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Abandoned Cat Stays At The Same Spot, Waiting For His Owners To Get Back

Abandoned Cat Stays At The Same Spot, Waiting For His Owners To Get Back

It’s hard to come to terms with the fact that you are no longer loved by people who are your whole world. It is unimaginably sad to realize that one day you have to wake up and continue your journey without those with whom you have the most precious memories.

It is especially difficult to reconcile with the reality that your loved ones have abandoned you. This feeling is not very pleasant. And this isn’t something only we humans deal with on a daily basis, but rather something our fluffy companions go through, as well.

Today we meet Nabi, an abandoned tomcat, left alone at the top of a mountain by his owners.

Stories about cats being abandoned by their owners have, unfortunately, become unsurprising. Today, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of stray cats on the streets of every city in this world – cats who used to have loving homes and great parents. Until one day they didn’t…

It’s hard to understand how someone can leave a family member behind, somewhere outside to starve and freeze. I say a family member because that’s what cats and any other pets essentially become to their owners. A part of the family.

How can someone be so cruel?!

Nabi’s story is especially devastating. This beautiful and affectionate cat was not only abandoned by his humans, but he also failed to realize they intentionally left him on the hillside. The poor thing probably thought his humans were lost and will soon find their way back to him.

(Credit: Kritter Klub)

Nabi was found on a popular hiking trail by a couple of hikers who notice how he peacefully sat at the same spot. Many people who crossed paths with Nabi thought how interesting it was that he did not seem to move from that place, but rather stayed there as though he was waiting for someone.

To them, he was just a regular stray cat, like any other stray they encountered many times in life. They did not know that this sad adjective was imposed on him only recently. And how could they?

Nabi’s mountain life was pretty simple. Passersby would feed him, even steal a cuddle or two, but their interaction would never go beyond that. Many people even tried to capture Nabi and take him down from the mountains with the intention to give him the potential help he needs or even adopt him.

But Nabi never let them. He was stubborn in his plan to stay in that very spot, in hopes his owners might return.

One day, a group of hikers decided to bring a vet with them on the hike to examine Nabi. They thought, since Nabi refuses to leave his current wild residence and return to civilization, the only possible solution to do was to bring civilization to him.

The vet was amazed by Nabi’s personality and dedication. He briefly examined him, as the circumstances allowed, and he concluded that Nabi was a very happy and healthy two-year-old male kitty.

He said how Nabi was not really a stray cat, at least not a typical one. The vet said that a stray cat would not be as friendly as Nabi was, which is an obvious sign that Nabi had been raised by humans and therefore is used to human interaction.

(Credit: Kritter Klub)

He also said that Nabi’s healthy weight and overall well-being is a proof that he used to be an indoor kitty. Therefore, all of these hints have been pointing out the obvious truth – Nabi was abandoned, and probably unaware of it.

The vet explained to the hikers how abandoned kitties have exactly this pattern of behavior. Their ex-owners left no scent for them to follow, so they think that they have to remain in the same place and wait for a familiar face to come and get them.

Heartbroken and saddened by the story, the vet, and the hikers knew there was only one thing they had to do – help Nabi at all costs! They somehow managed to catch him and take him to the clinic where it was determined that, apart from having a few excess pounds, Nabi was in excellent health.

Nabi now is staying in the shelter, waiting for a new family who would be able to love him the right way.

Let this story be a reminder: Never abandon your pets, no matter what your reason might be. If you come to a point where you no longer can have pets, don’t leave them on the street. Instead, contact your local shelter or post a picture on any social media.

There are people who would love to care for your pet, even temporarily. You can always seek other, more reasonable solutions, and never ever give up on your fluffy friend!

Abandoned Cat Stays At The Same Spot, Waiting For His Owners To Get Back