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Adorable Kitten Dealing With Hiccups: “Hooman, Help Me!”

Adorable Kitten Dealing With Hiccups: “Hooman, Help Me!”

Cats and humans might not be made of the same genetic makeup. However, as pet parents, we prefer to think that we’re the same, and we know what we’re talking about.

Now, we might not even be far from the truth considering the fact that there are notable similarities that need to be addressed – especially when we’re talking about certain aspects.

Right off the bat, cats can get unwell and be under the weather the same way we can. While we do experience different symptoms and we handle the symptoms differently, there’s no denying that our cuddle companions understand whatever we’re going through because they’ve gone through the same things on more than one occasion.

On the other hand, cats can also showcase different behaviors that we wouldn’t necessarily describe as feline behaviors – coughing and sneezing, for example.

Cats can cough when they’re munching on their Fancy Feasts and Moew Mixes too eagerly and too quickly. Cats can sneeze when they’re running across your grubby, grimy apartment or when they’re chasing after crawling creatures across your dander-ridden backyard.

Of course, cats can also get hiccups. Oh, even though that might sound strange, we’re pretty sure everyone’s witnessed a cat suffering from hiccups and trying to figure out what’s going on with her.

Whether you’re a cat parent, a TikTok devotee, or a catsitter, chances are you’ve come across a fluffer producing odd sounds and expressing strange emotions and thought to yourself “What’s going on here?!”

When we stumbled upon a video of an adorable kitten dealing with hiccups, begging her owner to make them go away, we knew we needed to address it. Now, at the very beginning, we’re presented with a white, short-haired fluffer staring at the camera, meowing, and hiccuping.

On one hand, her owner keeps on repeatedly asking her what’s wrong and why she’s meowing. On the other, she’s struggling to respond because she’s trying to figure out why her head keeps hopping each time she gets a hiccup.

Of course, the video goes on and on showing the fluffer struggling to communicate with her owner. “Hooman, please. What’s going on? Help me!”

(Source: 9gag)

Her eyes are wide open and begging her human to do something about the hiccups. Her behavior’s showing that she’s scared, but we know that her human wouldn’t allow her to freak out over something as simple as hiccups.

On the contrary, even though the video ends before we can witness the resolution of the problem, we’re pretty sure that her human explained what was going on and helped ease her worries.

When you notice your fluffer producing odd sounds, gulps, and chirps, there’s a chance those sounds might be hiccups. Cats experience hiccups the same way humans do – they are caused by eating too fast, drinking too fast, and swallowing too much air.

Cat experience hiccups when their diaphragm contracts and their glottis blocks the passage of the air. Some cats produce the “hic” sound, too – but, they’re more likely to produce other sounds or no sounds at all.

With that out of the way, we’re allowed to argue that the fluffer in the video was experiencing contracting, convulsing, and silent hiccups that made her meow her owner’s ears off.

Whether she munched on Meow Mix without stopping to breathe or sensed a hairball trying to find a way out, something definitely caused those diaphragm spasms. If this happens to your little pawdator you shouldn’t wait too long to address them.

We don’t suggest going to the doctor right away because hiccups typically go away on their own, after a day or two, without the need for treatment.

When you notice your feline buddy meowing at you the same way the fluffer in the video did, you might want to check whether she’s freaking out over something completely different. We’re pretty sure that cats don’t normally freak out over hiccups, but when they do – they have a reason for it.

Whether they’re suffering from super serious diseases such as asthma, heart disease, and tumors or not-as-serious health niggles such as parasites, allergies, or obstructions, they might think they’re better off causing a scene (meowing and staring you down, for example) than trying to mask the symptoms (which cats naturally do).

We’re not here to overanalyze a cute cat video (we’re not Karens, we promise), but we have to address the fact that the owner waited a little too long before making sure the cat was OK.

While there’s nothing dangerous about a hiccup or two, the cat was clearly confused about what was going on because she kept meowing at her owner, asking for answers. When you notice your fluffy friend showcasing similar behavior, make sure you check whether she’s OK before you film her for TikTok.

Adorable Kitten Dealing With Hiccups: "Hooman, Help Me!"