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250 Beautiful Bengal Cat Names For Your Little Leopard

250 Beautiful Bengal Cat Names For Your Little Leopard

With all the excitement of getting a four-legged friend, we tend to leave selecting the perfect name to the last minute. We want to meet the pretty little thing before we commit to a name that might or might not fit them to a tee. With that out of the way, you might be wondering about the best Bengal cat names.

Bengal cats are a sight for sore eyes, there’s no question about that. When you see a Bengal cat roaming around your apartment, you might confuse the curious creature for a Liliputian leopard or a wild cat that accidentally stumbled upon your humble abode. Bengal cats are everything you need and more.

Whether you’re on the hunt for an affectionate feline that’s more than a lazy lap cat or a feral-looking hybrid that’s more than happy to explore the great outdoors with you, you can’t go bigger or better than a Bengal cat. After all, Bengal cats are a combination of wild Asian leopards and domestic cats.

With all that tea on the Bengal breed in mind, you probably agree that the newest addition to your furry family deserves a moniker that attracts attention and turns heads. While we don’t have anything against the Nalas and the Milos of the feline world, we strongly believe that Bengal cats deserve better names.

We’re bringing you everything you need to know about picking the perfect name that reflects both your cat’s qualities and your creativity, as well as a few of our favorite Bengal cat name picks.

What to watch out for when picking the perfect name for your bubbly Bengal cat?

250 Beautiful Bengal Cat Names For Your Little Leopard

Who would’ve thought that picking the perfect name for your cat would be challenging? While you’re allowed to name your cat anything you’d like, you do need to consider the possibility that your cat might not like the name you opt for. Cats responded better to higher pitches and varied pitches, for example.

When naming your cat, you might want to pay attention to what the name sounds like. Cats are more likely to respond to shorter, snappier words that give off a simple, clear message. When you call your cat, you want her to process the word and associate that sound with you trying to get her attention.

A cat can learn her name well enough to come when called – as long as you’re consistent with how you call her. When you name your cat something silly (Captain Crunch, for example), you’re probably going to end up calling your cat by numerous nicknames – Cap, Crunchy, Crunch, etc.

At the end of the day, you want your cat to know that you’re calling her when you utter her name. Before you bestow a silly name on your Bengal, make sure you consider her appearance and her personality, opt for something easy to say, and stick with it. But you already know that, don’t you?

Beautiful Bengal cat names guaranteed to attract your attention

Cute names for a Bengal boy

Bengal cats are curious creatures that adore hanging out with humans, following them from one room to the other, and clinging onto them – without being too clingy. Whether you ended up with a Bengal boy by accident or you specifically wanted a male Bengal cat, consider these Bengal cat names.

1. Aslan

2. Mowgli

3. Flynn

4. Loki

5. Leo

6. Hunter

7. Sven

8. Eros

9. Tiger

10. Orion

11. Shere Khan

12. Khan

13. Onyx

14. Attila

15. Rajah

16. Zeus

17. Aagney

18. Bagheera

19. Chester

20. Bryce

21. Flash

22. Ash

23. Apollo

24. Charlie

25. Cheeto

26. Mufasa

27. Simba

28. Scar

29. Warden

30. Achilles

250 Beautiful Bengal Cat Names For Your Little Leopard

31. Apollo

32. Bently

33. Bud

34. Gunner

35. Garfield

36. Lion

37. Leopard

38. Spotty

39. Marble

40. Rex

41. Thor

42. Sushi

43. Alessandro

44. Ari

45. Castor

46. Reza

47. Azizi

48. Mirza

49. Aristaeus

50. Balthazar

Sweet names for a Bengal girl

We’re obsessed with pet parents choosing male names for female cats (and vice versa), but we do want to provide you with plenty of options to choose from. Whether you’re planning on naming your Bengal girl something sweet and simple or something that reflects her stubborn spirit, we’ve got your back.

We’ve gathered some of the best Bengal cat names for all the Bengal girls out there.

51. Amber

52. Ariel

53. Ginger

54. Butterscotch

55. Marble

56. Harlequin

57. Zelda

58. Sabrina

59. Hazel

60. Tiger Lily

61. Lucy

62. Luna

63. Lilith

64. Cinder

65. Fern

66. Felicity

67. Saffron

68. Tigress

69. Nala

70. Nubia

250 Beautiful Bengal Cat Names For Your Little Leopard

71. Ember

72. Athena

73. Aphrodite

74. Freya

75. Ade

76. Sheba

77. Jasmine

78. Topaz

79. Emerald

80. Ruby

81. Rose

82. Artemis

83. Pepper

84. Ava

85. Bastet

86. Bella

87. Celeste

88. Calliope

89. Chloe

90. Katniss

91. Lucy

92. Noel

93. Prada

94. Orla

95. Wanda

96. Lola

97. Hazel

98. Diana

99. Demi

100. Bloom

Cat names that play on Bengals’ looks

Where do we even start with Bengal cats? Bengal cats, as we mentioned before, have wild origins considering that they’re a hybrid between an Asian leopard and a domestic cat. Because of that, Bengal cats look pretty wild themselves, although they’re the sweetest domestic cats ever.

But Bengal cats aren’t dainty pets. Although they’re not as big as Maine Coons or Norwegian Forest cats, they’re blessed with a muscular athletic build that needs to be celebrated. What better way to celebrate Bengal cats than to name them based on their addicting appearance?

101. Bear

102. Bullet

103. Argent

104. Cinder

105. Cinna

106. Buddha

107. Colossus

108. Foggy

109. Glam

110. Glorious

250 Beautiful Bengal Cat Names For Your Little Leopard

111. Glitz

112. Everest

113. Goliath

114. Hercules

115. Hulk

116. Granite

117. Gray

118. Gunner

119. Nugget

120. Mammoth

121. Maximus

122. Moose

123. Pearl

124. Pewter

125. Seal

126. Shine

127. Sumo

128. Tank

129. Titanic

130. Steel

131. Sterling

132. Weber

133. Whisper

134. Misty

135. Cheetah

136. Cleopatra

137. Diva

138. Duchess

139. Aqua

140. Blue

141. Honey

142. Hunter

143. Goldie

144. Silver

145. Helga

146. Harley

147. Marge

148. Medusa

149. Ramona

150. Rebel

Cat names that highlight Bengals’ personality

250 Beautiful Bengal Cat Names For Your Little Leopard

Bengal cats are highly active and almost always on the move. When you get your hands on a Bengal kitten (or a grown cat!), you’re going to notice that the two of you never seem to chill on the sofa or watch Netflix. Instead, you’re always running around the apartment, playing with toys, and roaming in the great outdoors.

Bengal cats are bursting with personality and that’s one of the reasons why they’re popular and prominent around the world. With a cat like that, you need to do your best to pick a name that highlights the Bengals’ personality.

151. Lemon

152. Alsan

153. Baloo

154. Baymax

155. Carrot

156. Sprout

157. Avocado

158. Speedy

159. Sour

160. Clingy

161. Sweety

162. Beast

163. Bruno

164. Potato

165. Cougar

166. Queen

167. King

168. Princess

169. Prince

170. Bugs

171. Daffy

172. Shaggy

173. Scooby

174. Sly

175. Snowy

176. Snowflake

177. Magnolia

178. Magpie

179. Roar

180. Rocky

181. Sulky

182. Slenderman

183. Beefy

184. Beefcake

185. Chubs

186. Fluffy

187. Funny

188. Silly

189. Hefty

190. Husky

250 Beautiful Bengal Cat Names For Your Little Leopard

191. Mondo

192. Porky

193. Pudgy

194. Tubbs

195. Hungry

196. Slinky

197. Lengthy

198. Banana

199. Cosmo

200. Crow

Bengal cat names for Bengal twins

What are you supposed to do when you get to the breeder’s place and figure out that the Bengal kitten you wanted comes with a brother or a sister? Welp, you get both of them and you name them right away. Naming one Bengal cat can be challenging, but naming two – that’s going to be fun.

201. Minnie and Daisy

202. Sansa and Arya

203. Tom and Jerry

204. Cheech and Chong

205. Thelma and Louise

206. Julie and Julia

207. Fred and Barney

208. Scooby and Shaggy

209. Summer and Autumn

210. Buffy and Willow

211. Harry and Lloyd

212. Kirk and Spock

213. Cher and Dionne

214. Lorelai and Rory

215. Beavis and Butthead

216. Batman and Robin

217. Doc and Marty

218. Meredith and Christina

219. Blair and Serena

220. Cinderella and Belle

221. Wayne and Garth

222. Mario and Luigi

223. Wilma and Betty

224. Daffodil and Tulip

225. Romeo and Juliet

226. Popeye and Olive

227. Bonnie and Clyde

228. Sonny and Cher

229. Brand and Angelina

230. Mario and Peach

Cat names that celebrate Bengals’ obsession with food

250 Beautiful Bengal Cat Names For Your Little Leopard

Last but not least, we can’t forget about the possibility of naming your Bengal cat based on the Bengals’ obsession with food. Bengals are big cats, there’s no question about that. Because they’re big, bold, and beautiful, they’re known to munch the day away whenever they get the chance.

Make your Bengal happy by opting for one of the Bengal cat names we prepared for you.

231. Shallot

232. Raisin

233. Guava

234. Mango

235. Garbanzo

236. Garlic

237. Nugget

238. Nacho

239. Churro

240. Chip

241. Dorrito

242. Tater Tot

243. Mac (and Cheese)

244. Pancake

245. Burrito

246. Cupcake

247. Pepperoni

248. French Fry

249. Taco

250. Chilli