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The Characteristics Of The Short-Haired Maine Coon

The Characteristics Of The Short-Haired Maine Coon

Maine Coons are known for their long and lush fur. But what happens when they’re left without it? Do people even recognize short-haired Maine Coon cats?

It’s unusual to imagine a Maine Coon cat without its long, thick fur. When you think about it, it’s one of their main trademarks.

Sure, they’re not the only breed of cat to have long, slick fur. However, it’s just that this is their distinct trait.

Short-haired Maine Coons aren’t really too popular. At least, they’re not as popular as their longhaired cousins.

Some people would like to get a Maine Coon but perhaps their main concern is the long fur. That’s where the short-haired version of this breed comes into the picture.

It’s really a perfect solution for the people who don’t see themselves combing away all of that thick coat. However, you’re probably asking yourself whether there are more differences between these two.

The short-haired Maine Coon: are they the real deal?

The Characteristics Of The Short-Haired Maine Coon

A short-haired Maine Coon doesn’t really differ a lot from the longhaired version. Or does it? Unfortunately, there isn’t an entire breed that’s called the short-haired Maine Coon.

If your Maine Coon happens to have a bit shorter hair than what’s expected, it’s possible she might be a mix. There’s nothing wrong with that, though.

Mixes usually get the best of both worlds, health, and appearance-wise. Therefore, no need to worry about your sweet little pet.

All in all, short-haired Maine Coons don’t differ a lot from their long-haired cousins. This includes the physical features as well as the characteristics.

For instance, a short-haired Maine Coon cat still has that beautiful, square shape of the head with a slightly longer snout than other cats. They have big ears, rounded at the tips with bits of fur sticking on top of them.

What gives a Maine Coon its distinct look and unique face shape are the high cheekbones. This is the reason why their face looks slightly longer than those of other felines. Another characteristic of this amazing breed is its size.

They’re one of the largest cats in the world where males weigh from 7 to 12 kilos, whereas females weigh something less than that.

Given that fact, their paws are huge, made for stifling the sound of them walking and staying above the snow more easily.

The short-haired Maine Coon might not be as prepared for harsh conditions as the longhaired Maine Coon is. However, they’d still be alright given the fact that they have a triple coat.

Fortunately, their fur is waterproof as that of a Siberian forest cat for instance. But it’s not like they love water and want to go for a swim very often.

The origin of the Maine Coon

The exact origins of the Maine Coon cat are unknown. Although there are some tales that explain their birth, they can’t be proved.

It’s thought that the Maine Coon cat descended from other breeds such as Norwegian or Siberian cats. Others believe they were brought in by the settlers, especially Vikings.

Either way, the most popular belief is that a Maine Coon cat originated in the United States of America, in the state of Maine, hence the name. Other names for this breed include the “gentle giant” or American longhaired. The gentle giant is quite a popular one and describes their personality really well.

American long-haired is kind of self-explanatory. Either way, both of these descriptions are highly accurate as they’re both giant and longhaired.

However, Maine Coons aren’t your average cat for cuddling. If you’re looking for a lap cat that’s going to shower you with constant affection, you better keep on looking. This breed is extremely independent and adventurous.

They’re known to have dog-like characteristics which imply that they’re a bit more active than average felines. This is the type of cat that will enjoy some companion but won’t appreciate being bothered.

What are the traits of a short-haired Maine Coon?

The short-haired Maine Coon isn’t a breed of its own. Therefore, it’s possible that it’s a typical longhaired Maine Coon mixed with some other cat breed.

This is why it’s possible that it inherited some of the personality traits from both the Maine Coon and the other breed.

However, we can’t know for sure what other breed is hiding in this short-haired mix. On the other hand, something we definitely know is the personality features of a Maine Coon cat.

They’re not the perfect choice for first-time cat parents because they require an owner that has more experience.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re a pain in the neck. Still, it’s best if you do thorough research on this breed and consult with a registered breeder about bringing this specimen home.

Most people like to judge based on looks, but we all know that looks can be quite deceiving. Therefore, if you want to get a Maine Coon to cuddle with because of its fluffy and soft appearance, you better change your plans.

But if you still choose to go for this breed, then here’s what you can expect from them.

1. Friendliness

Most people get a pet that they can cuddle with or generally spend some time with. Now, any person that’s interested in felines the least bit knows that they’re highly independent.

They’ll come for pets and cuddles when they feel like it. Whenever they feel smothered or bothered, they will definitely let you know that.

If you’re looking to get a short-haired Maine Coon or some other mix of this breed, they’re probably going to keep some of the breed’s personality traits.

Overall, Maine Coons are friendly toward humans and other animals. However, they’re still quite adventurous and curious animals that need to have a little bit of space from time to time.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a lap cat that’s going to lay at your feet all cozy, perhaps this breed isn’t for you.

2. Activity levels

The Characteristics Of The Short-Haired Maine Coon

For an animal that was bred in such harsh conditions and then domesticated into a life indoors, you might guess the activity levels. Yes, they’re very high.

The short-haired Maine Coon cat isn’t the type of cat that’s going to lay around all day doing nothing. Quite the contrary, they’re always up to something and thinking of other ways to entertain themselves. They’re also known to have dog-like features.

This implies that their behavior is similar to that of a dog because they like to stay active and playful throughout the day rather than sleep it through like most cats.

If you’re not prepared to give your pet some attention and a play session ever so often, you might get yourself in trouble.

These intelligent creatures can get bored quite easily. Therefore, you’ll need to keep them mentally stimulated and exercise them daily through various games.

If they’re not satisfied and their expectations aren’t met, you can get yourself in trouble. We all know what pets do when they’re bored, AKA destroy furniture.

They have a high prey drive, so make sure you don’t leave your windows open when you’re gone. You’re likely to find your Maine Coon missing.

They like to chase birds and other smaller animals. So, a closed window could definitely be a source of fun for hours.

Due to their friendliness and high activity levels, perhaps it would be best if your short-haired Maine Coon has a friend of their own to play with. This cat breed is highly sociable, so they need someone to keep them company. Another cat or even a smaller dog would be the perfect match.

3. Health issues

Maine coons are normally healthy pets with a lifetime of 10 to 13 years. There are certain health concerns to be mindful of, though, as with any breed.

Short-haired and long-haired Maine Coons have a higher risk of developing joint disorders such as arthritis or hip dysplasia because of their big size.

Additionally, the breed of Maine Coons is prone to dental disorders and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM).

Reputable breeders will check your kitten for health problems, but it’s crucial to continue screening them until they are adults. HCM and other health issues may not show up in your cat’s early years.

However, you should be on the lookout for other diseases, especially if your pet’s a mix of two distinct breeds. Unfortunately, each breed has a specific disease they’re stuck with.

But the good news is that oftentimes cats who are a mix of two or more breeds have a stronger immune system. They’re known to be more healthy and live longer lives.

Because of their strong immune system, they fight off various diseases which prolong their life. They’re simply less prone to developing the diseases that marked the certain breed.

Why do Maine Coons have thick fur?

Most cats have a couple of layers of fur. However, the fur of a Maine Coon cat is quite a sight to see. It’s triple-coated and comes in a variety of patterns and colors.

Even the short-haired Maine Coon has thick fur, but why is it so? This question leads us back to the origins of the Maine Coon cat.

This breed developed in the harsh climates of Maine where the winters are known to be long and cold. Therefore, this weather requires waterproof equipment such as fur.

The fur of both the short-haired and long-haired Maine Coon cats keeps them warm and regulates their body temperatures. It also has a job on those hot summer days.

It works as a protection from the sun and the heat. Another important thing out in the wild is having thick fur as a defense mechanism.

Wild cats will oftentimes engage in combat with each other. In this case, the thick fur of the Maine Coon works as a protection from bites and scratches.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the nickname “lion cat” and this is well deserved. Maine Coon cat has a mane that gives them their significant and magnificent look.

All of these layers of silk and lush fur give them a fluffy appearance that most people like. However, you must be aware that this lush fur requires some special care as well.

If you have a short-haired Maine Coon, perhaps you’ve noticed that she isn’t as fluffy as she’s supposed to be. This is because the outer layer of the fur is rather short than long.

Thankfully, the undercoat is still intact and provides them with full protection from the harsh weather. So, the short-haired Maine Coon doesn’t differ a lot from the longhaired one.

The characteristics of this majestic fur

The fur of a short-haired Maine Coon is still fascinating and beautiful to look at. Just like every other cat breed, Maine Coon’s fur has distinct characteristics.

The fur of each cat is designed toward the environment and regions they come from. Therefore, while Maine Coons have a dense coat, other cats such as Savannah cats have the opposite. (Who knows what could happen if you mixed these two?!)

Consequently, the environment dictates the thickness, colors, as well as patterns of the fur. You know how wild cats need certain patterns and colors to fit in with nature in order to camouflage?

Well, before they became domesticated, the cousins of the short-haired Maine Coons also had to blend in with their environment.

This strategy helped them stay safe most of the time and out of the enemy’s reach. The characteristics were mostly kept throughout the years.

Some of the new characteristics were added and some might’ve faded over time. Still, fur is one of their most recognizable trademarks and something that most people know them by.

Thanks to these distinct features of the fur, the short-haired Maine Coon has a variety of colors and patterns that were one of the reasons for their popularity.

Colors and patterns

The Characteristics Of The Short-Haired Maine Coon

The wide range of colors and patterns of a Maine Coon cat’s fur is what brought them a lot of popularity next to their gentle personality.

The short-haired Maine Coon comes in all different colors: white, black, orange, brown, cream, red, blue, and variations of these colors.

As for the patterns you can find tabby, bi-color, calico, solid, as well as color point. All of these are beautiful and quite fascinating.

Regardless of their color and pattern, the fur of the Maine Coon cat remains thick and dense. It’s fluffy because it consists of a couple of different layers.

Nevertheless, all of these different colors are there to suit the environment they’re in. It’s thought that the breed is a descendant of a Norwegian or a Siberian forest cat.

Both these breeds originate from the forests, as the name says. For a wild cat, camouflage and keeping a low profile is crucial.

A lot of these colors helped this cat breed do just that many years ago. You’d be surprised by how well she blends in with nature, even with her big size.

Does a short-haired Maine Coon require special care?

Every cat needs routine grooming when it comes to hygiene. The benefit of owning a cat is that they often groom themselves.

They’ll take a few self-baths each day, especially after lunch. Cats use this strategy to remove extra hair from their bodies and clean off any filth that may be present.

A short-haired Maine Coon feline, however, will require assistance in caring for her gorgeous fur. Because it is so thick and consists of a couple of layers, she will require routine brushing.

You must brush her at least once every two days to prevent it from becoming knotted. Especially if you can’t help but indulge in pet time and cuddles.

If you’re on the lookout for a good grooming brush for your Maine Coon, then you should try this one from Hepper. It’s great for felines with thick fur and since it’s made out of rubber, your pet will enjoy the brushing process.

When it comes to their food, they don’t need any extra attention. All the nutrients that regular cats need are necessary for a short-haired Maine Coon cat to be wholesome and content.

In your neighborhood veterinary clinic or pet store, you may search for nutritional guidance and food suggestions. Truth be told, Maine Coons can be a bit high-maintenance.

They’ll require a lot of care and attention due to their personality. A Maine Coon’s personality may be inferred from its breed.

These two large cats require daily exercise and mental stimulation. As very intellectual breeds, they grow bored pretty rapidly otherwise. You’ll also want to keep your pet healthy and emotionally happy.

Bottom line

If you were hoping to specifically get a short-haired Maine Coon pet, it might be quite the challenge. Unfortunately, they’re not a pure breed of their own.

No purebred Maine Coon cat has short hair. Quite the opposite, they have a luxurious, long coat that gives them the lion look.

To top it all off, it comes in different colors and patterns. Their fur is thick and has an important job of keeping them warm and protected from the weather and other dangers.

As for their personality, short-haired Maine Coon cat doesn’t differ a lot from their longhaired cousins. They mostly like to have their freedom, but they also enjoy some company.

This cat is friendly toward humans, as well as other animals. However, they’re also highly active, so you’d want to think about daily exercise or getting your pet a friend.

This way, your feline’s going to keep fit and healthy. And what’s more important, she will stay mentally stimulated and satisfied. It means no excess energy in late night hours and no shredded furniture.

The Characteristics Of The Short-Haired Maine Coon