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280+ Cat Names That Start With B For Your Bundle Of Joy

280+ Cat Names That Start With B For Your Bundle Of Joy

Sometimes, simply looking at your kitty might give you an idea of how you want to name her. Does she look like Lily? Or Willow? Or is she so beautiful, bright, and brave that you feel blessed to have her in your life? Then you’ll probably be interested in cat names that start with B.

It’s always exciting looking for cat names, especially if you’re thinking of naming your purrer something unique. The options are endless. Do you want to be funny? Smart? Does she have a special mark that inspires you? There are so many things you can consider and draw inspiration from…

Maybe you and your partner have names that start with B, so why not stay on brand and give your new fluff a name that will make her fit into her new family even better? There are so many options that you can even choose a few nicknames, as well.

Whether your fluffer just looks like she needs a name that starts with B, or you’re adopting a small pack to have a complete feline alphabet – we’re here to make it easier for you. We’ve gathered a list of our favorite picks, so you can choose the one that’s the best fit for your beautiful kitty.

Cat names that start with B

280+ Cat Names That Start With B For Your Bundle Of Joy

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you simply can’t think of a name for your new feline bestie. We get it, it can be really stressful. After all, that’s the name your kitty will carry for the rest of her life… No pressure!

Whether your purrer is a boy or a girl, there are a lot of cat names that start with B which you can choose from. You don’t have to lose your mind trying to think of something, because we got you covered. Let’s go through some of our favorite options-

Names for your fluffy baby girl

Your beaming feline girl deserves a pretty name that adds even more to her beautiful purrsonality. Whether you want it to be cute, unique, or both, we’re sure she’ll carry it with pride. Here is our pick of the best female cat names that start with B.

1. Bella

2. Boo

3. Blu

4. Bonnie

5. Birdie

6. Bubbles

7. Betty

8. Biscuit

9. Basil

10. Bean

11. Baby

12. Bess

13. Bear

14. Button

15. Bailey

16. Binx

17. Billie

18. Bea

19. Blossom

20. Bowie

21. Boba

22. Brownie

23. Beau

24. Blanche

25. Bitty

26. Bluebell

27. Berry

28. Bertha

29. Bernadette

30. Bree

31. Banana

32. Beverly

33. Blackbird (purrfect for your black queen of darkness)

34. Bling

35. Biscotti

36. Brittania

37. Bows

38. Bonbon

39. Babe

40. Belly (for our chunky divas)

41. Bonkers

42. Barbarella

43. Baby Cakes

44. Baguette

45. Blini

46. Bellyflop (another one for a kitty with extra fluff to love)

47. Bionic

48. Beyonce (for a feline queen B herself!)

49. Bebo

50. Bitters

51. Bandana

52. Blooper

53. Bonsai (for purrers who like to munch on plants)

54. Butterbean

55. Ballerina

56. Bumblebee

57. Batgirl

58. Babykins

59. Blackpearl

60. Barbara

280+ Cat Names That Start With B For Your Bundle Of Joy

61. Baskets

62. Booties

63. Bunnycakes

64. BeeGee

65. Belize

66. Broomsticks

67. Betsy

68. Blush (for your shy snuggle bug)

69. Bessie

70. Brunette (for our unique brown fluffs)

71. Bodacious

72. Bessy

73. Beloved

74. Bewitched

75. Babs

76. Becca

77. Becky

78. Barbie

79. Banshee

80. Bambina

81. Bellarosa

82. Benedicta

83. Begonia

84. Belladonna

85. Billy Jean

86. Bo Peep

87. Bobbie Sue

88. Bonnibel

89. Bobbielyn

90. Brandice

91. Braelyn

92. Blondie (for your diva with a cream coat)

93. Baby Spice

94. Beatriz

95. Brooklyn

96. Biloxi

97. Bonny-Lee

98. Baklava

99. Bluey (for lucky cat parents that have a Siamese kitty by their side)

100. Boonie

101. Brixie

Names for your fluffy baby boy

The feline boss of your household is worthy of a good name that represents the brightness he brings into your home. He might be the new member of the family, but we’re sure he’s already on the throne.

If you’ve already spent days with your new fluffy baby boy and still can’t think of a name – that’s completely okay. Don’t pawnic yet!

It must be hard choosing one thing to be inspired by out of all the amazing features he has. We’re here to help, with our long list of male cat names that start with B. Let’s begin!

102. Bowie (for the star of your household)

103. Bacon

104. Bernie

105. Buddha

106. Buddy

107. Blackie (the name speaks for itself – it’s perfect for your fluffy void!)

108. Bambi

109. Benedict

110. Bruce

111. Boomer

112. Bamboo

113. Bumbles

114. Bob

115. Bear

116. Benny

117. Buster

118. Boo

119. Boris

120. Ben

121. Billy

122. Bruno

123. Boba

124. Benjamin

125. Banjo

126. Bub

127. Brady

128. Bill

129. Bolt (for your king of zoomies)

130. Bones

280+ Cat Names That Start With B For Your Bundle Of Joy

131. Bunbun

132. Bud

133. Boone

134. Bro

135. Bagel

136. Bowser

137. Bogey

138. Brian

139. Butch

140. Buck

141. Bennett

142. Booker

143. Banks

144. Bruiser (especially fitting for kitties who are not afraid to use their paws)

145. Baxter

146. Buzz

147. Bronco

148. Bishop

149. Bono

150. Bane

151. Bogart

152. Blue

153. Badger

154. Butter

155. Brady

156. Bingo

157. Bodhi

158. Bongo

159. Balto

160. Bertram

161. Blizzard

162. Bash

163. Bernardo

164. Buckley

165. Boots

166. Baboon

167. Bugger

168. Bambino

169. Bravo (for a good boy who deserves to hear this word often)

170. Bramm

171. Baron

172. Byron

173. Brett

174. Boss

175. Binx

176. Blackberry

177. Boone

178. Barry

179. Babel

180. Bam-Bam

181. B.J.

182. Beaker

183. Bushy (for your long-coated king)

184. Blackjack

185. Boomerang (it seems like he’s always following you around, doesn’t it?)

186. Bloomberg

187. Butler

188. Bazooka

189. Bug

190. Basher

191. Bunko

192. Bo

193. Brighton

194. Bond

195. Bosco

196. Bjorn

197. Booth

198. Babar

199. Bach

200. Barack

201. Bacchus

202. Balthazar

Beautiful cat names that start with B

280+ Cat Names That Start With B For Your Bundle Of Joy

A beautiful cat deserves a beautiful name, and is there a better pick than one that starts with the same letter? Listed below are some of the most beautiful cat names that start with B. Most of them are gender-neutral, so go crazy!

203. Babbit

204. Baelish

205. Beauty

206. Bubblegum

207. Bitsy

208. Bliss

209. Brontë

210. Bubsy

211. Blissful

212. Boca

213. Bahama

214. Bahn Mi

215. Baja

216. Ballad

217. Blitz

218. Blitzen

219. Bombshell

220. Bless

221. Bobbin

222. Bo-bo

223. Bohemia

224. Boise

225. Ballet

226. Baltimore

227. Bouquet

228. Bebe

229. Bonita or Bonito (meaning “beautiful” in Spanish)

230. Bela (meaning “beautiful” in Portuguese)

231. Bubbie

B-names for your brave fluff

A brave little pawdator needs a good name that she can carry like a medal. As cat parents, we know we’d do anything for our little feline sweethearts, but we forget that they’re strong and independent kitties that need no parent (or they’d like to believe that).

Think about it – your dear fur bestie is always there for you when you’re under stress, anxious, or feeling lonely. When they feel we’re in danger, they’ll hiss and make a fuss to let us know something’s going on. Their superhero bravery is one of many things we love about our furry companions.

Our little fluffy rebels are known as proud animals that rarely show any weakness or discomfort. Because of that, they deserve a name that shows their bravery. Symbolically, we believe cat names that start with B would be the best choice.

232. Bandit

233. Bourne (named after a movie character, Jason Bourne, known for his bravery, strength, and intelligence)

234. Beast

235. Brutus

236. Blaze

237. Bathilda

238. Braveheart

239. Balhaar (meaning surrounded by strength and courage)

240. Blackfang

241. Bigfoot

242. Brigadier

243. Badshah

244. Blazeclaw

245. Balendin (meaning strong and brave)

246. Balesa (Young chief Warrior)

247. Balethiva (meaning intelligent and valued)

248. Blackfoot

249. Baliman (strong, mighty, courageous, and powerful – sounds like a fluff you know?!)

250. Balta

251. Balthazar

252. Balvan

253. Badelia (a female name meaning strength)

254. Big Ben

255. Blackfur

Fictional character names that start with B

280+ Cat Names That Start With B For Your Bundle Of Joy

The world of movies, books, and TV shows has always been inspiring for cat parents all over the world. We agree, it’s a really fun and cool way to find a unique name for your fur friend. Plus, you get a cool story with it, too!

There’s something about knowing the meaning of your fur bestie’s name that makes it even more special. Especially if it was inspired by your favorite character or the one that your kitty reminds you of. We’re here to show you some of our favorite characters whose names start with B, so you can find one that fits your cat the best.

256. Bellatrix (A not-so-loved character from Harry Potter, but definitely the one with the coolest name in the franchise)

257. Buffy (the main character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer who, you guessed it – destroys vampires)

258. Bella Swan (a protagonist from the Twilight series)

259. Betty Boop (a famous 1930s cartoon character)

260. Bloody Mary (not a cocktail, but a legend of a ghost)

261. Bonnie (one of the super cute rabbits from Zootopia)

262. Blair (the name of the main character from Gossip Girl, purrfect for your fancy fluff)

263. Bart (the name of the well-known mischievous character from The Simpsons, best for small fluffy rebels that roam our homes)

264. Bilbo Baggins (the main protagonist of The Hobbit; we recommend this one for grumpy, solitude-loving fluffs)

265. Belle (the princess from The Beauty and The Beast; perfect for a feline duo – one can be named Belle, and the other can be Beast!)

266. Beatrice (a character from Cinderella)

267. Bulbasaur (one of the most famous Pokémon)

268. Baloo (a bear character from 1894’s The Jungle Book)

269. Batman

270. Bruce Wayne (the billionaire behind the Batman mask)

271. Benjamin Button (a character from the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and the short story of the same name)

272. Barry Allen (a superhero also known as The Flash; we can’t think of a better name for your furry acrobat)

273. Black Panther (c’mon, is there a better name for a black cat than the one inspired by the superhero who carries the same name?!)

274. Bumblebee (a character from Transformers)

275. Bruce Banner (if you have a temperamental kitty, the name of the human form of The Hulk might be your best option)

276. Bucky Barnes (another famous character from the Marvel universe; a super soldier with a perfect name for your little warrior)

277. Beetlejuice (Tim Burton’s famous 1988 character)

278. Buzz Lightyear (the main protagonist from Pixar’s Toy Story)

279. Boromir (another name for your brave pawarrior; a famous character from The Lord of the Rings)

280. Baby Yoda (there’s hardly a person who hasn’t fallen in love with this Mandalorian character; he’s just so adorable!)

281. Back Widow (surprise, surprise – another name from the Marvel universe, and another perfect one for a black kitty; they just keep on winning)

282. BoJack (name of the main character of the dark comedy TV show – BoJack Horseman)

283. Betty Rubble (a beautiful wife of Barney Rubble from The Flintstones – another great name for a feline duo)

284. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup (if you’re lucky enough to adopt three kitties – we have a perfect solution for you from The Powerpuff Girls)

285. Bronn (a witty and brave character from A Song Of Ice And Fire)

286. Bugs Bunny (if you’re a fan of Looney Tunes, look no further – we’ve found a purrfect classic for your fluffer)

How to choose the right name for your cat?

Bringing home a new furry friend is a life-changing experience. It’s all sunshine and rainbows until you remember that you have to give her a name. It might take a few days, or even months before you come up with something – but don’t stress too much about it.

It will usually come to you once you and your new feline bestie grow closer and you get to learn about her character and purrsonality. It’s a wonderful experience and one that will inspire many things, and probably her name, too!

If you’d like to find one that’s unique and dear to you – don’t rush it. This is the name you’ll be calling every day for the rest of your fluff’s life, so make sure you like it. You can find inspiration anywhere. From pop culture to your everyday situations – you just have to pay attention and be creative.

Think about your favorite things. They could be from your childhood or your present, and draw inspiration from them. Play with words and have fun with them! You don’t have to rush it. Your feline companion will be just fine with “here, kitty, kitty” at the beginning.

And don’t pawnic if it takes some time to make a choice. Once it does, you’ll notice it will fit your feline buddy as if she chose it herself. You won’t be able to imagine calling her any other way.

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280+ Cat Names That Start With B For Your Bundle Of Joy