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8 Majestic And Breathtaking Black Smoke Cat Breeds

8 Majestic And Breathtaking Black Smoke Cat Breeds

Have you ever heard of a black smoke cat? If you wonder what breed this special feline might be, then I am more than happy to give you all the answers you are looking for.

Black smoke cats are very unique and rare. However, contrary to what you may think right now, they are not exactly a feline breed. Black smoke refers only to the color of these kitties’ beautiful fur, which is said to be a byproduct of a genetic mutation.

The predominant color of these cats’ furs is black with white roots. The two strikingly contrasted colors of their coat are so purrfectly blended together that it bears a smoke-like resemblance.

Because they are so mesmerizingly beautiful and quite rare, these felines are often very pricey, which is not something that should come as a surprise.

If you want to learn more about these beautiful fluffs and find out what 8 breeds of a black smoke cat have we included in this article, then keep on reading!

When did the black smoke cat come to be?

8 Majestic And Breathtaking Black Smoke Cat Breeds

We cannot start our today’s article without giving you a brief historical background of a black smoke cat. Believe it or not, there’s no definite answer to where these special felines come from.

According to some legends, black smoke cats used to be companions of certain witches and wizards. Supposedly, they had special powers and could see into the future, and were even said to bring luck to any person who encountered them.

Even though this legend is not true, I absolutely love it! But, if you’re nothing like me, and you prefer something more concrete, we have a couple of other theories for you to check out.

Back in the 1600s, Spanish settlers had brought their black Spanish feline (known as gato negro) to America. She had a beautiful and glossy black coat and was said to be repellent of evil spirits.

In the 1800s, British sailors brought another black feline onto American soil. The cat they brought was from Africa where it was widely believed that that feline was a lucky charm.

Those two breeds began to procreate, which led to the development of the black smoke cat we know today.

Another theory regarding this special feline is that she was developed back in the 1980s by a female American breeder Ann Baker.

There was also a theory published in “All Pet Magazine” back in 1963 that said that the black smoke color originated from a tabby whose marking gene got “messed up.”

So, instead of having felines with black marks over their silvery white coat, the mutation resulted in a solid black color on top of white fur. When those two colors blended together, it gave off a smokey appearance.

This special feline truly has an interesting and intriguing history, and I’m sure there’s much more to know. It doesn’t really matter what you decide to believe in. As long as you find this kitty beautiful and majestic, that’s all that matters.

Does a black smoke cat make a good pet?

Despite her mysterious and awe-inspiring appearance, a black smoke cat is actually an amazing pet and life companion. Of course, everything depends on the breed, but generally speaking, this cat is very gentle, loving, and affectionate towards people of all ages and other animals, too.

She is quite independent but still enjoys the company of her favorite humans. This kitty is also very playful; she loves to play fetch with her owners and enjoys chasing her favorite toys around her home.

Black smoke kitty is also fairly easy to take care of. Her beautiful fur doesn’t need any special brushes or products. All her owners need to do is brush it once per week for a couple of minutes.

She is a very charismatic feline, that’s for sure! If you decide to get one, just know that your life will all of a sudden be filled with joy. Her sweet demeanor will win you over!

What are the 8 breathtaking black smoke cat breeds?

Now that we have a general picture of what this kitty looks like, it’s time to see what amazing 8 black smoke cat breeds we have selected today.

1. Maine Coon Cat

8 Majestic And Breathtaking Black Smoke Cat Breeds

Black Smoke Maine Coon is one of the most unique-looking Maine Coon kitties in the world.

In general, this breed is known as the gentle giant of the feline world. It is famous for its large size, big fluffy tail, tufted ears, and extremely friendly temperament. These cats are very gentle, loving, and affectionate and make great life companions for both kids and adults.

Maine Coon felines come in many colors, like white, orange, blue, brown, tabby, calico, and others. But the most mesmerizing one is undoubtedly black smoke, which gives off a regal appearance.

2. Egyptian Mau Cat

Egyptian Mau is a kitty famous for her adorable spots that range from small to large and also vary in shape. She is very intelligent, energetic, and playful, and she enjoys water activities. She is also extremely affectionate and cuddly and doesn’t mind snuggling up next to her favorite hooman on the couch.

This kitty is also very vocal and comes only in six colors: silver, bronze, black, blue, caramel, and black smoke. However, bear in mind that the naturally occurring spots are not so visible on Black Smoke Egyptian Mau feline.

3. Persian Cat

8 Majestic And Breathtaking Black Smoke Cat Breeds

Next, we have a Persian feline which just so happens to be known as the 4th most popular cat breed in the world. She is known for her beautiful silky fur, round face, short muzzle, and big round weepy eyes.

A Persian kitty is laid-back, timid, and calm. She’s not a kitty known for being active, but rather as a true lap cat. She is gentle, loving, and extremely affectionate.

This feline’s fur comes in different colors, like white, blue, chocolate, lilac, or black, but black smoke is definitely the prettiest of them all.

4. Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest cat is a true beauty of the feline world. She has a large and muscular body, thick double-coated fur, heavily tufted medium-to-large ears, and a face shaped like an inverted triangle.

She’s not exactly an attention seeker and is fairly independent. She is relatively active, loves to take her naps, spend time with her family, and is genuinely very gentle and loving.

When it comes to the color of her long fur, it can be either white, black, red, blue, cream, or silver, with various patterns and shadings. But the one that takes everyone’s breath away is undoubtedly black smoke.

5. Siberian Cat

8 Majestic And Breathtaking Black Smoke Cat Breeds

A Siberian kitty is a medium to large feline with a dense, triple-layered coat that keeps her warm in low temperatures. She has a wedge-shaped head, large round eyes, and tufted ears.

When it comes to her personality, this cat is very active, playful, and smart. She enjoys learning new tricks as well as climbing on top of various things. She is also very affectionate and friendly and enjoys spending time with people, whether she’s familiar with them or not.

Her fur can be either white, black, cream, red, or blue, but it can also come in the beautiful smoke black color.

6. Ragdoll Cat

It’s no wonder that Ragdoll found her place among some of the prettiest black smoke cat breeds. This gorgeous feline is often referred to as one of the largest domestic cat breeds in the world. She has a big wedge-shaped head, a long and soft coat, and beautiful oval-shaped blue eyes.

She is extremely gentle, loving, and docile. She loves to learn new tricks but also enjoys cuddling sessions with her favorite person. She is very good with children and other pets, and she prefers to stay at the same level as others, rather than be perched on top of something.

When it comes to the color of her beautiful coat, it can be either cream, lilac, seal, blue, or chocolate, with different patterns and shadings. But we have our eye on – you’ve guessed it – Black Smoke Ragdoll.

7. Turkish Angora Cat

8 Majestic And Breathtaking Black Smoke Cat Breeds

This elegant and beautiful feline has a slender body, a soft and silky coat, and a fluffy tail. She is a very intelligent, energetic, and playful kitty and is great at solving certain problems and learning new tricks.

Turkish Angora usually selects one human to be her favorite with whom she tends to spend the majority of time and ends up being extremely protective of him. She loves to jump and climb on top of things and is generally very athletic.

Her fur can come in a variety of colors like white, black, blue, red, and cream, but the most special one is definitely black smoke.

8. British Shorthair Cat

And lastly, we simply have to mention the British Shorthair cat. This special feline appears to be round everywhere! She has a broad chest, strong legs, and a short, plush coat. The color of her eyes ranges from gold to copper, depending on the color of her coat.

When it comes to her personality, British Shorthair is affectionate, easy-going, and curious. She is fairly active, enjoys following her owner from room to room, and dislikes being carried.

Her fur can be either blue, white, black, cream red, silver, golden, and of course – black smoke.