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Cat Acts Like Something’s Stuck In Her Mouth! What Could It Be?

Cat Acts Like Something’s Stuck In Her Mouth! What Could It Be?

If your cat acts like something’s stuck in her mouth, you’re worried for a reason. This could potentially be a real threat to your cat’s health!

I know that pet parents sometimes have a hard time with their furry babies. It’s not easy being a parent to such a lively and silly creature.

Somehow, they always end up getting themselves into some kind of trouble. It feels like you can never get five minutes of rest when you’re around them!

You’re always yelling at them and trying to scold them. But honestly, does it ever work? They just give you those big doe eyes that you simply can’t resist!

I know you know what I’m talking about. You can fully understand what you’ve done wrong, you just don’t want to admit it! You’re just so spoiled and using me because you’re so darn cute!

It mostly goes something along those lines but to no avail. The moment you turn your back on your cat, she’s back at doing the same thing you explicitly told her not to do.

It seems like you can never win against those little devils! Nevertheless, we can never hold a grudge against them for too long.

It’s hard sometimes, especially if she knocked over your favorite plant that you put a lot of effort in! But at the end of the day, it’s you and her cuddling on the sofa forgetting what a troublemaker she is.

But what happens when her shenanigans aren’t so innocent after all? If your cat acts like something’s stuck in her mouth, it’s not so cute and silly anymore.

Why does my cat act like something’s stuck in her mouth?

Cat Acts Like Something's Stuck In Her Mouth! What Could It Be?

If you’re new to the cat world and just recently bought or adopted your best friend, it can be chaotic for quite some time.

There’s just a lot of stuff you don’t know about felines. Moreover, there are some things that you think you knew but turned out to be complete nonsense!

This can make you question yourself as a cat parent. I’ve been there and done that, trust me. However, you must know that each cat is different.

This means that you can always expect something new or even weird to see from your pet. Perhaps you’ve never heard of such behavior before, but now your pet’s acting like something’s stuck in her mouth.

Is there really a strange object that got wedged in between her teeth or in between her palate and tongue? Are there any other symptoms or is she just randomly pawing at her mouth?

Before you start to explore what’s going on with your feline, you have to remain calm. Getting worked up or panicked can be bad for both you and your pet.

So, take a deep breath and try to investigate what’s going on. If your cat did this more than once, observe the behavior and try to notice if there are any patterns that might give you an idea of what’s happening.

I know it’s a lot easier said than done when she’s losing her mind over it and you’re not any better. So, let’s find out why does your cat act like something’s stuck in her mouth?

1. There’s actually something stuck in her mouth!

I think it’s safe to say that cats are mischievous creatures who like to get themselves into trouble quite often. But who’s to stop them really?

You couldn’t even if you tried. Once they set their eyes on something, they’ll fight with all their might to achieve their goal. Sometimes, even at a high price!

We know curiosity killed the cat, but just how much is this saying true? If your cat’s an inquisitive one, she might want to explore the world around her.

It’s fascinating how inappropriate things are one of the most interesting ones to her. It’s like having a naughty toddler around you all day long!

Unfortunately, they can miscalculate their decisions which oftentimes results in them doing something stupid. Maybe your unruly cat tried to eat a piece of cardboard or anything else she shouldn’t have. Most of the time, it’s something completely inedible.

Let’s just say your pet has bitten off more than she can chew – quite literally! So, there’s actually something stuck in her mouth and it’s giving her a hard time. Usually, they can help themselves and get it out of their mouths.

However, if you see she’s struggling more than often, you might want to give her a hand. (Don’t be surprised if she bites you in that panic mode.)

I know just how stubborn cats can be. So even after having a bad experience with something, she might decide to give it another go. It’s just too much of a risk, so I advise removing the object completely out of her reach. It’s kind of the only way to prevent such things from happening again!

2. Oral issues

Cat Acts Like Something's Stuck In Her Mouth! What Could It Be?

If your cat’s been pawing at her mouth and just acting like there’s something stuck, she might have some oral issues.

This might be a first for you so don’t lose your mind over it. It’s possible for your pet to develop some kind of mouth infection or just have a sore tooth.

If this is the case, you might even notice her drooling. It’s not usual for cats to slobber unless there’s something wrong with them.

If your feline’s developed a type of mouth inflammation, she’ll probably look sicker than usual. Some of the symptoms might include coughing and wheezing as well.

Other than infections, your pet could have gingivitis. It’s the swelling of the gums that’s painful and an overall unpleasant feeling.

This might provoke her to constantly paw at her mouth acting like something’s stuck. The poor baby is probably trying to get rid of the pain without realizing it’s not that simple.

3. A broken tooth

Because the worries just never end, there’s a high chance something’s wrong with your pet’s teeth. You won’t notice it straight away, but the bigger the problem gets, the more obvious it becomes.

Perhaps she’s gone out hunting a couple of days earlier and brought small pebbles and rocks home. “Good kitty, you brought me a nice catch! You’re such a good hunter!

Although it wasn’t anything impressive, you praised your pet and thanked her for bringing you presents. You didn’t think much of it but now it dawns on you.

She might’ve easily broken her tooth on such a hard surface. It might’ve happened while she was picking the rocks off the ground or she might’ve chewed on them for some time.

A broken tooth will bring a lot of discomfort and you might even notice blood coming out of her mouth. Moreover, her breath will probably start to stink and she’ll refuse to eat her food because of the pain.

Nope, she didn’t decide to just drop a few pounds. She definitely didn’t stop liking the chicken you’re cooking for her. And no, she’s not more active than she was before. So, there’s clearly something wrong with your fluffy friend.

If you notice any of these symptoms, take a trip to the vet. A broken tooth can set the grounds for a lot of infections and diseases if left untreated. Not to mention the torture your precious little buddy’s going through!

If you notice that your cat acts like something’s stuck in her mouth, it could very easily be a part of the tooth that broke off. You want to act quick because she’s not going to have the time of her life if she swallows it.

4. The wonders of hairballs!

Cat Acts Like Something's Stuck In Her Mouth! What Could It Be?

Grooming plays an important part in your cat’s life. They always want to look tidy and neat because they’re such big purrincesses.

Jokes aside, cats groom themselves a couple of times a day. It’s their way of maintaining their coat. I know because my cat does a great job of keeping it shiny and healthy.

Other than that, your pet’s brushing herself. She has very sharp but tiny spines on the surface of her tongue that help her with that.

This is why your pet’s licking can hurt from time to time. These spines act like tiny bristles that will brush out her coat and detangle any possible mats.

Moreover, grooming is a way of communicating in the cat world. If you see a mom cat licking her kittens clean, it means they’re bonding.

It translates to giving kisses in the human world. All in all, it’s a cat’s way of saying “I love you!” Therefore, they can gather a ton of their hair just from a single grooming session.

Of course, they will swallow some of the hairs totally unintentionally. But what happens with all that fur once she swallows it? Does she digest it? Does it come out?

Sure it does! It comes out but mostly in terms of vomiting. But before your pet throws up all the hairballs, she might act like something’s stuck in her mouth.

She will gag and you’ll see her muscles spasming very obviously. It can be a scary sight but if this happens right after she’s done pampering herself, don’t worry.

Usually, the time it takes for hairballs to build and come out of the system is no shorter than twenty-four hours and no longer than forty-eight hours.

5. Asthma attack and allergies

There’s also a medical concern if your pet’s been acting like she’s got something stuck in her mouth. This isn’t as common as hairballs for instance, but it can surely happen to some felines.

Just like humans, cats can develop certain allergies or even have asthma. Unfortunately, this medical condition can give them a hard time.

If you didn’t know about your pet having certain allergies, perhaps some of these symptoms will give you a hint. She’ll cough, wheeze, and even sneeze and you won’t be able to tell what this is about from the start.

If your cat acts like something’s stuck in her mouth and has some or all of these symptoms, it’s possible she’s having an allergic reaction to something.

Usually, pets will express an allergic response to certain foods such as chicken or seafood. Other than that, it could be a dust allergy or even a response to some of the spring flowers and plants.

The same goes for asthma which makes it harder for your feline to breathe. She can have an asthma attack and get into panic mode where she’ll paw at her mouth as if trying to get rid of something.

If you notice any of this strange behavior in your pet, make sure you take an emergency trip to your vet. These don’t have to be dangerous, but they might be real trouble if left untreated.

6. A congestive heart failure

Cat Acts Like Something's Stuck In Her Mouth! What Could It Be?

Congestive heart failure is a condition where the heart muscle is unable to pump blood as efficiently as it should.

Shortness of breath is frequently brought on by this because blood frequently backs up and fluid can accumulate in the lungs. Coughing might be a sign that your cat has cardiac issues.

Other than that, your cat may act like she has something stuck in her mouth. Besides, the parasitic heartworm also causes filariasis, a cardiac condition. It is a zoonotic parasite, meaning transmissible to humans.

Despite the possibility that these signs and symptoms are brought on by heart failure, there are several other potential causes, such as other seriously dangerous heart and lung disorders. Therefore, never attempt a diagnosis on your own.

If your pet’s been diagnosed with heart failure and any of the symptoms suddenly worsen or you notice a new sign, it may indicate that her heart failure is worsening or that her therapy isn’t working.

What to do if your cat has something stuck in her mouth?

Your cat acts like something’s stuck in her mouth? What do you do then?

You always think that stuff like this doesn’t happen to you but to other people. However, everything can change the minute your pet decides to swallow something she isn’t supposed to.

I know we love our furry babies to bits, but they can sometimes be a handful. I’ve been through the stress and horrors of witnessing my cat getting something stuck in her mouth.

Trust me, it’s no fun and games. Thankfully, I have enough experience on my hands to know how to act and what to do in certain situations.

Like I’ve said, the first thing you have to do is try to remain calm and think of what she could’ve possibly gulped down. Try to remember the shape and if it’s something sharp, small, or big.

Is it going to slide down her throat easily? Is it something poisonous? Seriously, you have to be prepared for anything and everything.

The next thing you want to do is to take action. Grab your cat’s mouth with one hand and try to keep it open while using the other to pull the object out of her mouth.

I know this is easier said than done. In those moments, our cute little pets turn into real crocodiles and can accidentally clamp their mouths down on our hands.

Maybe you won’t be able to locate the foreign object and you’ll think your cat only acts like something’s stuck in her mouth. So, if this doesn’t seem to be working, see if your pet can maybe get it out herself.

If it’s really wedged in between her teeth or something she could potentially swallow and regret, you might want to seek a doctor’s advice or even intervention.

Bottom line

Cat Acts Like Something's Stuck In Her Mouth! What Could It Be?

Are you perplexed as to why your cat’s drooling? Maybe your cat acts like something is stuck in her mouth? One of the possible causes of this behavior is dental issues.

This includes a cavity, gum infection, broken teeth, or tooth abscess. Please make sure to visit her vet for a dental examination. She could possibly be in need of getting her teeth cleaned in order to feel better.

Other than that, she could have asthma, a severe respiratory illness, or even a foreign item caught in her mouth. These conditions will usually be followed by other symptoms. Some of them include common indications of distress, such as chewing air, choking, and not feeling very comfortable.

Besides, your pet may occasionally be a host to a hairball that needs to travel through her body and out of her system! This can be an uncomfortable thing to experience so bear with her.

Every situation is different, but the cat’s mouth will almost always play a key role in telling you there’s something wrong. It can be something of a more serious matter or something harmless.

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Cat Acts Like Something's Stuck In Her Mouth! What Could It Be?