t claim we’re the only ones choosing cats based on the “10 out of 10 would cuddle again” principle). But, but, but… You can’t (or shouldn’t) bring the little Coon home just because you were promised smooches and bear hugs (cat hugs?!).

Trust me; there’s a lot more to these beautiful beasts than meats the eye. And, we’re here to help you discover everything you need to know before you start looking for Maine Coon Persian breeders around your area. Or before you agree to babysit your neighbor’s little Coon and forget to bring her back.

1. What’s the beauty of a Maine Coon Persian cat?

Maine Coon Persian Mix: The Best Of Both Worlds Or?

Have you seen their smooshy faces? Have you tried looking at Maine Coon Persian cats without getting that rush of emotions begging you to suffocate them with your love?!

Truth be told, the little Coons are probably the reason why humans love surrounding themselves with longhair cats. They don’t even mind the hair!

On the off chance that you’ve been living under a rock since the 1970s, you might not be familiar with what Maine Coon Persian cats look like. For starters, they’re a lot smaller than your regular Maine Coons and a lot bigger than your regular Persians. They’re the perfect combination of both!

On the other hand, we can’t forget about the fact that these pretty purrincesses are covered with fluff and fur galore. They’re just as fluffy (if not fluffier!) as your regular Maine Coons. But, they’re slightly rounder and covered with furs of different shapes and sizes (we applaud the inclusivity!).

And yes (we know you’re wondering), Maine Coon Persian cats have the same tufts of hair on their ears that make them resemble little elves. Not that they’re not magical creatures on their own. They’re quite thick, too – with large paws, muscular bodies, and even an additional toe or two!

That’s right; you never know what you’re going to get when you’re combining two breeds. Whether your breeder promises you a whole lot of rainbows and butterflies or refuses to make any claims about the little Coon’s appearance, make sure you manage your expectations.

2. Naughty or nice – what’s their temperament like?

“Hmm, would you consider a Maine Coon Persian mix naughty or nice? Both parts of the equation seem pretty pleasing but you never know, right?”

Whether you’re looking for a feline friend that’s not going to scratch your corneas whenever you look her way or knock down every Bed Bath & Beyond candle, you came to the right place.

Maine Coon Persians are the embodiment of the “best of both worlds!”. They absolutely adore hanging out with humans, cuddling and snuggling, AND running around the backyard like a bunch of loonies. They’re affectionate and loyal. And, they’re pretty much a “man’s best friend” when Spot’s not around to mess with them.

While it’s true that you never know what you’re getting when you’re mixing the breeds together, that’s not necessarily the case with Maine Coons and Persians. The two of America’s favorite breeds are super similar. They’re both loving, caring, and friendly and can’t make for anything other than that.

Maine Coons are a bit more talkative (meowing, chirping, and babbling) than Persians. But, more times than not, their offspring’s a combination of the two. And, we can’t forget about the fact that the little Coons take a really long time to mature. “Kittens for up to four years? Count me in, why don’t you!”

3. How do you groom a Maine Coon Persian mix?

Oh boy, you might need some professional help with this one! Here’s the thing – Maine Coon Persian kitties have A LOT of furs.

Even though some strands of fur are longer and some are shorter (a combination of the Coon and the Persian), each strand can get matted before you can utter “Here’s the brush!”

These ravenous rascals have a high need for grooming, and we’re not talking about brushing their furs once or twice a week. They need regular brushing (meaning EACH day) because their fluffy fur gets matted pretty easily. They also need regular bathing or else their fur might appear greasy and stringy.

Another thing to remember – Maine Coon Persian mix cats are literally like little babies. And, you know how you have to make sure to clean and dry between a baby’s folds so as to not get them irritated and infected? You have to do the same thing with your little Coon’s areas that don’t get much attention.

We’re talking about areas such as the back of their legs, around their neck, and inside their ears. Maine Coon Persians are furry and fluffy around those areas and you have to make sure to rid them of mats, tangles, bugs, and other things that might get stuck there.

And, you might want to start saving up for a monthly visit to the kitty salon! Maine Coon Persians might even need monthly professional grooming (granted that you don’t have enough experience caring for such a fluffy feline).

But, on the off chance that you can get your hands on proper shampoos, conditioners, detanglers, nail clippers, fur clippers, bristle brushes, and pins – you do you, boo. Nothing’s stopping you from pampering your precious purrincess TO A TEE.

4. What happens when you skip out on playtime?

What happens? Your Maine Coon Persian gets depressed, starts refusing to eat, and spends most of her days mopping around. And, that’s certainly not something you want to witness. That’s why it’s incredibly important to provide your mischievous monster with plenty of playtime and activity time each day.

Cats are hunters by nature. And, unless your little Coon spends a lot of time outside where she can chase after an occasional mouse, bird, bug, and other crawling creatures make sure you provide her with appropriate substitute activities.

And no, we’re not saying that you should somehow get your hands on a REAL mouse so that your fluffy friend has something to play with. You’re not hosting an episode of Tom and Jerry! But, you should provide her with chasing toys, balls, and laser pointers that can motivate her to get her daily dose of steps.

Also, you might not be able to provide her with a beautiful backyard or a spacious room where she can run around, knock things down, and play. So, you might want to consider taking her for a walk or to the park every now and then. Switching things up a bit could be beneficial for both of you!

5. Health niggles – what makes a Maine Coon Persian mix under the weather?

Maine Coon Persian Mix: The Best Of Both Worlds Or?

Nobody wants to see their little fluff huffing, puffing, and sniffling the day away! So, when we’re talking about the health niggles of this breed, we must mention a couple of pretty pivotal points. These can change the way you take care of them.

Being a mix between a Maine Coon and a Persian, these beautiful beasts can live happy and healthy life. 12 to 18 years of it, to be exact. Now obviously, nobody can predict how long your little Coon might live. But, there’s a general belief that mixed breeds live longer than their parent breeds.

And, your Maine Coon Persian’s health depends on an array of factors – nutrition, exercise, medical care, environment, and genetics. That’s not to say that there aren’t certain conditions that are more likely to occur among Maine Coon Persians than other cats, though.

A couple of hereditary problems to keep an eye out for are hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, hip dysplasia, spinal muscular atrophy, polycystic kidney disease, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and progressive renal atrophy. Not to mention the dental disease, overgrown nails, and eye discharge!

6. What’s the best way to provide your Coon with a bunch of nutritional benefits?

Clearly, taking care of your fluff’s nutritional needs seems to be on top of the “everything a Maine Coon Persian mix needs” list. But, what exactly are her nutritional needs? Does she require a special diet or does she munch on the same (boring) Meow Mix as other cats?

Maine Coon Persians aren’t THAT different from other cats. They’re carnivores which means they require a bunch of meat, animal protein, and animal nutrients in their diets to survive and thrive. They don’t require fruits, veggies, or whole grains the same way humans do.

And, they don’t even possess the enzymes necessary to break down and process most foods humans eat on a regular. That means that you should avoid feeding them anything that’s not supposed to be a regular part of their diet. Even when they’re giving you that look.

Don’t forget that cats have different nutritional needs depending on the stage of life they’re in. Kittens, adult cats, and senior cats can’t eat the same stuff, right? And, as for Maine Coon Persians, they stay kittens for a couple of years. Meaning they need to feed like kittens for that amount of time.

You’re best off consulting with your vet. Not to mention making sure you’re providing your little Coon with carefully crafted cat food, cat treats, and an occasional minuscule, meaty morsel. That’s right, your little Coon can munch on chicken, beef, or even fish every now and then.

7. How to get your hands on a Coon?

Maybe your neighbor’s got a Maine Coon Persian litter that he’s looking to gift? Or maybe your friend’s a Maine Coon Persian breeder. They can offer you a discount on the off chance that you take two Coons rather than one?

Other than these (very believable) scenarios, you can always turn to the International Cat Association to check whether they have reputable breeders you can talk to. There are very few breeders that are focused on Maine Coon Persian ONLY, but that shouldn’t stop you.

Here’s the thing – when push comes to shove, you can look into Maine Coon breeders and Persian breeders. Check if any of them have dabbled in combined litters. Maine Coon Persian kittens go for anywhere between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

So, you might want to start saving now or book a couple of rescue and shelter visits.

8. Maine Coon Persian mix as a pet – yes or no?

Absolutely yes! How can you get anything other than a beautiful beast from blending the Maine Coon gentle giant and the Persian precious purrincess? These two curious creatures combined make for the most affectionate, loving, and caring pet you can get your hands on. What are you waiting for, then?!

Maine Coon Persian Mix: The Best Of Both Worlds Or?