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200+ Cute Fall Cat Names To Suit Your Feline’s Halloween Spirit!

200+ Cute Fall Cat Names To Suit Your Feline’s Halloween Spirit!

There’s just something so special about the third season of the year. But there’s also someone who’s as equally as close to your heart as autumn. What better combination than to name your pet by some cute fall cat names?

We all want some unique and unusual names for our felines. However, it can sometimes prove to be much of a bother. You can go for days searching for the name that will suit her the most.

I had to go through that struggle twice with my first two cats. First, I considered naming them by their most remarkable physical appearance or even personality traits. However, why do something so basic for someone so special?

Then it got to me and I thought to myself: “Why not give them a name based on the seasons of the year?” Nowadays, these names have become pretty common and popular. But back then, my two cats, Summer and Autumn, were a real hit!

After all, you shouldn’t worry over a name because we all know cats don’t pay much attention to it. Sometimes, they’ll come to a simple “here kitty!” sound rather than when hearing their name. Ah, those furry monsters, or should I say cheeky masters of the ignoring game!

Either way, fall is a perfect time to welcome home a new family member. Why? Because there will be lots of cuddling on the sofa.

Cozy fall cat names for your furry monster

200+ Cute Fall Cat Names To Suit Your Feline's Halloween Spirit!

Imagine this! It’s a rainy day as most of them are during this season; you’re getting cozy watching those scary movies… There’s something wiggling around under your blanket and not long after you hear a purring sound.

You put on your Halloween costumes, you’ve decorated the whole house and you stacked your pantry with sweets. You have your little black panther by your side so you don’t get scared during the movie night. Let the fun and cuddles begin!

But then, all of a sudden, you hear a familiar knock on your door and that familiar “Trick or treat!” You open the door to find kids with little baskets and beaming faces. Just as you’re about to give them some candy, your cat comes running down the hall to see what all this commotion is about.

“She’s so cute! What’s her name? Please tell me she’s called Night or something that suits the Halloween spirit!” This is the moment when you realize what waste it would be to name your black feline something other than fall cat names.

So, make sure you spice it up with these cute autumn names for little furry companions. Imagine putting on a costume on your cat that has wings and naming him Bat!

Autumn and Halloween-inspired names for male cats

Oftentimes, people who own a male cat will choose names that would enhance his masculinity. There are some sassy cat names that can emphasize the little warrior in your feline.

However, I can’t give such a rambunctious name to my little furry companion. All he does is sneak up to me for cuddles. He just loves getting showered with attention, especially kisses.

I don’t see how a cat like that can be named Ragnar, for instance. Sure, I could’ve named him that just out of pure irony to get some kicks out of it. And if you went for that option, that’s totally fun as well.

But, I opted for a name that has a more soothing tone to it. He’s a brown and reddish color and looks so soft and squishy, and also reminds me of the third season of the year.

So I thought why not name him Copper? It all worked out wonderfully in the end because he came home just when fall was starting. If you’re looking for some fun and original names for your furbaby, take a look at some of these fall cat names!

1. Ash

2. Bronze

3. Barley

4. Acorn

5. Boots

6. Aki

7. Bourbon

8. Butterscotch

9. Asher

10. Bruno

11. Chestnut

12. Autumn

13. Candle

14. Chowder

15. Copper

16. Cheddar

17. Fall

18. Cider

19. Herbst

20. Cinnamon

21. Finn

22. Hosto

23. Forrest

24. Jesen

25. Hunter

26. Leafy

27. Jasper

28. Leaf

29. Otono

30. Mars

31. Pie

32. Mercury

33. Pumpkin

34. Pluto

35. Peanut

36. Rufus

37. Pumpa

38. Sawyer

39. Rusty

40. Scorpio

200+ Cute Fall Cat Names To Suit Your Feline's Halloween Spirit!

41. Rain

42. Rye

43. Reese

44. Toffee

45. Tök

46. Toby

47. Twiggy

48. Twig

49. Frankie

50. Sunny

51. Duncan

52. Aster

53. Woody

54. Berry

55. Dion

56. Cozy

57. Flint

58. Blaze

59. Crisp

60. Branch

61. Frost

62. Crow

63. Fern

64. Giner

65. Oliver

66. Paisley

67. Gourd

68. Oak

69. Gusty

70. October

71. Pepo

72. Pilgrim

73. Sparrow

74. Russet

75. Sepi

76. Sage

77. Hickory

78. Squash

79. Windy

80. Red

81. Octa

82. Birch

83. Sweater

84. Vinny

85. Jack

86. Crimson

87. Corn

88. Apricot

89. Goldy

90. Harvey

91. Bones

92. Sorrell

93. Boo

94. Nutmeg

95. Pecan

96. Ghost

97. Spice

98. Spooky

99. Salem

100. Shadow

101. Goblin

102. Rohan

103. Nightmare

104. Warlock

105. Lucifer

106. Scarface

107. Bat

108. Frankenstein

109. Gremlin

110. Zombie

111. Troll

112. Dracula

113. Edgar

114. Vamp

115. Monster

116. Spider

117. Cujo

118. Devil

119. Addams

120. Reaper

121. Darth Vader

122. Hannibal

123. Web

Adorable fall cat names for your female feline

200+ Cute Fall Cat Names To Suit Your Feline's Halloween Spirit!

It’s the Halloween season and you’re supposed to bring your new pet home. What a time to be alive! In autumn, you can get so much inspiration from the charms of this wonderful time of the year.

This is the time when everyone plays little tricks on others. Your naughty feline will enjoy all the pranks and scares, and if she really likes being naughty, you might as well look at some mischievous cat names for her.

It’s the spooky season, people are going out for trick or treat, leaves are falling down and everything is colored in vibrant, soothing tones. It might be a bit chilly outside but it fills you with warmth on the inside.

Fall is a great time to give your cats cute names because of Halloween. Felines are a great part of this holiday season, especially black furry friends. These black panthers have been an object of superstition for a long time. In the Halloween season, you’ll often see a sign of a black cat and a witch!

There’s an idea for a Halloween costume right there. Throw on some black clothes, grab a broom, and go out with your black furry companion. I’m sure she’s going to steal the spotlight!

Well, it’s true that cats always manage to steal the spotlight but this is really an opportunity you can’t miss! But before that, choose one of these cute fall cat names to frame the event!

1. Maple

2. Maize

3. Amber

4. Honey

5. Ginny

6. Hazel

7. Goldie

8. Ruby

9. Sienna

10. Marigold

11. Scarlet

12. Candy

13. Magic

14. Zucca

15. Raven

16. Mayflower

17. Artemis

18. Juniper

19. Tawny

20. Tabitha

21. Storm

22. Mum

23. Fall

24. Haifa

25. Clementine

26. Willow

27. Nova

28. Ebony

29. Pirate

30. Melan

31. Caramel

32. Indie

33. Bittersweet

34. Callie

35. Apple

36. Yellow

37. Velvet

38. Turkey

39. Tootsie

40. Diana

41. Mauve

42. Caramel

43. Ember

44. Trixie

45. Scream

46. Night

47. Twilight

48. Trick

49. Moon

50. Moonlight

51. Morticia

52. Tarot

53. Midnight

54. Spirit

55. Luna

56. Hex

57. Halloween

58. Sorceress

59. Witch

60. Thunder

200+ Cute Fall Cat Names To Suit Your Feline's Halloween Spirit!

61. Licorice

62. Cruella

63. Mystique

64. Osiris

65. Haven

66. Sabrina

67. Samantha

68. Shadowmoon

69. Binx

70. Peekabo

71. Whisper

72. Tarantula

73. Elvira

74. Jinx

75. Treat

76. Nightmare

77. Batty

78. Buffy

79. Dayrta

80. Ceres

81. Demeter

82. Eve

83. Dynia

84. Fawn

85. Gaia

86. Ginger

87. Folla

88. Toamnă

89. Orla

90. Venus

91. Tikva

92. Shout

93. Tricky

94. Broomy

95. Candice

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200+ Cute Fall Cat Names To Suit Your Feline's Halloween Spirit!