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6 Cat Breeds With Long Whiskers You Won’t Be Able To Resist

6 Cat Breeds With Long Whiskers You Won’t Be Able To Resist

Puffy faces, soft ears, big eyes, and long whiskers…we love every part of our adorable feline babies. They come in all shapes and sizes, but each one of them is a fluffy ball of love and comfort. Today, we’re going to talk about cat breeds with long whiskers that have stolen our hearts.

Not only do they make your kitty look super cute, but whiskers are a really important part of her anatomy. These adorable accessories play a huge role in your feline’s balance, navigation, and awareness of the space around her.

They’re like a magic mustache on her face. Acting like little sensors, whiskers help your kitty see in the dark and land on her feet when jumping from high places. Your feline can feel the changes in the air and feel things that are close to her before she even sees them. Whiskers are her secret feline mojo!

Larger cat breeds seem to have longer whiskers. The puffier the kitty, the longer her sensors are! Could they be any more adorable? Before we dive into the list of our favorite breeds in this category, let’s see why some felines have longer whiskers than others.

Why do some cats have long whiskers?

6 Cat Breeds With Long Whiskers You Won't Be Able To Resist

The length of the cat’s whiskers depends purely on the size of her body. One of their main purposes is to help your cat determine the size of a gap before she tries to go through it. That’s why we’re always shocked to see our kitties passing through small spaces easily, no matter how impossible it may seem to us.

Cat’s whiskers are usually as long as their bodies are wide. Because of that, you’ll notice bigger kitties having longer whiskers, making them even more adorable. Luckily for our fur friends, the whiskers are located on their heads, so they know the size of the gap before they even try to stick their whole bodies through.

Not only are they proportional to their bodies, but the length of cats’ whiskers usually covers the size of the fur as well. That is why most of the kitties on our list are long-haired ones – extra fluffy and lovable!

Top 6 adorable cat breeds with long whiskers

We’re excited to share with you the list of our favorite long-whiskered feline friends. They’re soft, cute, fluffy, and completely irresistible. You might notice all these breeds are bigger than an average cat, and their long whiskers wouldn’t want it any other way.

1. Maine Coon

Fun fact: somewhere in Finland, there’s a cat called Missi who holds the world record for having the longest whiskers. And she’s a Maine Coon! The breed isn’t on our list purely thanks to Missi (although 7.5 inches long whiskers are pretty impressive), but because this is a typical trademark for the Coons.

These beautiful giants have much larger whiskers compared to other breeds. Considering Maine Coons are the biggest out of all domesticated feline friends, it comes as no surprise! But don’t let their size fool you.

Maine Coons are like big fluffy wild cats that want to sleep in your lap and cuddle next to you. Some might even enjoy you picking them up. Doesn’t that sound like a dream? They can easily grow to over 3.2 feet in length, with super long, puffy tails and limbs. They’re just begging to be hugged all day long!

With everything about this cat breed being large, it’s no surprise that their whiskers are incredibly long as well. On top of that, the roots of their ”sensors” are three times deeper than in average felines, with the hair being much thicker and coarser. They truly are like from a different planet – and we love them for it.

2. Norwegian Forest cat

6 Cat Breeds With Long Whiskers You Won't Be Able To Resist

Like Maine Coon’s twin siblings, Norwegian Forest cats are another big fluffs on our list. A lot of people struggle to differentiate between these two large teddy bears, and we can’t blame them for it. Both have beautiful long fur and take up a lot of room – in our homes and in our hearts.

Although slightly smaller than Maine Coons, Norwegian Forest cats can weigh up to 20lbs! Knowing this, it comes as no surprise that they have incredibly long whiskers, too. We’ve learned that whiskers are often as long as your kitty’s wide. So, just imagine how long these must be!

As the name suggests, they’re Scandinavians, and they have to fight the cold somehow. That’s why they’re equipped with a large mass and thick, water-resistant coats. Scandinavian winters have nothing on them!

If you live in an area where you get a lot of snow, this might be the perfect feline friend for you. They’re able to walk in snow without completely drenching themselves. She’ll be a happy, healthy snow kitty that you can cuddle up with while enjoying your warm cup of tea on a gloomy winter day.

3. Persian cat

Although not the largest kitties on the list, Persian cats are still pretty massive in comparison to your average feline friends. Because of that, this is also one of the cat breeds with long whiskers. Although not as big as Maine Coon’s, the Persian’s long fur makes them seem even larger than they actually are.

Because of their puffy coats, the Persians are proud owners of some pretty big whiskers. Sometimes, they’re much longer than their actual bodies. In some made-up feline whiskers competitions, that might be considered cheating – but we find it perfectly acceptable.

The fluffier the breed, the longer the whiskers! We don’t make the rules. And our Persian feline friends have a well-deserved place on our list.

4. Ragdoll

6 Cat Breeds With Long Whiskers You Won't Be Able To Resist

Make some room in your feline-filled heart for another fluffy giant. With their luxurious large coats, Ragdoll is another cat breed with incredibly long whiskers. While males can weigh up to 20lbs, females are slightly smaller. Because of that, it’s often the case that boys have larger whiskers, as well.

This beautiful breed is known as one of the most laid-back kitties out there, which is why they were given such a unique name. They’re really chill and enjoy doing nothing all day long. Interestingly enough, that’s also one of the reasons why their whiskers are longer than usual.

Because of their relaxed and calm temperament, their magic mustache seems larger as well. Feline’s whiskers are the longest when she’s at ease and peaceful, because they’re straight and stick out sideways. With the Ragdolls being so chill all the time, it comes as no surprise that their whiskers are so prominent.

This is a great way to learn about your cat’s body language. If she’s relaxed and serene, her whiskers will be straight and at ease as well. If she’s fearful, on the other hand, you’ll notice her whiskers are flat against her cheeks. They truly are magical, aren’t they?

5. Siberian cat

Yes, another large furbaby on our list; does it really surprise you? But people believe that this one is the ancestor of all our fluffy friends we’ve previously mentioned, so we have to show some respect.

Siberian cats are known for their thick, long coats that kept them warm in long Russian winters. As their size demands, their whiskers are super long as well, making it possible for our feline Siberians to squeeze through small spaces without getting stuck and freezing.

Of course, you don’t have to live in Russia to adopt this beautiful kitty, she can use her whiskers to squeeze through your half-closed door as well. She might even like it more that way.

Many believe that Siberian cats are the ancestors of most of the large-haired breeds we have today. The Ragdolls and Maine Coons can all thank their Russian cousins for their beautiful thick furs and long, strong whiskers.

6. Exotic Shorthair

6 Cat Breeds With Long Whiskers You Won't Be Able To Resist

To make our list complete, we have to include one of our short-haired feline friends. Although their fur might seem similar to one of the average domestic cats, this breed is nothing like it. Exotic Shorthair is a special munchkin and that becomes clear the moment you first lay your eyes on this fluff.

Known for their cute, flat noses, this breed is a mix of the Russian Blues and Persian cats; which explains why it’s one of the cat breeds with long whiskers. What makes her stand out from the rest of the kitties on our list is the fact that she doesn’t have a long coat covering her chunky body.

Even though her hair is short, she still has pretty long whiskers, which is slightly unusual compared to her other feline companions. So, if you’re looking for long whiskers but you don’t want to deal with a long coat, this might be the perfect breed for you. It’s the best of both worlds.

Can I cut my cat’s long whiskers?

There’s a belief among some cat parents that our feline’s whiskers are just like the hair on our heads. Because of that, many decide to trim them, thinking they’ll not harm their lovely furbabies. But this is absolutely wrong. No matter how long they get and what breed you have, you should NEVER trim your cat’s whiskers.

These special hairs on their faces play a huge role in cats’ sensory abilities. Almost half of the brain’s sensory area directly connects to your kitty’s whiskers, so it’s essential that she keeps them just as they are.

Without her special little sensors, your cat would feel the same as you’d feel blindfolded. Many cats who somehow lose their whiskers end up feeling confused, lost, and disoriented. If your furbaby loses them by accident or due to a medical condition, there’s nothing you can do. But don’t be the reason it happens.

Cats with no whiskers can face many issues, such as:

  • Inability to hunt: Cats rely on their whiskers to detect any movement nearby. Thanks to the hairs being highly sensitive, they can sense any slight change in their environment. This superpower helps them greatly when it comes to hunting, or even playing with you.
  • Getting stuck: Our cats love small spaces. Since they mainly rely on their whiskers to determine the size of the gaps they’re trying to walk through, they’d often get stuck if you decide to trim them.
  • Issues with balance and distance: Cats use their whiskers as distance detectors. Without them, they’d have a hard time deciding how far they can jump or how to land on their feet, which could lead to serious injuries.

Final thoughts

With long whiskers comes a large, fluffy feline baby ready for all that extra love you have for her. The length of whiskers depends solely on the size of your fluff. Because of that, if you’re looking for a kitty with long magic hairs on her face, prepare to make some extra room in your home for her.

And remember, no matter how long her whiskers get – never trim them. She needs them more than any of us could understand, and they’re what makes our fur friends such unique and smart companions.

6 Cat Breeds With Long Whiskers You Won't Be Able To Resist