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Kitten Gets A Promotion Of His Life: From Being A Patient To Running The Vet Clinic

Kitten Gets A Promotion Of His Life: From Being A Patient To Running The Vet Clinic

Cats can survive anything. We’ve seen cats fall from the highest buildings, skyscrapers, and towers, and survive. We’ve witnessed them pivot off of nothing. We’ve noticed them twist and turn and land right back where they started. We don’t know how they’re doing that – but boy are we impressed.

Cats are better than dogs, too. We know that cats are a superior species because of everything we’ve mentioned beforehand and everything we’re about to discuss. No offense to dog people – we tolerate dogs, but we’re obsessed with cats.

Cats don’t smell. Cats don’t take up much space. Cats are low maintenance. We could go on and on, but what more would anyone want? “A cat has nine lives,” the famous proverb states, “for three he plays, for three he strays, and for the last three he stays”.

What does that mean? What are we supposed to do with that tale? Does the proverb refer to the fact that cats can survive anything or have we been expecting our four-legged friends to outlive us for nothing?

Purrsonal preference aside, cats have been worshipped, appreciated, and respected around the world. So, there must be a reason why everyone seems to think that cats are much smarter, stronger, and sturdier than they’d want you to think.

We’re bringing you a tale that attests to the fact that cats do have the upper paw when we’re referring to the “cats vs. dogs” battle. Meet Bobby, an adorable orange tabby kitten that went from being a patient at a clinic to running the place within weeks.

Bobby was brought to Warwick Veterinary Hospital in Perth, Australia, with seconds to spare. Warwick Veterinary Hospital is a small but sweet, family-owned practice committed to providing poor, unfortunate animals with the very best care.

Vets and veterinary nurses that are the backbone of Warwick Veterinary Hospital advocate for personalized care, offer a variety of services and continually invest in new equipment. With that out of the way, we know that Bobby’s rescuers made the right choice.

Circling back to the beginning of the story, Bobby was barely breathing when he arrived at the clinic. He was weak, beaten down, and malnourished.

Credit: @warwickvetperth

He was struggling to stay awake and the staff needed to react right away. He was provided with oxygen therapy, massaged, and brought back to life.

However, when the X-ray results came back, the staff quickly realized that Bobby wasn’t out of the woods yet. He was suffering from pneumonia – both his lungs were affected, but the right one was barely holding on. He was too weak to recover, but the staff didn’t want to give up.

He was started on antibiotics, with the staff monitoring everything he was going through. He needed some time to rest, get better, and start showing off that adorable purrsonality he was hiding the entire time.

Everyone at the Warwick Veterinary Hospital was over the moon when Bobby bounced back before everyone’s eyes! He started eating better, roaming around the clinic, and hanging out with the staff.

When he got stronger, he started climbing on top of the staff’s shoulders and watching over everyone at the clinic. He became a shoulder kitten because he wasn’t scared of the staff or the people who came to the clinic. He snuggled with them, napped on the floor, and played with the blanket at the reception.

He adored the reception sounds, too, and he appreciated anyone who would allow him to nap there. Everyone at the clinic fell head over heels for Bobby – which made the news that he wasn’t getting better even worse.

Even though everyone was happy that Bobby was going to stay with them, they hoped he wouldn’t have to receive more treatments and medications. But Bobby’s lungs weren’t working properly. With one working lung left, Bobby got the news that he was going to need special care for the rest of his life.

While the staff at the clinic could have transferred Bobby to a shelter or a foster home, they decided to make him the official Clinic Cat.

Credit: @warwickvetperth

They had the resources and they felt like they were responsible for Bobby considering the fact he became a part of the family. They were over the moon when Bobby accepted the position and decided to stick around a little longer.

Nowadays, Bobby spends his days working for the clinic, overlooking the wounded animals, playing games on the staff’s phones, and watching TV.

Bobby met plenty of other cats and dogs at the clinic, but he became besties with a dog named Moon. Moon became Bobby’s mentor, too, training him on how to work at the reception.

Considering the fact that the reception remained Bobby’s favorite spot at the clinic, everyone thought that’d be a great way to keep Bobby busy. Bobby now greets the new patients at the reception, offers them free smooches and snuggles, and watches over patients who need company.

Moon steps back from time to time and allows Bobby to shine. Bobby underwent another surgery recently because he was suffering from an umbilical hernia, a hole in his abdominal muscle. But other than that, Bobby’s never been happier and healthier.

Follow Bobby’s shenanigans on Warwick Veterinary Hospital’s Instagram page (@warwickvetperth) and make sure to leave him as many smooches as you can!

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Kitten Gets A Promotion Of His Life: From Being A Patient To Running The Vet Clinic