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Feral Cat Wanted To Live With Humans So She Casually Invited Herself Into Their Home

Feral Cat Wanted To Live With Humans So She Casually Invited Herself Into Their Home

Every person in this world knows that cats have a mind of their own. And no matter if they are domesticated or wild felines, they cannot really be tamed.

Sure, some people get to train their fluffs and teach them different tricks, but I honestly believe that’s just cats’ way of letting their owners believe they are in control. When in reality, it is the cats that rule the world.

Our fluffy friends have many peculiar behaviors, so much so that we can never keep up with them, no matter how hard we try. The moment we think we’ve got them figured out, they do another oddball thing that sends us several steps back.

That is just the way they are. And we can’t help but love them!

Our story today brings us a very special feline whose logic and determination have puzzled many cat aficionados around the world.

It’s about a feral feline who one day decided that life in the wild is just not her forte anymore. So she took matters into her own paws and changed the course of her destiny. Here is how her story goes.

The feral cat that domesticated herself

If you’re anything like me, then you also probably have this strong desire to greet every cat you see on the street. Although that is very noble and can be beneficial for both you and the kitty you encounter, it can also be very dangerous if the cat happens to be feral.

How come, you may wonder? Well, ferals are not particularly known for their friendly nature. They are reserved, frightened, hypervigilant, and always ready to attack (that is defend themselves because they see everyone as a threat).

They tend to keep to themselves and their “gang” and generally appear rougher and more dangerous than your typical house kitty.

However, every once in a while, there comes a feral feline that somehow sticks out, like she is the black sheep among her feral sisters.

A while back, one Tumblr user shared a very interesting story on her blog. The user was shocked when a cat simply invited herself into their home and decided to stay.

According to the user, the cat had been a part of a feral colony but had decided one day that surviving in the wild was not her thing. She obviously wanted to be pampered.

Maybe the cat lurked from the shadows and saw how other indoor kitties enjoyed their purrfect little lives, eating delicious canned food, playing with various fun toys, watching birds from their very own window shelves, and napping in the comfiest beds on the planet.

Maybe those indoor felines bragged about their privileged life during one of their secret midnight cat meetings at their local cat council. So the feral one got so jealous, she decided she’d do everything in her power to live the same life as they do.

Credit: Tumblr user

And she made it! That’s what we call the American dream!

It’s truly amazing when you think about it – a feral cat coming into a random person’s house and deciding that is going to be her forever home. She unapologetically skipped all the adoption paperwork and went straight to what she believed was rightfully hers.

We love an independent and determined queen!

The Tumblr user, her new owner, said that the cat did not appear timid or dangerous at all. Right from the get-go, she showed her affectionate side, as though she had been an indoor feline all along. She enjoyed countless belly rubs and delicious chicken snacks – just like a true domesticated furbaby!

We all probably think that feral cats can’t change – that they remain dangerous their entire lives.

However, certified feline training and behavior specialist Molly DeVoss says that feral felines can in fact conquer their trust issues over time. If a person feeds them regularly and helps them in any way, these cats mark them as predictable, and most importantly, reliable, and they learn that they aren’t there to hurt them in any way.

Getting a feral cat to open up and socialize is indeed a very slow and challenging process. But it’s wrong to assume that it’s impossible. All it takes is time, much effort, love for cats, and endless amounts of patience.

Once a feral realizes a human in her surroundings is providing her with a nice meal, clean water, and a warm place to stay, she will undoubtedly learn to trust them and start showing her appreciation for their kindness.

Credit: Tumblr user

It is a slow process, but it is absolutely worth the effort.

And besides, for ages, cats have been domesticating themselves. It is not like humans hand-picked them to be a part of their lives. Rather, the cats came on their own (much like the feline protagonist of today’s story) and humans allowed them to stay and hang out.

So, next time you see a feral kitty in your neighborhood, make sure you leave her some food. And the next day, and the next… Who knows? Soon enough, you may just have a fluff that trusts you and expects you to take care of her forever!