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Guy Recreates Famous Movie Scenes With His Cat And You’re Going To Love The Results

Guy Recreates Famous Movie Scenes With His Cat And You’re Going To Love The Results

One thing is certain – cat parents know how to get creative with their favorite fluffs. Whether it be in the way they play with them, how they arrange their sleeping nests, or what kind of kitty toys they either buy or make.

There is truly nothing devoted cat owners wouldn’t do to entertain their felines (and themselves!) and make their lives better and less boring. They would go above and beyond to ensure their furbabies are happy.

And David and Sarah are no exception!

This couple from the UK one day had a genius idea. They wondered what would it be like to try to recreate a movie scene with their cats as a part of their pub quiz’s film and TV round. Little did they know their little idea and the picture they took would take the world by storm.

Apart from sharing their pictures with their pub quiz gang, they also started to share them on their Instagram profile, asking people if they could guess what movie they tried to recreate.

So, they made this movie scene recreation thing their standard practice. A habit of some sort. And the stars are two adorable and almost identical cats named Willow and Tara, but Tara is usually the one who is the main character in most of the pictures they take.

According to David, getting their cats to cooperate can be pretty challenging. But they’ve found a way to get them to participate, and that is by bribing them with a lot of treats. And what feline does not like treats, right?

David says Willow and Tara probably think he and Sara are weird and that what they’re doing is a bunch of nonsense. But, he doesn’t mind. As long as they are willing to cooperate, he doesn’t care!

So, dear readers, here are several pictures David and his partner Sarah took with their fluffs. We hope you enjoy them, and that they remind you of a movie you haven’t watched in a while. What’s better than a sudden and definitely unexpected movie recommendation, right?

If you happen to like these pictures, here is more good news. According to David, he and Sarah are planning to continue with their little hobby. They say they have a lot of ideas, and they enjoy spending their Sundays recreating famous movie scenes.

All we can say is that we’re looking forward to the scenes to come! Until then, let’s enjoy the ones they’ve already made.

1. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Credit: @moviecats

It all started with this one! David and Sarah tried to recreate a movie scene that every ’80s kid knows all too well. And they did it perfectly!

It makes us wonder, though… Did David and his cat lift off from the ground to the sky and continue riding their bicycle until they became a silhouette against the full moon, just like young Elliott and his alien buddy did?

2. Alien

Credit: @moviecats

Ah, the iconic chest-burster scene from O’Bannon’s Alien. In my humble opinion, David and Sarah’s take is ten times better than the original. Maybe not as terrifying as the original scene, but equally (if not more) genius.

We love the pure horror on their kitty’s face and David’s utter state of devastation.

3. American Beauty

Credit: @moviecats

Here is another well-known classic. American Beauty is a masterpiece that has won five Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Writing (for screenwriter Alan Ball). But we think its biggest success is that it served as inspiration for David and Sarah in their little Sunday hobby.

Seriously, though, their take on American Beauty is truly amazing. Just look – this is a desktop background-worthy picture, if you ask us.

4. Ghost

Credit: @moviecats

This scene is undoubtedly the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the 1990 movie Ghost. So, no wonder David and Sarah decided to recreate it with their beloved kitty.

Although it’s heavily edited, it’s still a great photo. But let’s face it, the edit makes this photo even more hilarious!

5. The Shining

Credit: @moviecats

Of course the famous “Here’s Johnny!” scene from The Shining was on David’s list. It would have been a shame if they didn’t do it. And since they did, we can all enjoy it now!

Look how terrifyingly silly it is! We love it! We’re definitely doing this with one of our fluffs.

6. Lady and the Tramp

Credit: @moviecats

Yes, it is a Disney movie about dogs, but recreating this famous spaghetti scene with your cat is a great way to make it better. And David knew it!

They have done such an amazing job with this recreation. And the fact that David’s kitty doesn’t enjoy this as much as Lady did in the original scene, makes the whole thing ten times funnier.

7. Life of Pi

Credit: @moviecats

Whoever doesn’t love this movie needs to change their mind right meow! And whoever hasn’t watched it yet definitely needs to add it to their list.

We adore David’s take on this epic movie. And if you ask us, his fluff undoubtedly gives that Richard Parker vibe.

8. The Notebook

Credit: @moviecats

We’ve decided to end with many people’s favorite romantic movie, The Notebook. This famous rain scene is so heartwarming that we get goosebumps just thinking about it.

We love how David added what appears to be a blue T-shirt to his cat to make their recreation more accurate. Sometimes everything lies in the details – and David knows that all too well.

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