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This Two-Legged Kitty Bounced Her Way Into Her Forever Home (Literally)

This Two-Legged Kitty Bounced Her Way Into Her Forever Home (Literally)

Sometimes, someone’s determination in life can be truly inspiring. It can teach us (if we’re willing to learn, of course) that no matter how hard it gets or how bad the cards we are dealt, there is always a way to make this life worth living.

That inspiration can come from people closest to us – from our loved ones who survived some awful accidents or went through some major life-changing events.

It can also come from people in the media – complete strangers whose life story is so inspiring and powerful that we don’t even need that familiarity link to let them motivate us to do more.

Or it can come from none other than our feline friends.

Yes, it’s true! Cats can also be inspirational. Their zest for life can be so strong, it’s almost tangible. And the kitty we are talking about today is a perfect example of that.

Meet Duck, a kitty that has only two hind legs but does not allow her “imperfection” to stop her from pursuing her dream.

Back in 2020, a tabby kitten was brought to an animal clinic in Florida in a really bad condition. She had a severe injury where two of her front legs were irreparably mutilated.

Nobody could tell for sure where she got her injury from. They suspected that she had been snuggling up in the engine of someone’s car where she tried to keep herself warm, but ended up badly hurt. That was just their assumption, though.

Fortunately, the animal clinic where Duck was taken had an amazing surgeon. He managed to successfully amputate both of her front legs.

Credit: @purrasicduck

Duck was so brave before, during, and after the surgery. Everyone could tell that she wasn’t going to give up that fast. She was determined to survive and willing to do whatever it took to live a happy feline life.

After she properly recovered from the surgery, the people at the clinic thought it would be best to find her a loving foster home where she’d be able to rest, regain her strength, and completely recover from both her surgery and accident.

After certain traumatic events like the one she went through, cats can develop mental illnesses, like depression or anxiety, constantly be under a lot of stress, and be long-term traumatized by the event they experienced.

Therefore, it was everyone’s goal to find a nice and loving home for Duck, so she could, if possible, completely recover from her accident. She also needed a home with devoted cat parents and possibly even some feline siblings, so she could learn how to cat.

And thankfully, they found the perfect foster home for her!

According to her new family, Duck fit right in with them. In no time, she adapted to her new surroundings and started walking around the house.

Credit: @purrasicduck

And before they all knew it, Duck bounced her way into everyone’s hearts and landed herself her forever home! Yup, you read that right – her foster family soon decided to permanently adopt her!

If you are wondering how on earth Duck manages around the house without her front legs, here’s the answer for you. She usually stands on her hind legs and balances herself with her tail. Just like a little furry T-Rex!

Besides being highly resourceful, Duck is also super fast. She is always speeding through her new home, ignoring the fact that she only has two legs to support her in her journey. She simply never lets anything stop her or slow her down.

Because of her dinosaur resemblance, her family has opened her very own Instagram profile under the name purrasicduck. All I have to say is that I appreciate the humor and the wordplay – it’s everything.

On her profile, you can find many adorable pictures and interesting videos her family posts. You can also see posts where she interacts with her other pet siblings.

Yes, that’s right! Duck isn’t an only child. The family also has three adorable dogs, one more cat, and six hens. And while Duck loves the company and friendships of each and every one of them, her favorite siblings are hands down the pups.

She loves to follow them around, play with them, learn the tricks they know, and cuddle with them. They might be a lot bigger than her, but her purrsonality makes it up for her smallness. She is a truly content kitty!

Credit: @purrasicduck

Many people ask why her family doesn’t get her some feline prosthetics or something to make her life easier. Well, if you’re wondering the same, you’ll be surprised by the answer.

According to her owner, they did in fact get her some wheels and a custom-fit harness, but Duck didn’t like it one bit. I’m sure she appreciated the gesture, but she didn’t want to use it. She loved to jump around freely. And as long as that makes her happy, her family is happy, too.

From the moment Duck hopped into their lives, she won over their hearts. Her energy, determination, willpower, and love for life are so inspiring. It’s hard not to love her, really!

I hope her story is a lesson for us all. I hope we finally learn that a perfect feline is not only a purebred one. Every kitty deserves our love and care, and sometimes the furball that seems like she’d be hard to care for turns out to be the best thing that can happen to you!

This family would sure agree.