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After Going Missing For 12 Years, This Deaf Cat Finally Gets Reunited With Her Owner

After Going Missing For 12 Years, This Deaf Cat Finally Gets Reunited With Her Owner

It is hard to deal with the fact that you have lost a pet with whom you have such fond memories. How are you supposed to carry on with your life now that you have one friend less present in your life?

That uncertainty is eating you from the inside. You don’t know for sure if your fluff is cold, hungry, thirsty, or being bullied by someone. You are not sure if he’s alive at all…

It is a devastating fact that today in the streets of all the cities of the world there are thousands and thousands of lost pet posters. Many people are putting all of their hopes into the uncertain benevolence of strangers, believing that someone somewhere will find their missing pet and contact them about it.

It’s hard to go on with your life, while you constantly check your phone waiting for that one message that could make everything better. It’s hard to relax while at the same time being alerted by every phone ring.

It’s true. This feeling eventually goes away. After a while, you come to terms with the fact that your pet is no longer in your life, and you move on with the hope that he is in a good place, happy and content.

This is exactly what Julia Nash, a teaching assistant from London was going through.

In 2007, Julia went through a messy divorce with her husband at the time. After several years of living in one place with a man whom she promised to love forever, all of a sudden she was single again, moving from what used to be her family home.

Julia found a place only 20 minutes away from the house where she used to live, and she took Kitty (at the time a 4-year-old black moggie cat) with her. She thought about how now she can gain some new perspectives and how her life might take a different turn.

And it did. But not a turn she was hoping it would take…

Around that time, her cat Kitty went missing. Julia did everything she thought of. She put out missing posters, contacted local animal shelters, shared posts on her social media, and even looked for her on the streets of her city. She did everything, but Kitty was nowhere to be found.

The search lasted for days, even weeks until everyone simply had to give up. There was not enough time to search aimlessly for a cat that seemed to have fallen into the black earth.

Only hope remained that maybe Kitty would return on her own. Or that someone might find her and notify Julia or somebody at the shelter, but the active search had ceased.

Julia then had to continue with her life and deal with the remnants of both the divorce and the loss of her beloved cat. But you know how the saying goes, time heals all things, and soon enough Julia made a nice life for herself. She let her heart fall in love again and kept only fond memories of her dear Kitty.

Up until one day, in 2019, when her life took a different turn, yet again. She was in her home when she received a surprising call saying her cat Kitty, who went missing twelve long years ago, has been found living on the streets.

Some good-hearted person found Kitty in a bad condition and decided to take her to the Blue Cross animal hospital. The staff there scanned Kitty’s microchip which traced them to Julia, her owner.

At the hospital, they determined that Kitty was deaf, severely malnourished, and had a thyroid condition. They weighed her and the scales showed that Kitty had only around 5 lbs, which was extremely low for an adult cat.

Fortunately, her condition soon improved, and she managed to gain around 3 more pounds.

Julia said she was in complete shock and disbelief. She couldn’t comprehend how that was even possible. And we can’t blame her. This is a true feline miracle!

(Credit: Mirror)

She said how she never gave up on her. The hope of her return was always with her, day and night. That’s why she never canceled Kitty’s microchip – she knew one day she would receive some kind of news. And apparently, these ones were better than she thought she would get.

Julia said how Kitty managed to fit in, as though she had never left. She liked her new place and her new partner Tom, and now they all hope she won’t go missing again.

Julia couldn’t help but think how Kitty could have come back a lot sooner if only a vet had scanned her chip earlier. But, as professor Dumbledore says, “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”

The important thing is that destiny brought them back together, and now they can spend the rest of their lives together, catching up on all the things they have missed.

Let this story be a sort of cautionary tale for you. If you have a pet, consider microchipping it. If they, God forbid, ever go missing, you can rest assured one day they will return to you.

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After Going Missing For 12 Years, This Deaf Cat Finally Gets Reunited With Her Owner