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Office Decides To Adopt Two Kittens To Improve Employee Morale

Office Decides To Adopt Two Kittens To Improve Employee Morale

When you hear the words “debit” and “credit,” I highly doubt you have any positive associations with them. Well, that might change today. This is a story about Debit and Credit, two adorable cats who bring nothing but joy into the lives of their humans.

A small transportation company in Ohio wanted to boost the spirits of its office workers. They wanted to do something nice for their employees but had no idea that their story would capture the hearts of thousands of people all over the world.

The genius idea was simple, yet incredibly effective: adopt two rescue kittens and let them join the staff of six. We can only imagine the joy that spread through the office when they first found out the news! Everyone was absolutely thrilled, and it wasn’t long before the magic unfolded.

One of the employees decided to capture a video of the kittens playing with a box, not knowing that this seemingly ordinary (yet super adorable) moment will become an internet sensation. The video quickly went viral, spreading like wildfire across the web.

Just like that, these two adorable furbabies became known as the viral office kittens, captivating the hearts of people on Reddit and gaining an impressive number of over 48k followers on their Instagram account.

So, let us officially introduce you to the stars of the show: Debit and Credit! These two delightful kitties were hired (or, you know, rescued) by the company’s IT department. Now, you must be wondering, what’s their job?

Well, they need to play with boxes all day long and keep the employee morale high, of course! What a hard job, right?

You see, when you find yourself stuck in the same office, doing the same things day after day, it can become pretty tiresome, boring, and monotonous. So, the masterminds behind this plan decided to bring in some furry reinforcements to brighten everyone’s day.

And, let us tell you, it worked like a charm! Debit and Credit are true partners in crime. It didn’t take them long to form an unbreakable bond. They would snuggle up together, showing off their beautiful friendship right from the start.

The office building was quite cozy, accommodating only six humans and their two furry companions. Now, imagine the day they found out one of their colleagues was allergic to cats! Luckily, no one can resist their wonderful charm, and she didn’t seem to mind their presence one bit. Phew!

These mischievous little felines had the great ability to distract their coworkers with their cuteness and playfulness. So, of course, being office superstars, they needed names that would match their purrsonalities.

Credit, the dashing ginger male, would exude charm wherever he went. On the other paw, the adorable female Debit melted every heart. Together, they formed an unforgettable duo, quickly winning over the hearts of everyone in the office.

The employees shared photos of Credit, engrossed in exploring the depths of Reddit, seeking the latest and greatest feline news. There’s also Debit, fully enjoying her executive toy and showing off her playful side. The office was perfectly set up to accommodate their needs, providing them with a cozy sanctuary.

The staff absolutely adored their furry coworkers, and couldn’t resist visiting them even on weekends for some quality snuggles and playtime. Occasionally, they would return to the office to find signs of a wild “kitty party” that happened while they were away. Now, that’s an office party we wouldn’t want to miss!

However, as tempting as the idea was to have cats in the office forever, Debit and Credit were only being fostered. Eventually, they would find their forever homes, where they could continue to live their beautiful lives.

And that’s exactly what happened! These two lucky kitties found their way into a loving family that already had an extra brother and sister waiting to welcome them. The best part is that Debit and Credit didn’t have to say goodbye to each other, as they were adopted together!

It was a match made in heaven, that’s for sure. Finding this family filled with love and endless adventures sealed their fate with the beautiful and loving ending we were all hoping for.

Thanks to the power of social media, these two furry babies became real online stars, spreading joy and warmth wherever they went – including the digital realm.

That’s the story of the viral office kittens, who found their happy ending in the end. Surrounded by love and support all throughout their foster days and now as a part of a loving family, they’re truly living in a kitty paradise.

They brought smiles to many faces, reminding us of the remarkable impact that a little love and companionship can have, even in the most unexpected places – if you just give them a chance.

So, if you work in a monotonous office and would like to make some changes, maybe ask your boss to adopt a few kitties. I’m sure that would improve everyone’s mood!

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