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Brothers From Different Mothers: Orange Cat And Wallace The Rabbit Share A Special Connection

Brothers From Different Mothers: Orange Cat And Wallace The Rabbit Share A Special Connection

When the owner of the WallaceTheWabbit Instagram account brought home the three-month-old Flemish Giant, she didn’t know that she was actually bringing home a best buddy, a partner, and a shoulder to cry on for her moody orange cat.

We wouldn’t suggest bringing a cat and a rabbit together without proper supervision, but these two chunky chunks became BFFs from the beginning.

Wallace the rabbit and Gus the cat seem to have the whole friendship thing figured out. Now, the two friends share a resemblance you haven’t seen on Instagram before – they’re both orange, fluffy, and chunky, and they’re completely taken aback by each other’s presence.

The two now best friends also adore spending time together, munching on snacks, napping on the bed, causing trouble when nobody’s looking, and making everyone’s day better.

When you take a peep at the pictures that the owner excitedly shares with everyone, you can create a sense of what their days look like. Right off the bat, Wallace and Gus love to cuddle.

Brothers From Different Mothers: Orange Cat And Wallace The Rabbit Share A Special Connection

(Source: Wallacethewabbit)

Now, they come together for a morning snuggle the moment they wake up because that’s how they spend their time while they’re waiting for breakfast.

After that morning cuddle session and after they’ve had their breakfast, they’re ready for a nap which they often do together – no, actually, they nap on top of each other. Even when they’re done running around, playing with each other, and with the dog (the dog doesn’t look like them, though!), they’re often trying to sneak a smooch before bedtime.

However, that’s not the only thing that attests to the bond these two fluffers share. Wallace and Gus can’t seem to go to the bathroom without following each other.

Actually, these two rebellious rascals like grooming themselves while they’re sitting next to each other. Sometimes they’ll take things even further and start grooming each other, licking each other’s fluff, and munching on each other’s paws.

Gus absolutely adores conducting a whole nighttime routine on Wallace’s face when they’re getting sleepy and getting ready for bed (which makes sense because he’s a cat).

On the other hand, Wallace prefers when Gus does all the work and he gets to relax after a day of running around, munching on carrots, and messing with the dog.

Now, have you seen the two of them lounging next to the fireplace together? Oh, they’re pretty much only missing a hot chocolate (which neither of them can have!) and a great book (which neither of them can read!).

Of course, the owner appreciates when they allow her to snuggle with them which means she’s the one that gets to drink the chocolate and read the book. On the other hand, the owner also appreciates when the two brothers from different mothers aren’t fighting.

While Wallace and Gus wouldn’t do anything to harm each other or make each other cry, they don’t always agree on who gets the bed. We, for once, laughed our bottoms off when we saw the two fighting over who gets the fluffier, softer bed that’s near the fireplace.

Wallace seemed to have beaten Gus to the bed, and Gus couldn’t hide how disappointed he was. But, because he’s a good brother and a great BFF, he walked away.

(Source: Wallacethewabbit)

Wallace and Gus have grown attached (emotionally and physically!) over time and their owner couldn’t be happier about the fact that both of them clearly make each other’s days better.

Whether they’re snuggling, grooming each other, or fighting over the bed, there’s never a dull moment with the two ginger giants.

We would argue that there’s always something going on between the two, but we’re keeping our eyes peeled on our screens when Gus becomes annoyed with the fact that Wallace managed to grow bigger and stronger than him.

Wallace and Gus are making the odd friendship work, but that’s not always the case when we’re talking about cats and rabbits.

Cats are predators, but rabbits aren’t; which means the cat might attack the rabbit if and when she thinks she’s threatened. Cats aren’t big on surprises and aren’t fond of people or animals messing with them.

Cats are moody, possessive, and territorial, and they aren’t afraid of attacking first (rather than waiting to be attacked to defend themselves). Cats are the best until they aren’t.

Cats and rabbits can be friends, but there are a few things to keep an eye on before you head over to the nearest shelter to get your feline friend a BFF. Wallace was a baby when he met Gus, but the owner made sure to get them together slowly.

Wallace was amused with little titbits and trinkets and he was locked away (inside of a pen) to ensure that Gus couldn’t accidentally attack him.

Gus was also amused by some treats that were placed close to the pen (but, not too close) and the two repeated the process a couple of times before they got used to each other’s scents and presence.

Other than that, make sure to monitor your cat and your rabbit for as much time as you think they need to get used to each other.

Wallace and Gus seemed to become friends quite soon, but that’s not always the case. Whether you were inspired by Wallace and Gus’s story or you were planning on getting a rabbit friend for your feline, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that everything works out. Good luck!

Brothers From Different Mothers: Orange Cat And Wallace The Rabbit Share A Special Connection