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A Story Of A Cat Who Walked 12 Miles To Get Back To His Family Who Then Tried To Put Him Down

A Story Of A Cat Who Walked 12 Miles To Get Back To His Family Who Then Tried To Put Him Down

Sometimes, our human actions make it evident that we do not deserve cats. Or any animal, for that matter. We give ourselves the right to be so cruel to them, justifying it with some of our illogical excuses.

We truly do not deserve this chance we have been given of sharing planet Earth with such amazing creatures like animals. For whatever reason, someone somewhere gave us all the power and freedom to do as we please, probably not considering how drastically that can backfire.

We are not doing right by animals. It is true. Sure, there are many good people who do benevolent things and sincerely love animals, but as long as there are those who do bad stuff, there won’t be peace.

How can this world ever be a good place for everyone to live in when we know there are people who only care for animals when it suits their selfish needs? When it’s cool to have a kitty, they get one, but once it becomes inconvenient and a “chore,” the cat ends up on the street.

Taking care of any kind of animal is serious and demanding work, and everyone should think about the responsibility of it before proceeding with getting one.

It’s important to be true to yourself and admit if there is even the slightest reason why you might be opposed to getting a pet.

This one family from North Carolina didn’t really think it through before they got Toby, a beautiful orange Maine Coon mix.

At first, when Toby was younger and smaller, they probably enjoyed his company. Being an adorable and cuddly feline, Toby could have easily been their main attraction.

A Story Of A Cat Who Walked 12 Miles To Get Back To His Family Who Then Tried To Put Him Down


However, over time, as Toby got older, his overall health got worse. He suffered from a certain upper respiratory infection and had FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus). It was probably because of his bad condition that the family decided they no longer want to deal with him.

First of all, you do not choose Maine Coon or Maine Coon mix and expect everything to be easy peasy. And second of all, you do not get pets just for fun and happy times. Once you decide to become a pet parent, you are promising to love and care for them for better or for worse.

Some people don’t understand that and when they do encounter obstacles in their pet-parent experience, they seek an easy way out. And this is precisely what this family attempted to do.

One day, the family decided they didn’t want to take care of Toby anymore, so they gave him off to some people. However, Toby, being a very intelligent and stubborn tomcat, ran away, traveled 12 miles, and managed to return to his previous home.

He was probably excited to find them and happy to see them again. Unfortunately, his owners did not share the same enthusiasm.

They were adamant about getting rid of him, so they decided to call the county shelter and schedule euthanization.

However, when the people at the shelter determined there was no need to euthanize Toby as there was nothing fatally wrong with him, they decided to call the SPCA of Wake County in Raleigh, North Carolina, and ask them for help.

People from SPCA didn’t think twice about taking Toby. They struggled to understand why would someone request their pet to be put down if there is nothing seriously wrong with him. They immediately suspected it was because of FIV.


Similarly to HIV, this is a very marginalized feline condition. Other than weakening the immune system and making the cat more prone to illnesses, it has no other, detrimental consequences. With proper care, a cat with FIV can live a healthy, happy, and long life.

Because Toby had no serious health conditions and was generally a healthy kitty, he did not spend too much time in the shelter. After a couple of days, his dashing looks and friendly and affectionate personality ensured that he found a new home.

He was adopted by Michelle Puckett, a local woman who immediately fell in love with Toby. She was beyond touched by his story and the lack of love he received, and she made it her life mission to ensure her home is truly Toby’s “forever home.”

Toby’s new family gave him everything he deserves. They are showering him with love and affection every day, making sure he lacks nothing!

They also made him his own Instagram page,, where they are sharing every single moment of his life with people who actually adore cats.

Let this be a reminder to everyone: if you ever find, for whatever reason, that you can no longer be a decent cat parent to your feline, please don’t seek an easy way out. Contact your local shelter, because they will be happy to help both you and your cat.

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A Story Of A Cat Who Walked 12 Miles To Get Back To His Family Who Then Tried To Put Him Down