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20 Medium Hair Cat Breeds To Sweep You Off Your Feet

20 Medium Hair Cat Breeds To Sweep You Off Your Feet

When searching for a cat to buy, most owners know exactly what traits they’re looking for. Be it how well a breed does with children, personality, size, and in this case, fur length. Medium-hair cat breeds truly are the best of both worlds when it comes to their coat.

Long hair felines might just be one of the most beautiful types of cats out there. They look elegant and regal, while still having unique personalities and quirks. But as majestic as that long coat is, it’s also very difficult to maintain.

And short hair beauties are easier to groom, but it’s hard to settle when you’re in love with the fluff. Luckily, there is a compromise. Cat breeds with coats that resemble their long-haired sisters but are almost as easy to maintain as short-hair breeds.

Let’s take a look at some medium-hair cat breeds and their personalities and traits. Hopefully, the perfect feline for you is waiting to be discovered among all these beauties. Perhaps you’ll even fall in love with multiple furballs.

1. The Ragdoll

20 Medium Hair Cat Breeds to Sweep You Off Your Feet

Though these cats lean more on the long-haired breeds, they’re fairly simple to groom. This is because they don’t shed too much, and aren’t prone to matting. These qualities are what make grooming long fur the hardest. So, you don’t have much to worry about with Ragdolls.

Not only is their coat fairly long, but it also has stunning coloration. They come in chocolate, seal, cream, red, blue, and lilac. And to make their appearance stand out even more, they have piercing blue eyes. As kittens, they’re completely white but they gain color during the 8th to 10th week.

Ragdolls are the “ladies” of cat breeds. They’re calm and elegant, and most prefer just spending time next to their owners rather than constant play. It’s in their nature to be well-behaved and gentle, while still being curious and affectionate. They’re perfect for first-time cat owners.

This breed is great with kids of all sizes, and they make for an excellent family pet. People often compare them to dogs because of their loving nature. They also love pets and cuddles like dogs do. But as much as they love your company, they’re perfectly okay on their own, too.

That makes them great for people who are away at work a lot. They’re very adaptable and aren’t needy at all. It doesn’t take much to keep them happy. Just to be close to you and the occasional game of fetch is enough to make Ragdolls happy.

2. The LaPerm

Not only are they a member of the medium-hair cat breeds team, but their fur has another cool trait. It’s curly! Although it’s not silky, it’s still very soft and, since they don’t have an undercoat, easy to manage. Their curly coat is pretty loose, and they come in practically all colors.

They’re very loving and they adapt well to any family structure, including those with other pets. They’re highly active though, so they require more playtime than most breeds. So, be prepared for lots of games and exercise.

A huge pro is that the LaPerm is not a very vocal cat. They mostly just purr. So, if you’re not a fan of noise, they could be a great fit for you. Once they get tired of playing, they love to cuddle up next to their owners. Ideal if you love both snuggle time and play.

3. The American Bobtail

20 Medium Hair Cat Breeds to Sweep You Off Your Feet

Out of all the medium-hair cat breeds, this one might have the most unique look. They resemble wildcats a great deal and that’s thanks to their short tails and body shape. Grooming them is fairly easy since they don’t shed a lot.

Despite their appearance, American Bobtails are docile and caring, and make for amazing family pets. They’re active and playful, but they also love snuggling and napping. So, you get the best of both worlds. These felines love hunting, so they’re not ideal for homes with other pets.

Their most recognizable feature is their bobbed tail. It’s a result of a genetic mutation that affects tail development. It makes the American Bobtail look both fierce like a wildcat and absolutely adorable and stubby.

4. The Balinese

This medium-hair breed might be one of the softest cats you’ll ever touch. Their coat is smooth, silky, and easy to maintain. It’s so soothing and relaxing to stroke them that you won’t be able to resist cuddling them.

And their temper is pretty much the same as well. They’re caring and gentle, and excellent at reading their owner’s moods. If you’re feeling blue, they’ll know exactly what to do. But they’ll also know when to leave you alone if you need space.

They’re athletic and muscular cats that need a lot of exercise. So be sure to supply them with plenty of toys. Outdoor activities and interactive games are a great way to satisfy this breed’s needs. Regular playtime would also do them well.

5. The Birman

20 Medium Hair Cat Breeds to Sweep You Off Your Feet

These felines have medium to long hair and round blue eyes. But their fluffy look is thanks to not only their fur, but their slightly muscular and well-defined body. One of their most adorable features is their white paws, which make it look like they’re wearing socks.

They’re highly social cats and they despise being left alone. The breed gets along well with both people and other animals, including dogs. It’s usually recommended to get two of them when buying so they don’t get lonely, especially if you work a lot.

The Birman is a quiet and gentle breed. They’re playful and love spending time with you, but they don’t require constant activity like most other cats. And grooming them is easy, too. They have no undercoat, and their fur is resistant to matting.

6. Scottish Fold

They were previously referred to as “Lops” thanks to their unique ears. Their shape and size are a result of a genetic mutation that inhibits the growth of cartilage. Other names include Highland Fold, Scottish Fold Longhair, Longhair Fold, and Coupari.

They have dense fur, but it only needs weekly brushing. They’re fairly active but also very cuddly, so they’re great if you’re looking for a “moderate” cat. Interactive play and climbing trees are quick ways to their heart.

They might develop some health problems due to the gene mutation, especially in later years. In general, they tend to be more sensitive than other cats. You’ll need to be careful with their tail when playing or cuddling because it’s stiff and painful when bent.

7. The Munchkin

20 Medium Hair Cat Breeds to Sweep You Off Your Feet

Another medium-hair cat breed with a genetic mutation. Theirs resulted in adorable little legs. They have a medium plush coat that’s easy to maintain and they come in all colors and patterns. But some also come with longer fur that’s silkier.

If you’ve ever wanted a ferret, this breed feels pretty close. They resemble them when they move, especially when they run. Munchkins are highly active, and they love interactive play and spending time with their owners.

They’re somewhat physically limited, though, due to their short legs. For example, they can’t jump all that well. So, climbing trees would be a great way to help them reach heights. They’re great with kids and dogs, as well as other pets.

8. The Abyssinian

Out of all the medium-hair breeds, Abyssinian cats might have one of the most distinct furs. Their coat is dense and usually reddish, but can also be blue, cinnamon, or fawn. Paired with their green or gold eyes, these cats look like they pounced out of a fairytale.

These felines have very outgoing personalities. They hate being alone and are generally friendly to everyone, but especially their owner. Other pets also present no problem to them; they’re happy as long as they can play with them.

The Abyssinian is a very low-maintenance cat in all aspects except exercise. They need interactive play and since they love climbing, a cat tree might not be enough. Try looking into cat shelves that would allow her to move around your home and explore as many areas as possible.

9. The Egyptian Mau

20 Medium Hair Cat Breeds to Sweep You Off Your Feet

This breed has fur that can either be fine and silky or dense. But either way, they’re not difficult to groom. Their coats can be bronze, silver, blue, black, caramel, or smokey with spots. They shed a medium amount so that shouldn’t be a problem either.

The Egyptian Mau is a highly active and playful cat. They’re also very intelligent, so if you love playing games or teaching tricks, this is the breed for you. Because of their high need for exercise, they might not be the best fit for busy people.

They can get along well with children and other pets, but they work best with just adults. Unlike most felines, this breed actually enjoys water. So, to keep them happy and entertained, consider getting a water fountain.

10. The Bengal

Another wild feline on the list, but unlike the Bobtail, Bengals actually have a wildcat ancestor. They’re a result of breeding the American domestic cat with the Asian Leopard cat. This gave them their unique leopard coats that are surprisingly easy to groom.

Bengals are one of the smartest breeds out there and love learning tricks. But because of their intellect, they’re prone to troublemaking. In order to prevent this, you’ll need to keep them entertained at all times.

This makes them challenging for first-time cat owners. If you’re getting a Bengal, be prepared to make them the center of your world. They need lots of exercise and toys, but most of all, frequent interactive play.

11. The Somali

20 Medium Hair Cat Breeds to Sweep You Off Your Feet

The Somali has soft and silky fur that’s easy to take care of. It only requires occasional grooming. Their coats can be red, blue, ruddy, fawn, and sorrel and their eyes are green or gold. And just like the Bengal, they’re notorious troublemakers when they don’t have their needs met.

They’re highly active, curious, and playful. They love climbing, so chances are you’ll find them on your fridge or shelves. Owning curtains is a bad idea, though because you can be sure that the Somali will try to climb them, too.

They require human company and interactive play. And while they can get used to children and other pets, they’re more comfortable with adults. They shouldn’t be left alone for too long because they’re quick to get up to mischief.

12. The Manx

Another tailless feline on the medium-hair cat breeds list. Easy to groom and their coats can come in white, black, red, blue, silver, cream, and brown. Their eyes can be gold, green, blue, hazel, or copper. As for exercise, moderation is key.

These felines love fun activities but aren’t necessarily addicted to them like Bengals or other similar breeds. Half an hour to an hour of exercise a day would be sufficient to keep these cats happy and healthy.

The Manx has a double coat, which means they shed quite a lot. So, that might be the only difficulty when it comes to taking care of their fur. But they adapt well to any family structure because they’re very affectionate and easygoing.

13. The Havana Brown

20 Medium Hair Cat Breeds to Sweep You Off Your Feet

The Havana Browns have short to medium-long fur that’s easily manageable. Despite the name, their coats come in various colors, including different shades of red, black, and brown. As for their eyes, they can be various shades of green.

They’re a very sociable breed and love spending time with just about anyone. These felines get along well with kids and other pets. They aren’t picky about who they play with, as long as they’re not alone. Not even dogs are a problem.

They’re generally fairly active and they love a good game of chase. But their need for exercise isn’t as high as it is in some other felines. They love their downtime and enjoy a good nap whenever the opportunity presents itself.

14. The Siberian

The Siberian has a dense triple coat, but it’s still simple enough to groom. All they require is brushing two to three times a week and an occasional bath. Bathing will help loose hair come out and remove any dirt or dust.

These felines age a bit slower than other medium-hair cat breeds. So, your cat might behave like a kitten for full five years. They’re very friendly and outgoing and get along well with other cats. In some cases, even dogs. They can tolerate children if they’re gentle and well-behaved.

They are highly intelligent and need a lot of mental stimulation in the form of games. Interactive toys and frequent play sessions will keep them satisfied. Just be sure to change them up a bit every now and then, though, as they tend to get bored.

15. The Turkish Angora

20 Medium Hair Cat Breeds to Sweep You Off Your Feet

The ballerinas of the medium-hair cat breeds, Turkish Angoras, come with coats colored white with lavender or chocolate. Their eyes can have various shades of blue and green, as well as gold, amber, and copper. They have a single coat which makes grooming easier.

Their fur isn’t prone to tangles or matting, so brushing them once per week should be enough. The Turkish Angora loves water and, surprisingly, swimming. So, bathing them won’t be such an issue as it is with other breeds.

These cats need a lot of exercise and if they don’t get it, they can become mischievous. You can expect them to run around opening cupboards and drawers and knocking things over. Be sure to get them a wide variety of toys to prevent this.

16. The Turkish Van

The Turkish Van is a feline with a very distinctive coloration. They’re white with colored markings on their heads and tails. Those markings can be blue, black, red, and almost any other color. Their eyes are usually amber or blue, but they can also be odd-eyed.

They’re friendly, loving, and outgoing with just about anyone, but especially family members. Thanks to this, they also get along with other pets, dogs included. They can also be good with well-mannered and gentle children.

This breed is best for active families that like spending a lot of time with their pets. They enjoy swimming, playing, and exploring. But they’re not very good lap cats. If you’re looking for someone to snuggle with, she might not be the right kitty.

17. American Wirehair

20 Medium Hair Cat Breeds to Sweep You Off Your Feet

They have medium-long fur that’s easy to maintain. Their coat comes in white, black, blue, red, silver, and cream. As for their eyes, they can be either gold or blue. They don’t shed a lot, so you only need to brush them once a week.

Unlike a lot of the previously mentioned medium-hair cat breeds, American Wirehairs are rather shy. It takes them a while to open up when getting to know someone. Like true introverts, their personality shines once they know you and they’re one of the best kittos you’ll meet.

They’re calm and gentle while still being kittens at heart. They love exploring and playing but will also cuddle up next to you without hesitation. Their good temperament makes them ideal for children, but they do better without other pets around.

18. Ocicat

They have a relatively short, dense coat that doesn’t require much grooming. They come in silver, blue, lavender, fawn, chocolate, and cinnamon. Their eyes can be gold or green. Some of them have spots that make them look like wildcats.

They’re highly sociable and affectionate. So much so that they’ll run to strangers just to meet them and play. Their intelligence helps them learn tricks very quickly. And they love performing them for people. Anything that gets them the attention they want.

Despite their energy and playfulness, their temper is rather stable. They won’t cause as much trouble as other breeds and they know when to calm down. They love a good cuddle and nap session. Perfect for people who love an active pet that can still snuggle.

19. The Tonkinese

20 Medium Hair Cat Breeds to Sweep You Off Your Feet

The perfect mix of a Siamese and a Burmese cat. This hybrid has a short coat that requires the bare minimum of grooming. They come in natural, blue, platinum, and champagne. Their eyes can be blue, green, or gold.

One of their cutest features is their chirp-like way of meowing. They’re a very vocal medium-hair cat breed, but those chirps are a delight to hear. Their personality is very sweet and loving and they’re happy to be around you even if you’re not giving them attention.

They adore any type of physical touch, be it petting or cuddling. They’re very tolerant, so they easily adapt to children of all ages. While they are playful, they don’t require as much exercise as some other breeds. Their intelligence makes them easy to train.

20. Chartreux

This feline has a dense coat with a woolly texture that should be combed and not brushed. They’re easy to groom but don’t skip combing, or mats might form. Their fur is gray, and their eyes can be either orange or copper.

They have a very mild temperament, and their quiet nature makes them ideal for people looking for a calm companion. They need a moderate amount of exercise. But they’re definitely not as hyper as some other cats.

They’re not very vocal, but their meows are very gentle and chirp-like. They only meow when they need something and they’re great at getting their point across. Generally, they love cuddles and spending time with their owners.

Choosing one from all the medium-hair cat breeds

It’s difficult to pick just one feline when there are so many incredible options. The best way to make sure you make the right decision is to make a list of all the qualities you want in a cat. Once you find a breed that fits your description, make another list.

Put down everything that breed needs for a happy and healthy life. Then one by one, check them off, judging by what you’re sure you could provide. For example, you shouldn’t get a super active cat if you’re constantly busy.

Another important aspect to factor in is cost. Not all breeds require the same amount of money. Some cost more than others just because they’re rare. And not all of them have the same requirements. Some cats are more predisposed to medical issues. Some need more toys. All of these things add up.

Once you’ve checked everything off the list, you can choose your kitty with confidence. Whichever breed you choose will be sure to give you a unique experience. All pets bring fun and joy, and you can expect them to be there for you after every hard day.

20 Medium Hair Cat Breeds to Sweep You Off Your Feet