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Black Smoke Maine Coon: The Truth About This Majestic Cat

Black Smoke Maine Coon: The Truth About This Majestic Cat

Everyone who’s sick of hearing about “man’s best friend”, raise your hands! We know that there’s nothing better than snuggling with your purrfect, fluffy friend and spending the rest of the night listening to her purring sounds. And, you can’t go bigger and better than a Black Smoke Maine Coon.

“Wait, what!?” That’s right, we’re over the Golden Retrievers and the Huskies of the world. We’re ready for the “gentle giants” that earned their nickname fair and square. Maine Coons are pretty much everything a pet parent can wish for – affectionate, cuddly, and absolutely humongous.

We know we’re not supposed to comment on a lady’s weight. But, Maine Coons are the heftiest you can go when we’re talking about the “the bigger the better” type of pet parents. And trust me, these glorious goofballs aren’t anything like your regular overweight cat – they’re energetic, hyperactive, and bubbly.

We’re not saying you should ditch the dogs and become a completely obsessed cat lady (you do you, we’re not here to judge). But, we’re pretty confident when we say that Maine Coons (Black Smoke breed, or otherwise) can steal your heart before you can even utter “We don’t need any more cats!”

And, to make everything even harder, these frisky felines have the most mysterious where-do-they-come-from stories out of the bunch. Were they a cross between a raccoon and a cat? Were they bred by Marie Antoinette? Or were they brought to the States by Charles Coon?

Worry not, we’ve gathered the info you’ll need before deciding to embark on your Black Smoke Maine Coon voyage. Take a closer look at what these mischievous monsters are, where they came from, and what makes them different from your regular Tom-and-Jerry type of cat.

The Majestic Black Smoke Maine Coon

Black Smoke Maine Coon: The Truth About This Majestic Cat

“Why would anyone need a glorified giant Maine Coon when they can swoop any other cat off the streets?” That’s the thing, nobody’s stopping you from bringing that adorable little kitten you’ve seen sleeping in front of your local Costco home, but… Who says you can’t have both!?

Maybe one of your acquaintance’s Main Coon is having a bunch of little Coons and you’re on the fence about whether you should accept the very generous offer to babysit (and invariably keep) one of them. Maybe there’s a cat breeder somewhere close to where you live and you would want to save every single one of the Coons.

Or perhaps you’re simply looking to enrich your lifestyle with a feline friend that matches your energy to a T. Whatever the case, we’re here to help you learn more about these curious creatures before you draw conclusions or make decisions based on what someone’s friend’s relative told them about Black Smoke Maine Coons.

What are they?

Starting off with a bang, Maine Coon cats are the largest, fluffiest, oldest, longest-tailed domesticated cat breeds out there. Sure, they pack a punch with a bunch of superlatives. But, they have no trouble owning any one of them.

And, of course, Black Smoke Maine Coons (the subject of our desires) aren’t named that way because someone thought to themselves “Wow, that would sound pretty cool!” They’re named that way because they’re distinguished by the shade of their fur. That makes them one of the most unique-looking Maine Coons.

Other than that, Black Smoke cats are known for their forever-perked-up whispy ears, oval-shaped eyes (the true definition of “cat-eye”), and the longest and fluffiest tails.

And, as for their purrsonalities, you always get more than what you bargained for. They aren’t known as gentle giants for no reason. They’re affectionate, energetic, and absolutely adore spending time with their humans. They aren’t that big on privacy and purrsonal space. Feel free to pet them and cuddle with them as much as you want to.

These “clowns of the cat world” are patient, kind, and amazing with children. They won’t keep to themselves while everyone else’s having fun. They’re locked, loaded, and ready to start the party at any moment. They love feeling like they’re a part of the family.

Last but not least, Maine Coons (including Black Smoke, or pretty much any other Smoke) need your time, attention, and patience to grow happy and healthy. Feed them, play with them, make them feel like a part of the fam, brush their hair, and voilà!

Where do they come from?

Black Smoke Maine Coon: The Truth About This Majestic Cat

Oh, have we tickled your fancy when we touched on the fact that no one truly knows where Maine Coon cats come from, let alone Black Smokes? We don’t really know the exact moment the first Maine Coon cat appeared, but there are theories.

Some people believe that the first Main Coon cats came to be as a cross between a raccoon and a fluffy cat (one with a lot of fur). Nowadays, we’re pretty positive you can’t cross these two (completely different) mammals. But, we understand why this theory keeps sticking out like a sore thumb.

On the other hand, some humans have reason to believe that the first person to breed Maine Coon cats was none other than Marie Antoinette herself. “Umm, what does Marie Antoinette have to do with anything?” A lot, apparently.

One of many legends suggests that these furry felines came to be from Marie Antoinette’s Turkish Angora cats. When Marie Antoinette tried to escape from France, she loaded a ship with everything she deemed her prized possessions – including 6 of her precious purrincesses.

Antoinette never made the ship. But, that didn’t stop her Turkish Angora cats from reaching Maine, mating with other cats, and creating what we know as Maine Coon cats.

Last but not least, some humans believe that Maine Coons came to be when a British captain by the name of Charles Coon sailed the New England coast with his seafaring companions – cats. While they were on this voyage, these cats mated with local cats. Lo and behold, their offspring became known as “Coon’s cats.”

Whichever’s the truth, we can’t argue that Black Smoke Maine Coon cats are a pretty neat breed. And, if you’re still not entirely convinced, take a look at this.

Here are 6 reasons you NEED a Black Smoke Maine Coon cat

After what we’ve learned about these beautiful beasts, who wouldn’t want a Black Smoke Maine Coon to complete their feline family? They’re absolutely adorable and lovable. And, they look like they could take down anyone who would dare to enter your household without permission.

With their mysterious (and majestic!) smoke-like fur, they make for the most captivating cat you’ve ever seen. Everything about them screams “Let me make your life 10 times better with a simple meow, purr, or even a bill and coo, accompanied by a caress of my majestic tail!”

But don’t take my word for it, take a look at what we’ve gathered to make your Main Coon decision that much easier!

1. Maine Coons are BIG

When someone tells you to think of a really big cat, your mind doesn’t really go “Oh, okay. Domestic cats.” More times than not, your mind takes you straight to the lions, tigers, and pumas of the world, completely disregarding the hefty hissing machine that’s a Black Smoke Maine Coon.

As matter of fact, Maine Coons can reach the size of an average bobcat! That’s anywhere between 19 and 40 inches (48-101 cm) in length, and between 8 and 16 inches (20-40 cm) in height. They’re pretty hefty at a staggering 15-25 lb (6.8-11.3 kg), so don’t plan on picking your Coon up and carrying her around like a regular tabby.

But, even with these astounding numbers, Black Smoke Maine Coons still aren’t the biggest domestic cats out there. They’re beaten (by a little) by Norwegian Forest Cats and Ragdolls.

2. Maine Coons are a trainer’s dream

Black Smoke Maine Coon: The Truth About This Majestic Cat

Let’s be honest, Main Coons are some of the most acquiescent cats out there! They’re in love with their humans to the point where they can’t bring themselves to meow “No!” when asked to sit, lie down, or walk on a leash!

That’s right, Black Smoke Maine Coons can walk on a leash. And, you don’t have to do much to get them to agree. They absolutely love strolling down the neighborhood, exploring the outdoors, and breathing some fresh air.

Don’t forget you’re walking a cat, though! While they might be big and bulky, Maine Coons have sensitive necks and you’re better off walking them with a walking jacket or a harness rather than a collar that can hurt them. Hey, with a little patience and time, you could be strolling by your crush’s house with a Coon cheering you on.

3. Maine Coons are fluffy for a reason

Maine Coons have evolved to withstand the harsh winter! They aren’t that fluffy for entertainment purposes only. They’re actually built that way to survive extreme conditions. They have big, furry paws that resemble snowshoes so that they can walk on snow without getting stuck.

And, they have thick, waterproof fur so that they don’t become wet while making their way through a snowstorm. Now, that might not be something you’re looking for, unless you live near Antarctica. But you can’t argue that such a tempting trait makes Coons even more of a catch.

And, that’s not even all they can do when they’re cold! Let’s not forget about the fact that they can wrap their long, fluffy tails around their bodies to keep them warm. Let me tell you, your Coon can even keep you warm on those cold, December nights!

4. Maine Coons love water

“Wait, what!? My cat is petrified of water! How’s that possible?” Maybe they’re fine with water because of their waterproof fur. Or maybe they’re fine with water because they’re less sensitive and less dramatic than other cats.

Either way, Black Smoke Maine Coons love swimming and playing with water when they’re feeling a bit warm. They have nothing against getting wet, which means they have nothing against bathing and cleaning themselves.

Circling back to those aforementioned myths and legends, Maine Coons might love water that much because of their alleged history of sailing ships and crossing oceans.

5. Maine Coons have the most addicting personalities

And who wouldn’t want that!? Cats don’t really have the best reputation for being lovable and affectionate. Quite the contrary, cats are known for being quite aggressive and standoffish when faced with unwanted attention.

But, Black Smoke Maine Coons aren’t like that, at all! They are friendly and get along with pretty much anyone – your annoying neighbors, your loud friends, and even other animals that reside in your backyard without you knowing.

And, Coons love following their humans everywhere they go. They don’t really care what you’re doing, as long as you’re doing it with them by your side. They like to feel included, whether you’re building a birdhouse, watching your favorite series, or hosting a BBQ party. How sweet does that sound!?

6. Maine Coons are singers

Black Smoke Maine Coon: The Truth About This Majestic Cat

Yes, you read that right! Maine Coons (Black Smokes included) are the Mariah Careys of the feline world – their meows are soft and melodious. And, they also make a distinguishing chirping sound when they’re happy. Trust me, you won’t mind being greeted with their meows and purrs in the morning.

Other than that, Coons can get pretty loud. They’re like the Huskies (again with the references) of the feline world because they can’t stop talking and voicing their opinions. They really enjoy having a full-blown conversation with you in the middle of your Zoom meeting.

To wrap up, we can’t help but give you a shot of honesty. Maine Coons are one of the best cat breeds you can have – and we’re clearly speaking from experience!

Black Smoke Maine Coon: The Truth About This Majestic Cat