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Black Bengal Cat: A Domesticated Panther-Like Kitty

Black Bengal Cat: A Domesticated Panther-Like Kitty

The origin of Bengal kitties already makes them unique enough. But there’s one member of this family that’s even more special than others and it’s the mysterious and quirky black Bengal cat.

I’m sure you’re confused right now as you had no idea that black Bengals were a thing. We usually associate this breed with brown or silver colors because those are the shades they mostly come in. But who would’ve thought that they also have a black sibling?

Black Bengals are real show-stoppers. Once you see them, you’ll realize how special these kitties are. Their coat is definitely something you don’t see a lot in the feline world and for a second, they may seem unreal.

Now, we know very well that black cats aren’t the most loved kitties out there. A lot of people avoid getting them due to the belief that they bring bad luck. However, if you’re interested in Bengal cats and would like to share a home with one, then you won’t be disappointed to get this rare beauty.

The thing that probably bothers you is the personality of black Bengal. Does it differ from her other siblings? Is there something that sets this cat apart from the rest of the breed, besides her fur?

Let me give you all the answers you’re looking for.

Does a black Bengal cat differ from other Bengals?

Black Bengal Cat A Domesticated Panther-Like Kitty

Generally speaking, your black Bengal cat isn’t any different from other Bengals. She’s a cross between an Asian leopard and a domestic cat. So, her body is built the same way and she has the same temperament as any other Bengal feline.

Even though she looks wild, she’s one sweet and loving kitty. But bear in mind that she will demand your attention all the time. This cat is a real social creature and can easily develop separation anxiety when left alone for longer periods of time. That’s why she needs to be surrounded by people or other cats.

She’s also very vocal, especially when it comes to her needs. So, don’t be surprised when you catch her meowing as loud as she can because her feeding time is approaching. Whenever she wants to get something out of you, she won’t be afraid to raise her voice.

Also, Bengals aren’t your typical lap cats so don’t expect your black Bengal to cuddle with you. She would rather be running all over your house, climbing vertical spaces, and playing with water.

This is one active feline who doesn’t like lying around and snuggling on the sofa. Instead, she’ll climb on top of your wardrobe to check if there’s anything fun going on up there.

Bengals are also highly intelligent cats who need mental stimulation to keep their brain in good shape. You’ll have to provide your feline with different games such as puzzles that will keep her occupied.

You’ll also have to play with her and ensure she has some kind of entertainment because a bored black Bengal cat isn’t a sight you want to see. If she reaches this state, she’ll start disassembling your things, trying to figure out how they work and what’s hiding on the inside.

All in all, this feline can be a lot to handle and it’s not the best choice for those of you who are first-time owners or don’t have enough free time. A black Bengal cat will demand your attention and she won’t take a no for an answer. She doesn’t care if you’re tired. When she wants to play, she’ll make you join her.

4 interesting facts about mysterious black Bengal cats

Now you know that a black Bengal cat has the same personality traits as any other of her siblings. We’re talking about a friendly but demanding feline who will want to become the main character in your home.

But even though her temperament is the same as with every other Bengal kitty, there are still some things that make her stand out from the rest of her feline family. This mysterious moggie is unique in a way, and here’s what makes her different.

1. They’re not officially recognized

Believe it or not, black Bengals aren’t officially recognized by The International Cat Association (TICA). Brown, snow, and silver Bengals are the three shades that are recognized as a part of the breed. On the other hand, black, charcoal, and blue are colors that aren’t official members of the Bengal family.

So, even though Bengals can be solid black and you can get them from a reputable breeder, this shade is still unofficial by the different associations.

2. Their patterned fur is often referred to as “ghost markings”

Black Bengals have solid black fur which can give the illusion that their coat has no patterns. In reality, these cats also have black or dark brown spots but due to the color of their fur, these markings are really hard to spot. That’s why some people refer to them as ghost markings.

They’re so hard to see since there are no warm tones to make them stand out. So, these patterns blend with the rest of the fur and create an overall impression like you have a solid black cat, with no markings.

But once the sun hits them, you’ll realize that your Bengal cat does come with spots. It’s just that they’re hidden among all that black fur.

3. They’re also known by the name Melanistic Bengals

Black Bengal Cat A Domesticated Panther-Like Kitty

Black Bengals got their color from high levels of melanin. This condition is called melanism which is a genetic mutation that causes extra pigmentation. That’s why animals who have this condition are called melanistic animals.

As you can tell, this version of a Bengal cat is truly unique, in every way possible. You don’t come across her coat often in the feline world, and we’re not surprised that people pay huge amounts of money to get their hands on this mysterious beauty.

4. They’re fairly rare

After everything you now know about black Bengal cats, you can already conclude that these felines are extremely rare. You can get them at a reputable breeder but don’t think it’s going to be easy. There are actual waiting lists for black Bengal cats.

That being said, these cats also cost a lot more than your official Bengal colors. You can expect to pay anywhere between $3,800 and $5,300. That’s a lot of money for a kitty, but if you want to own this unique and exotic feline then you should be ready to pay the price.

Is a black Bengal the right kind of cat for you?

This feline has the looks, we have to admit that. She’s definitely a one-of-a-kind kitty and it’s obvious why she stole your attention. People are getting obsessed with her due to the unique coloring of her fur. And honestly, we get it. This cat looks like a real mystery and it’s understandable why you want to find out more about her.

Now, the real question when getting a pet is if it’s going to suit your lifestyle. Sharing a home with a kitty is all fun and games until you realize that the two of you have to get along. It’s not all about the cuddles and cute purrs, so you have to find a feline who’ll be able to adjust to your daily habits the same way you’ll have to adjust to hers.

When it comes to Bengal cats, you have to be prepared for extreme levels of attention. A black Bengal is no different and she’ll demand to spend time with you. But don’t rush to the conclusion, she won’t lay in your lap and watch your favorite TV show with you.

Instead, she’ll make you play with her and do everything as she wants to. When you fail to do that, she’s going to meow until you realize your mistakes.

This is one vocal kitty which could be an issue if you’re used to a quiet living space, if you have roommates, or if you live in an apartment. In that case, get ready to receive a lot of complaints since Bengal cats don’t care about the time of the day. When they want something, they’ll ensure they get it.

Also, if you spend a lot of time away from home then maybe you should reconsider your choice of a breed. Since we’re talking about a cat who wants 24/7 attention, you’ll need to provide her with exactly that otherwise she can develop separation anxiety.

You should also be open to the idea of getting another feline so the two of them can enjoy each other’s company. That way, you’ll make things way easier for your Bengal since she won’t be alone all the time.

These are all important things you should keep in mind when getting a cat. Know that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows and if you opt for this breed, you’ll have to make some sacrifices.

We can’t make a decision for you, but hopefully, these guidelines can help you figure out if this is the right breed for you. Always have your feline’s happiness in mind because that’s the only right way to come up with a solution.