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Finally Reunited: Trucker Finds His Missing Cat-Buddy After Months Of Searching

Finally Reunited: Trucker Finds His Missing Cat-Buddy After Months Of Searching

Did you know that cats can be great travel companions? It’s true! If you ensure they are used to it from a young age, they can keep you company when the road gets a little bit too lonely.

You might have to consider reorganizing your usual routine and ensure it aligns with those of your feline passengers, but that should not be a big problem. Stock on many yummy treats, throw in a toy or two, make an occasional stop for a toilet break, and that’s about it.

Those kinds of road trips can be amazing and create some of the best memories you can ever have with your fluffball! I am sure you will only fondly remember all of the little adventures you can potentially have.

If you don’t trust me, ask anyone who has a cat as their travel companion. There are plenty of people there who enjoy a company of a cat, even during long drives. Some people take their cats on bike rides, some on car trips, and others on motorbikes.

All in all, they enjoy it and would not trade it for anything else!

This claim can be confirmed by Matthew B., a truck driver from Texas, who happens to be the main protagonist of today’s story. Well, he and his three-year-old cat, Ashes.

These two have always had an inseparable bond. They were the epitome of best friends forever and they spent every minute together. It was only natural for Matthew to take Ashes with him on his work-related cross-country truck travels.

Ashes took the trips very well. He never caused any problems; he kept Matthew company when needed, and the rest of the time he slept peacefully and did not disturb him. He was the best passenger anyone could ask for.

Finally Reunited: Trucker Finds His Missing Cat-Buddy After Months Of Searching

(Credit: Lollypop Farm)

This way of their socializing was beneficial to both of them. For Matthew, it was a way of not traveling alone and somehow brightening up his job, which is otherwise not so pleasant. And for Ashes, it was an escape from the potential separation anxiety that would be caused by not seeing his owner that often.

Matthew and Ashes continued with this and never thought that anything might need to change. Years passed, and they enjoyed the time they spent on the road, visiting different beautiful cities of their homeland and enjoying some truly breathtaking views.

Everything was like a scene from the most beautiful movie. Until one day that dream turned into a nightmare…

One summer day, Matthew was driving through Springfield, Ohio, and had to stop at a convenience store. This was nothing out of the ordinary as he previously used to stop when needed, too. But this time was different.

This time, something startled Ashes so badly that he slipped out of Matthew’s 18-wheeler and ran into nearby bushes to hide. Matthew was surprised by Ashes’s reaction and went to look for him, thinking the cat will, upon hearing a familiar voice, surely return to him.

However, that didn’t exactly happen. Matthew started panicking and frantically searching for his buddy, but due to the nature of his job, he couldn’t spend too much time and had to leave soon.

It was all so surreal to him. He couldn’t believe he had to leave him there, all alone. He couldn’t comprehend that he had, out of the blue, lost his furry friend.

For Matthew, this wasn’t the end. He knew he wasn’t about to give up that easily. In the following months, Matthew tried to rearrange his routes just so he could go back to the parking lot of that convenience store in Ohio where he has last seen Ashes.

But unfortunately, his effort was in vain. No matter how many times he came around, Ashes was nowhere to be found. Eventually, he gave up his active search, but the hope of their reunion remained.

It’s funny what hope can do, really. Because five months later, Matthew received a surprising call.

Apparently, a woman named Kimberly was moving from the West Coast back to New York. Her drive led her to Ohio, where she made a spot at the same convenience shop where Matthew lost Ashes. As she was approaching her car, she noticed a slim, gray cat lurking in the bushes.

Kimberly felt sorry for the cat because it was too cold outside, so she decided to help him. Somehow she caught him and put him in the car, intending to take him with her to New York. She thought the cat would resist the ride. Little did she know that she was dealing with a professional feline passenger.

In New York, she contacted a local rescue called Lollypop Farms, because she knew they will know what to do. She explained how and where she had found Smokey (yup, that’s how she named him) and asked them for their help.

They told her to bring Smokey to them, so they could check if he was microchipped. Thankfully, he was, and his chip led them to, non-other than our Matthew from Texas.

When Matthew heard the news, he was overwhelmed with happiness. Unfortunately, at that time, he had been in Arkansas. However, that didn’t stop him from rearranging his route and coming to New York for his friend.

(Credit: Lollypop Farm)

The reunion these two had would make even the toughest man shed a tear. Ashes didn’t hesitate a second when he saw Matthew at the door.

He meowed and threw himself into his arms, cuddling and purring to make up for all that he had missed. And Matthew just cried and hugged his friend, not believing what actually happened to him.

If only all the stories of lost kitties could have such a happy ending. To ensure this happens, it would be best if we think about microchipping our pets. That way, we can be certain the chances of us finding them are going to be much much higher.

Finally Reunited: Trucker Finds His Missing Cat-Buddy After Months Of Searching