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Adopted Cat Can’t Let Go Of Her Savior Whenever He Visits Her

Adopted Cat Can’t Let Go Of Her Savior Whenever He Visits Her

When a Reddit user who goes by the name “twellsphoto” brought home an adorable Persian lookalike, he didn’t even dream that she would become a part of the family. Fancy, which happens to be the name of the smushy little scamp, didn’t even want to come out under the bed for the first three months because she didn’t think she could trust anyone.

You might wonder why that was the case. We don’t know everything that went down with Fancy while she was growing up. We don’t know whether she grew up on the streets. We don’t know whether she was settled at someone’s home for years and years before they decided they didn’t want her anymore.

We don’t know whether she was rescued from a shelter or taken from the previous owners. We do, however, know that the earlier owners abused her.

Months after the Reddit user rescued her, Fancy didn’t want to come out from under the bed. She spent most of her time refusing to eat food or drink water, screaming and screeching at the thought of anyone touching her, petting her, or playing with her, and hiding under the bed whenever anyone tried to check up on her.

But, he didn’t give up on her because he understood where she was coming from. He also didn’t want to stop waiting for her to become more comfortable and more trusting because he knew she needed some time to get over everything that’s happened to her.

When he figured out what was going on, he didn’t push Fancy. Rather than waiting for her to come out to eat or drink, he brought her a bunch of Fancy Feasts and Kitten Chows and placed them under the bed to ensure she can eat whenever she wanted to.

Adopted Cat Can't Let Go Of Her Savior Whenever He Visits Her

(Source: Reddit)

He placed a water bowl under the bed, too, to prevent her from becoming dehydrated because she was too scared to come out from under the bed.

He brought her litterbox under the bed, too, even though he knew cats weren’t fond of munching and pooping at the same spot – but, that was the best he could do to ensure she had everything she needed while she was recovering from the abuse.

Turns out he was right to give her the time she needed to process things on her own because one day he heard a little “meow” and a fluffy head popped up from under the bed.

Taken aback by the love he was giving her, Fancy started to warm up to the thought of hanging out on the bed while he was there. Little by little, the two became best buddies who share cuddles, snuggles, and snacks all the time.

Things changed pretty quickly, unfortunately, when the Reddit user needed to switch apartments due to work. Though he couldn’t bare the chance of leaving Fancy behind, he was comforted by the fact that she was safe, happy, and healthy (and taken care of by her grandma and grandpa).

Fancy went back to spending her time under the bed because that seemed to have become a coping mechanism that helped her handle unexpected circumstances. She would come out from under the bed when he was there. She would run back under the bed the moment that he wasn’t.

She needed time to warm up to her grandma and grandpa, but (according to the Reddit user) she got there. “She’s been with my parents for nearly two years and they spoil her rotten, plus her Boston Terriers love Fancy to death,” he says.

(Source: Reddit)

He moved out of the apartment when he got married, but Fancy couldn’t come with him. He tried bringing Fancy with him, but she wasn’t getting along with his wife’s dog because he was playing rough with her and she wasn’t appreciative of that.

He mentioned that he felt really bad about leaving Fancy behind, but he knew she was better off spending the rest of her life somewhere safe (with her grandma and grandpa).

Even though he’s sure he made the right decision, he adores sharing little stories of Fancy on Reddit because he’s not the only one that appreciates how attached she gets whenever they’re reunited. “Every time I visit my parents I spend as much time as possible with Fancy,” he says.

Fancy appreciates every moment they spend together. She gets comfortable. She snuggles up to him, rests her head on his lap, and holds his hand with her paw. She purrs.

Fancy might not be aware of that, but she’s fortunate to have crossed paths with someone who showed her how adored, treasured, and taken care of she deserved to be from the beginning.

Adopted Cat Can't Let Go Of Her Savior Whenever He Visits Her